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An Emotional FishBlue1991Producer
An Emotional FishCelebrate1990Producer
An Emotional FishLace Virginia1990Producer
An Emotional FishMove On1990Producer
Big CountryHeart Of The World1990Producer
Big CountrySave Me1990Producer
DredgEighteen People2002Producer
DredgIt Only Took A Day2002Producer
DredgOf The Room2002Producer
DredgSame Ol' Road2002Producer
DredgScissor Look2002Producer
DredgSorry But It's Over2002Producer
DredgThe Canyon Behind Her2002Producer
DredgWhoa Is Me2002Producer
Flat EarthDraining By Your Flame2020Producer
Flat EarthNeverHappy2020Producer
Gene Loves JezebelJealous1990Producer
Goldfinger99 Red Balloons1999Producer
GoldfingerCarry On2000Producer
GoldfingerCounting The Days2000Producer
GoldfingerDon't Say Goodbye2000Producer
GoldfingerDonut Dan2000Producer
GoldfingerGet Away2000Producer
GoldfingerI'm Down2000Producer
GoldfingerMargaret Ann2000Producer
GoldfingerPick A Fight2000Producer
GoldfingerSan Simeon2000Producer
GoldfingerSomeone Else2000Producer
GoldfingerTed Nugent2000Producer
GoldfingerThe End Of The Day2000Producer
GoldfingerVintage Queen1999Producer
GoldfingerYou Think It's A Joke2000Music/Lyrics
Goo Goo DollsAs I Am2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsHey Ya2010Music/Lyrics
Goo Goo DollsNotbroken2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsNothing Is Real2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsNow I Hear2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsOne Night2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsSay You're Free2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsSoldier2010Music/Lyrics
Goo Goo DollsSomething For The Rest Of Us2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsStill Your Song2010Producer
Goo Goo DollsSweetest Lie2010Producer
HIMAnd Love Said No2004Producer
HIMBehind The Crimson Door2005Producer
HIMBleed Well2007Producer
HIMCyanide Sun2007Producer
HIMDark Light2005Producer
HIMDead Lover's Lane2007Producer
HIMDrunk On Shadows2005Producer
HIMIn The Nightside Of Eden2005Producer
HIMKilling Loneliness2005Producer
HIMLove In Cold Blood2007Producer
HIMPassion's Killing Floor2007Producer
HIMPlay Dead2005Producer
HIMPoison Heart2005Producer
HIMRip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly2005Producer
HIMSleepwalking Past Hope2007Producer
HIMSolitary Man2004Producer
HIMSong Or Suicide2007Producer
HIMThe Face Of God2005Producer
HIMThe Kiss Of Dawn2007Producer
HIMUnder The Rose2005Producer
HIMVampire Heart2005Producer
HIMVenus Doom2007Producer
HIMWings Of A Butterfly2005Producer
KajagoogooAnimal Instincts1983Producer
KaneBelieve It2005Producer
Kinky MachineSwivelhead1992Producer
LimahlDon't Suppose1984Producer
LimahlI Was A Fool1984Producer
LimahlO.T.T. (Over The Top)1983Producer
LimahlOh Girl1984Producer
LimahlOnly For Love1983Producer
LimahlTar Beach1984Producer
LimahlThat Special Something1984Producer
LimahlThe Greenhouse Effect1984Producer
LimahlThe Waiting Game1984Producer
LimahlToo Much Trouble1984Producer
LimahlYour Love1984Producer
LimahlYou've Been Gone For A Little While1984Producer
LiveI Walk The Line2001Producer
Ocean Colour SceneDo Yourself A Favor1992Producer
Ocean Colour SceneOne Of Those Days192Producer
Ocean Colour SceneSuspended Motion1992Producer
Ozzy OsbourneAlive2001Producer
Ozzy OsbourneBang Bang (You're Dead)2013Music/Lyrics
Ozzy OsbourneBlack Illusion2001Music/Lyrics
Ozzy OsbourneBlack Skies2002Producer
Ozzy OsbourneCan You Hear Them?2001Producer
Ozzy OsbourneDreamer2001Producer
Ozzy OsbourneFacing Hell2001Music/Lyrics
Ozzy OsbourneGets Me Through2001Music/Lyrics
Ozzy OsbourneJunkie2001Producer
Ozzy OsbourneNo Easy Way Out2001Music/Lyrics
Ozzy OsbourneRunning Out Of Time2001Producer
Ozzy OsbourneThat I Never Had2001Producer
Ozzy OsbourneYou Know... (Part 1)2001Music/Lyrics
Robert PlantBilly's Revenge1988Producer
Robert PlantDance On My Own1988Producer
Robert PlantDoo Doo A Do Do1985Producer
Robert PlantEasily Lead1985Producer
Robert PlantHeaven Knows1988Producer
Robert PlantHelen Of Troy1988Producer
Robert PlantHip To Hoo1985Producer
Robert PlantKallalou Kallalou1985Producer
Robert PlantLittle By Little1985Producer
Robert PlantPink And Black1985Producer
Robert PlantShip Of Fools1988Producer
Robert PlantSixes And Sevens1985Producer
Robert PlantTall Cool One1988Producer
Robert PlantThe Way I Feel1988Producer
Robert PlantToo Loud1985Producer
Robert PlantTrouble Your Money1985Producer
Robert PlantWalking Towards Paradise1988Producer
Robert PlantWhite, Clean And Neat1988Producer
Robert PlantWhy1988Producer
TarjaAmazing Grace2017Producer
TarjaDeck The Halls2017Producer
TarjaFeliz Navidad2017Producer
TarjaGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2017Producer
TarjaHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2017Producer
TarjaO Come, O Come, Emmanuel2017Producer
TarjaO Tannenbaum2017Producer
TarjaPie Jesu2017Producer
TarjaWe Three Kings2017Producer
TarjaWe Wish You A Merry Christmas2017Producer
TarjaWhat Child Is This2017Producer
Tears For FearsBreak It Down Again1993Producer
Tears For FearsBrian Wilson Said1993Producer
Tears For FearsCold1993Producer
Tears For FearsDog's A Best Friend's Dog1993Producer
Tears For FearsDon't Drink The Water1995Producer
Tears For FearsElemental1993Producer
Tears For FearsFalling Down1995Producer
Tears For FearsFish Out Of Water1993Producer
Tears For FearsGas Giants1993Producer
Tears For FearsGod's Mistake1995Producer
Tears For FearsGoodnight Song1993Producer
Tears For FearsHumdrum And Humble1995Producer
Tears For FearsI Choose You1995Producer
Tears For FearsLaid So Low (Tears Roll Down)1992Producer
Tears For FearsLos Reyes Católicos1995Producer
Tears For FearsMe And My Big Ideas1995Producer
Tears For FearsMr. Pessimist1993Producer
Tears For FearsPower1993Producer
Tears For FearsRaoul And The Kings Of Spain1995Producer
Tears For FearsSecrets1995Producer
Tears For FearsSketches Of Pain1995Producer
Tears For FearsSorry1995Producer
TexasAlone With You1991Producer
TexasDream Hotel1991Producer
TexasEveryday Now1989Producer
TexasFight The Feeling1989Producer
TexasFuture Is Promises1989Producer
TexasI Don't Want A Lover1989Producer
TexasI Don't Want A Lover (2001 Mix)2001Producer
TexasIn My Heart1991Producer
TexasMothers Heaven1991Producer
TexasOne Choice1989Producer
TexasPrayer For You1989Producer
TexasTell Me Why1989Producer
TexasThis Will All Be Mine1991Producer
TexasThrill Has Gone1989Producer
TexasWalk The Dust1991Producer
TexasWhy Believe In You1991Producer
TexasWrapped In Clothes Of Blue1991Producer
The Big SupremeDon't Walk1986Producer
The Flaming MussolinisDifferent Kind Of Love1987Producer
The Flaming MussolinisGirl On A Train1987Producer
The Flaming MussolinisGreen Monkey Fever1987Producer
The House Of LoveShine On1987Producer
The Mighty Lemon DropsFall Down (Like The Rain)1988Producer
The Mighty Lemon DropsInside Out1988Producer
The Mighty Lemon DropsShine1988Producer
The MissionAmelia1990Producer
The MissionBelief1990Producer
The MissionBlood Brother1986Producer
The MissionButterfly On A Wheel1989Producer
The MissionDeliverance1990Producer
The MissionDivided We Fall1990Producer
The MissionGrapes Of Wrath1990Producer
The MissionHungry As The Hunter1990Producer
The MissionInto The Blue1990Producer
The MissionLovely1990Producer
The MissionParadise (Will Shine Like The Moon)1990Producer
The MissionSea Of Love1990Producer
The MissionSweet Smile Of A Mystery1990Producer
The MissionThe Grip Of Disease1989Producer
Tin MachineA Big Hurt1991Producer
Tin MachineAmazing1989Producer
Tin MachineAmlapura1991Producer
Tin MachineBaby Can Dance1989Producer
Tin MachineBaby Universal1991Producer
Tin MachineBetty Wrong1991Producer
Tin MachineBus Stop1989Producer
Tin MachineCrack City1989Producer
Tin MachineGoodbye Mr. Ed1991Producer
Tin MachineHeaven's In Here1989Producer
Tin MachineI Can't Read1989Producer
Tin MachineIf There Is Something1991Producer
Tin MachinePretty Thing1989Producer
Tin MachinePrisoner Of Love1989Producer
Tin MachineRun1989Producer
Tin MachineSacrifice Yourself1989Producer
Tin MachineShopping For Girls1991Producer
Tin MachineSorry1991Producer
Tin MachineStateside1991Producer
Tin MachineTin Machine1989Producer
Tin MachineUnder The God1989Producer
Tin MachineVideo Crimes1989Producer
Tin MachineWorking Class Hero1989Producer
Tin MachineYou Belong In Rock N' Roll1991Producer
Tin MachineYou Can't Talk1991Producer
Violent BlueBullfrog Blues1985Producer
Violent BlueStick Together1985Producer
Helen Of Troy (Robert Plant)55.2
Billy's Revenge (Robert Plant)55.2
Facing Hell (Ozzy Osbourne)55
Dance On My Own (Robert Plant)55
Shine On (The House Of Love)444.84
Vampire Heart (HIM)294.79
Butterfly On A Wheel (The Mission)334.79
Elemental (Tears For Fears)174.76
The Face Of God (HIM)84.75
Fearless (Kane)114.73
Cyanide Sun (HIM)114.73
Celebrate (An Emotional Fish)144.71
Play Dead (HIM)74.71
Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly (HIM)104.7
Ship Of Fools (Robert Plant)134.69
I Don't Want A Lover (Texas)1474.67
Under The Rose (HIM)124.67
No Easy Way Out (Ozzy Osbourne)64.67
In The Nightside Of Eden (HIM)84.62
Fish Out Of Water (Tears For Fears)84.62
Dreamer (Ozzy Osbourne)2144.38
I Don't Want A Lover (Texas)1474.67
Only For Love (Limahl)903.88
Wings Of A Butterfly (HIM)874.25
Killing Loneliness (HIM)694.28
Solitary Man (HIM)613.8
Break It Down Again (Tears For Fears)554.27
99 Red Balloons (Goldfinger)543.57
Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) (Tears For Fears)464.48
Shine On (The House Of Love)444.84
Everyday Now (Texas)424.33
The Kiss Of Dawn (HIM)394.05
Prayer For You (Texas)384.42
Butterfly On A Wheel (The Mission)334.79
Too Much Trouble (Limahl)333.91
Tar Beach (Limahl)323.47
Vampire Heart (HIM)294.79
And Love Said No (HIM)254.32
Goodnight Song (Tears For Fears)234.22
Thrill Has Gone (Texas)214.1

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