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ArkellsCome To Light2014Producer
ArkellsCrawling Through The Window2014Producer
ArkellsCynical Bastards2014Producer
ArkellsDirty Blonde2014Producer
ArkellsFake Money2014Producer
ArkellsHey Kids!2014Producer
ArkellsLeather Jacket2014Producer
ArkellsNever Thought That This Would Happen2014Producer
ArkellsWhat Are You Holding On To?2014Producer
BeckDirty Dirty2000Producer
Belle And SebastianAct Of Apostle2006Producer
Belle And SebastianAct Of The Apostle II2006Producer
Belle And SebastianAnother Sunny Day2006Producer
Belle And SebastianBaby Jane2006Producer
Belle And SebastianCalculating Bimbo2010Producer
Belle And SebastianCome On Sister2010Producer
Belle And SebastianDress Up In You2006Producer
Belle And SebastianFor The Price Of A Cup Of Tea2006Producer
Belle And SebastianFunny Little Frog2005Producer
Belle And SebastianI Can See Your Future2010Producer
Belle And SebastianI Didn't See It Coming2010Producer
Belle And SebastianI Want The World To Stop2010Producer
Belle And SebastianI'm Not Living In The Real World2010Producer
Belle And SebastianMornington Crescent2006Producer
Belle And SebastianRead The Blessed Pages2010Producer
Belle And SebastianSong For Sunshine2006Producer
Belle And SebastianSukie in The Graveyard2006Producer
Belle And SebastianSunday's Pretty Icons2010Producer
Belle And SebastianThe Blues Are Still Blue2006Producer
Belle And SebastianThe Ghost Of Rockschool2010Producer
Belle And SebastianThe White Collar Boy2006Producer
Belle And SebastianTo Be Myself Completely2006Producer
Belle And SebastianWe Are The Sleepyheads2006Producer
Belle And SebastianWhiskey In The Jar2006Producer
Belle And SebastianWrite About Love2010Producer
Belle and Sebastian feat. Norah JonesLittle Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John2010Producer
Boots ElectricBoots Electric Theme2011Producer
Boots ElectricComplexity2011Producer
Boots ElectricDreams2011Producer
Boots ElectricLove You All The Thyme2011Producer
Boots ElectricNo Ffun2011Producer
Boots ElectricOh ... Girl!2011Producer
Boots ElectricSpeed Demon2011Producer
Boots ElectricSwall By The Wed Night2011Producer
Boots ElectricTrippy Blob2011Producer
Boots ElectricYou'll Be Sorry2011Producer
Fitz And The Tantrums6AM2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsBreak The Walls2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsFools Gold2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsGet Away2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsHouse On Fire2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsKeepin Our Eyes Out2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsLast Raindrop2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsMerryGoRound2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsOut Of My League2013Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsSpark2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsThe End2014Producer
Fitz And The TantrumsThe Walker2014Producer
IdlewildEl Capitan2005Producer
KT TunstallEverything Has Its Shape2016Producer
KT TunstallEvil Eye2016Producer
KT TunstallHard Girls2016Producer
KT TunstallIt Took Me So Long To Get Here, But Here I Am2016Producer
KT TunstallKin2016Producer
KT TunstallLove Is An Ocean2016Producer
KT TunstallMaybe It's A Good Thing2016Producer
KT TunstallOn My Star2016Producer
KT TunstallRun On Home2016Producer
KT TunstallTurned A Light On2016Producer
KT Tunstall feat. James BayTwo Way2016Producer
Nico VegaBack Of My Hand2014Producer
Nico VegaNo Home2014Producer
Pokey LaFargeMust Be A Reason2017Producer
SupergrassBrecon Beacons2002Producer
SupergrassCan't Get Up2002Producer
SupergrassEvening Of The Day2002Producer
SupergrassFunniest Thing2002Producer
SupergrassLa Song2002Producer
SupergrassNever Done Nothing Like That Before2002Producer
SupergrassProphet 152002Producer
SupergrassRush Hour Soul2002Producer
SupergrassSeen The Light2002Producer
Take ThatDon't Give Up On Me2017Producer
Take ThatHope2017Producer
Take ThatIt's All For You2017Producer
The Fratellis3 Skinny Girls2006Producer
The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!2015Producer
The FratellisBaby Fratelli2006Producer
The FratellisBaby's Got A Brand New Second Hand Disguise2007Producer
The FratellisChelsea Dagger2006Producer
The FratellisCigarello2006Producer
The FratellisCreepin Up The Backstairs2006Producer
The FratellisCuntry Boys & City Girls2006Producer
The FratellisDesperate Guy2015Producer
The FratellisDirty Barry Stole The Thunderbird2006Music/Lyrics
The FratellisDoginabag2006Producer
The FratellisDogtown2015Producer
The FratellisDown The Road And Back...Again 2015Producer
The FratellisEverybody Knows You Cried Last Night2006Producer
The FratellisFlathead2006Producer
The FratellisFor The Girl2006Producer
The FratellisGetting Surreal2015Producer
The FratellisGot Ma Nuts From A Hippy2006Producer
The FratellisHenrietta2006Producer
The FratellisImpostors (Little By Little)2015Producer
The FratellisJohnny Come Last2007Producer
The FratellisMe And The Devil2015Producer
The FratellisMedusa In Chains 2015Producer
The FratellisMon Yous, Mon Us, But No Them2007Producer
The FratellisMoonshine2015Producer
The FratellisOle Black 'N' Blue Eyes2006Producer
The FratellisRosanna2015Producer
The FratellisSlow2015Producer
The FratellisThief2015Producer
The FratellisToo Much Wine2015Producer
The FratellisVince The Loveable Stoner2006Producer
The FratellisWhistle For The Choir2006Producer
The KooksAlways Where I Need To Be2008Producer
The KooksAsk Me2006Producer
The KooksCome On Down2008Producer
The KooksDo You Wanna2008Producer
The KooksDown To The Market2008Producer
The KooksEddie's Gun2005Producer
The KooksEskimo Kiss2011Producer
The KooksF**k The World Off2011Producer
The KooksGap2008Producer
The KooksGot No Love2006Producer
The KooksHow'd You Like That2011Producer
The KooksI Want You2006Producer
The KooksIf Only2006Producer
The KooksIs It Me2011Producer
The KooksJackie Big Tits2006Producer
The KooksJunk Of The Heart (Happy)2011Music/Lyrics
The KooksKilling Me2011Producer
The KooksLove It All2008Producer
The KooksMatchbox2006Producer
The KooksMr. Nice Guy2011Producer
The KooksMrs. Thompson2008Producer
The KooksNaive2006Producer
The KooksOne Last Time2008Producer
The KooksOoh La2006Producer
The KooksPetulia2011Producer
The KooksPull Me In2008Producer
The KooksRosie2011Producer
The KooksRunaway2011Music/Lyrics
The KooksSeaside2006Producer
The KooksSee The Sun2008Producer
The KooksSee The World2006Producer
The KooksShe Moves In Her Own Way2006Producer
The KooksShine On2008Producer
The KooksSofa Song2005Producer
The KooksSomething To Say2005Producer
The KooksStormy Weather2008Producer
The KooksSway2008Producer
The KooksTaking Pictures Of You2011Producer
The KooksTea & Biscuits2006Producer
The KooksTime Above The Earth2011Producer
The KooksTime Awaits2006Producer
The KooksYou Don't Love Me2006Producer
The Rumble StripsGirls And Boys In Love2007Producer
The Temper TrapDreams2012Producer
The Temper TrapEverybody Leaves In The End2012Producer
The Temper TrapI'm Gonna Wait2012Producer
The Temper TrapLeaving Heartbreak Hotel2012Producer
The Temper TrapLondon's Burning2012Producer
The Temper TrapMiracle2012Producer
The Temper TrapNeed Your Love2012Producer
The Temper TrapNever Again2012Producer
The Temper TrapRabbit Hole2012Producer
The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling2012Producer
The Temper TrapThe Trouble With Pain2012Producer
The Temper TrapThis Isn't Happiness2012Producer
The Temper TrapTrembling Hands2012Producer
The Temper TrapWant2012Producer
The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here2012Producer
The ThrillsBig Sur2003Producer
The ThrillsDeckchairs And Cigarettes2003Producer
The ThrillsDon't Steal Our Sun2003Producer
The ThrillsHollywood Kids2003Producer
The ThrillsJust Travelling Through2003Producer
The ThrillsNothing Changes Around Here2007Producer
The ThrillsOld Friends, New Lovers2003Producer
The ThrillsOne Horse Town2003Producer
The ThrillsSanta Cruz (You're Not That Far)2002Producer
The ThrillsSay It Ain't So2003Producer
The ThrillsSecond Guessing2007Producer
The ThrillsSome Other Day2007Producer
The Thrills'Til The Tide Creeps In2003Producer
The ThrillsYour Love Is Like Las Vegas2003Producer
Turin Brakes5 Mile (These Are The Days)2003Producer
Turin BrakesAverage Man2003Producer
Turin BrakesBlue Hour2003Producer
Turin BrakesClear Blue Air2003Producer
Turin BrakesEther Song2003Producer
Turin BrakesFalling Down2003Producer
Turin BrakesFull Of Stars2003Producer
Turin BrakesLittle Brother2003Producer
Turin BrakesLong Distance2002Producer
Turin BrakesPain Killer (Summer Rain)2003Producer
Turin BrakesPanic Attack2003Producer
Turin BrakesRain City2003Producer
Turin BrakesSelf Help2003Producer
Turin BrakesStone Thrown2003Producer
Ole Black 'N' Blue Eyes (The Fratellis)214.95
Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy (The Fratellis)164.94
I Want The World To Stop (Belle And Sebastian)174.88
Whistle For The Choir (The Fratellis)414.88
Creepin Up The Backstairs (The Fratellis)214.81
Big Sur (The Thrills)254.8
Pain Killer (Summer Rain) (Turin Brakes)194.79
Flathead (The Fratellis)394.74
She Moves In Her Own Way (The Kooks)814.74
Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night (The Fratellis)194.74
Trembling Hands (The Temper Trap)284.71
Two Way (KT Tunstall feat. James Bay)74.71
Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far) (The Thrills)64.67
Henrietta (The Fratellis)304.63
Funny Little Frog (Belle And Sebastian)244.62
Cigarello (The Fratellis)54.6
Time Awaits (The Kooks)164.56
I Didn't See It Coming (Belle And Sebastian)94.56
Come On Sister (Belle And Sebastian)94.56
Sofa Song (The Kooks)284.54
She Moves In Her Own Way (The Kooks)814.74
Chelsea Dagger (The Fratellis)724.5
Always Where I Need To Be (The Kooks)714.01
Shine On (The Kooks)693.86
Naive (The Kooks)604.45
Whistle For The Choir (The Fratellis)414.88
Ooh La (The Kooks)404.28
Flathead (The Fratellis)394.74
Junk Of The Heart (Happy) (The Kooks)333.7
Henrietta (The Fratellis)304.63
Trembling Hands (The Temper Trap)284.71
Sofa Song (The Kooks)284.54
Baby Fratelli (The Fratellis)264.31
Big Sur (The Thrills)254.8
You Don't Love Me (The Kooks)254.48
Do You Wanna (The Kooks)253.92
Funny Little Frog (Belle And Sebastian)244.62
Seaside (The Kooks)234.3
Ole Black 'N' Blue Eyes (The Fratellis)214.95
Creepin Up The Backstairs (The Fratellis)214.81

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