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Canned HeatHome To You2003Music/Lyrics
John Mayall's BluesbreakersLife In The Jungle1988Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutA Matter Of The Heart2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutAll I Want Is You2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutAll My Life2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutAlmost Gone2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutBlues For My Baby2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutBlues For The Modern Daze2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutBorn In The City2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutBrother's Keeper2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutCan't Have It All2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutChild Of Another Day2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutCold, Cold Ground 2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutCommon Ground2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutDanger Zone2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutDon't Wanna Fall2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutExcess Baggage2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutEyes Of A Child2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutFly Away2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutGone Too Long2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutGonna Live Again 2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutHard Time2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutHaunted By The Night2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutHer Other Man2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutHudson Had Help2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutKill The Monkey2005Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutLifestyle Of The Rich And Famous2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutLoaded Gun2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutLonely2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutLuther Speaks2013Producer
Walter TroutMay Be A Fool2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutMayall's Piano Boogie2014Producer
Walter TroutMoney Rules The World2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutMove On 2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutMy Ship Came In 2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutNever Knew You Well2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutNext Big Thing2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutNo Regrets2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutNobody Moves Me Like You Do2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutOmaha2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutOmaha Prelude 2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutOpen Book2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutPlayin' Hideaway2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutPlease Take Me Home2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutPray For Rain2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutPuppet Master2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutRecovery2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutSanjay2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutSaw My Mama Cryin'2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutSo Afraid Of The Darkness2009Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutSong For My Guitar2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutTake A Little Time2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThe Blues Came Callin'2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThe Bottom Of The River2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThe Love Song Of J. Alfred Bluesrock2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThe Outsider2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThe Restless Age2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThe Sky Is Fallin' Down2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThe Whale Have Swallowed Me2014Producer
Walter TroutThe World Is Goin' Crazy (And So Am I)2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutThey Call Us Working Class2009Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutTight Shoes2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutTomorrow Seems So Far Away2015Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutTurn Off Your TV2012Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutTurn Your Eyes To Heaven2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutTwo Sides Of Every Story2009Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutWastin' Away2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutWelcome To The Human Race2008Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutWillie2014Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutWrapped Up In The Blues2010Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutYou Can't Go Home Again2012Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout & His BandAll The King's Horses2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandBad Love2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandBig City2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandCherry Red Wine2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandChicago2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandFreedom2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandI'm Back2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandJust As I Am2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandLow Down And Dirty2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandMove From The Hood2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandPain In The Streets2013Producer
Walter Trout & His BandWhen Luther Played The Blues2013Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Bernard AllisonWhen Will It Ever Change2006Producer
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Coco MontoyaWho's Listenin' In2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Deacon JonesAfter Hours2006Producer
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Eric SardinasFirehouse Mama2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Finis TasbyCan't Help Falling Apart2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Guitar ShortyWrapped Around Your Finger2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. James HarmanA Busy Man2006Producer
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Jeff HealeyWorkin' Overtime2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Joe BonamassaClouds On The Horizon2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. John MayallHighway Song2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. John MayallShe Takes More Than She Gives2006Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Junior WatsonSlap Happy2006Producer
Walter Trout And Friends feat. Larry KeeneFull Circle2006Producer
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsApparitions1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsCity Man1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsFool For Love1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsI Thought I Heard The Devil1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsJunkyards In Your Eyes1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsLet Me Know1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsLivin' Every Day1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsNothin' But The Blues1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsPlaying With A Losin' Hand1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsPrisoner Of A Dream1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsSay What You Mean1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsSweet Butterfly (Sophie's Song)1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsThe Love That We Once Knew1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The Free RadicalsThrough The Eyes Of Love1999Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsAlways Been A Dreamer2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsBugle Billy2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsChatroom Girl2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsCollingswood2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsCry If You Want To2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsDoin' Just Fine2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsDown To You2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsEmpty Eyes2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsFaithful2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsGo The Distance2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsGotta Leave This Town2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsHelpin' Hand2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsI Don't Want My MTV2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsI'm Tired2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsJericho Road2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsLonely Tonight2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsLookin' For The Promised Land2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsLove So Deep2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsMercy2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsMessage On The Doorway2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsMy Heart Is True2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsOutta Control2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsRide 'Til I'm Satisfied2001Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsTalk To Ya2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsThe Best You Got2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsThe Life I Chose2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout And The RadicalsWork No More2003Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandAs Long As You're Right1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandBoo1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandBreaking The Rules1995Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandCome Home1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandDeeper Shade Of Blues1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandDon't Worry About It1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandEarrings On The Table1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandEndless Variety1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandFace The Night1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandFalse Alarm1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandFast Moving Traffic1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandFinally Gotten Over You1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandFrederica (I Don't Need You)1989Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandGood Enough To Eat1989Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandGot A Broken Heart1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandGot To Kill The Monkey1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandHardtime Blues1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandHead Hung Down1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandHow Much Do You Want1995Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandI Can Tell1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandIf You Ever Change Your Mind1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandIn Love With You Again1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandIn My Mind1989Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandLife In The Jungle1989Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandLove In Vain1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandMarie's Mood1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandMotivation Of Love1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandObstacles In My Way1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandOn The Rise1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandOne Way Street1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandPlaying With Gloves On1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandPlease Don't Go1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandPrisoner Of A Dream1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandPut It Right Back1995Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandRunning Blues1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandRunning In Place1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandSay Goodbye To The Blues1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandServe Me Right To Suffer1991Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandShe's Missing1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandSomebody's Cryin'1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandSong For A Wanderer1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandSpace Fish1989Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandSweet As A Flower1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTake Care Of Yo' Business1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTellin' Stories1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTemptation1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTender Heart1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandThe Love That We Once Knew1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandThe Mountain Song1989Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTime For Movin' On1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTransition1992Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTremble1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandTribute To Muddy Waters1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandVictor The Cajun1990Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandWalkin' In The Rain1997Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandWanna See The Morning1994Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout BandYou're The One1990Music/Lyrics

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