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AmericaCall Of the Wild1994Producer
AmericaClose To The Wind1994Producer
AmericaGarden Of Peace1994Producer
AmericaMirror To Mirror1994Producer
AmericaSleeper Train1994Producer
AmericaWhole Wild World1994Producer
AmericaYoung Moon1994Producer
Angelic UpstartsAction Man1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsBlack Knights Of The 80's1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsCry Wolf1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsFlames Of Brixton1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsHere Comes Trouble1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsI Stand Accused1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsNever Say Die1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsSoldier1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsTheme For Lost Souls1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsWasted (Love By None)1982Producer
Angelic UpstartsWe Defy You1982Producer
Boy GeorgeEverything I Own1987Producer
China CrisisFeel To Be Driven Away1982Producer
China CrisisNo Ordinary Lover1982Producer
China CrisisSeven Sports For All1982Producer
Columbia BrothersJust For You1980Producer
Columbia BrothersYou're Leaving1980Producer
Culture ClubBlack Money1983Producer
Culture ClubBoy Boy (I'm The Boy)1982Producer
Culture ClubChanging Every Day1983Producer
Culture ClubChurch Of The Poison Mind1983Producer
Culture ClubColour By Numbers1983Producer
Culture ClubCrime Time1984Producer
Culture ClubDangerous Man1984Producer
Culture ClubDer Kriegsgesang1984Producer
Culture ClubDo You Really Want To Hurt Me1982Producer
Culture ClubDon't Go Down That Street1984Producer
Culture ClubDon't Talk About It1984Producer
Culture ClubHello Goodbye1984Producer
Culture ClubI'll Tumble 4 Ya1982Producer
Culture ClubI'm Afraid Of Me1982Producer
Culture ClubIt's A Miracle1983Producer
Culture ClubKarma Chameleon1983Producer
Culture ClubLa cancion de guerra1984Producer
Culture ClubLove Is Cold (You Were Never No Good)1982Producer
Culture ClubLove Is Love1984Producer
Culture ClubMan Shake1983Producer
Culture ClubMannequin1984Producer
Culture ClubMiss Me Blind1983Producer
Culture ClubMistake No. 31984Producer
Culture ClubMister Man1983Producer
Culture ClubMystery Boy (Suntori Hot Whisky Song)1983Producer
Culture ClubRomance Revisited2003Producer
Culture ClubStormkeeper1983Producer
Culture ClubTake Control1982Producer
Culture ClubThat's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You)1983Producer
Culture ClubThe Dive1984Producer
Culture ClubThe Dream1984Producer
Culture ClubThe Medal Song1984Producer
Culture ClubThe War Song1984Producer
Culture ClubTime (Clock Of The Heart)1982Producer
Culture ClubUnfortunate Thing1984Producer
Culture ClubVictims1983Producer
Culture ClubWhite Boy1982Producer
Culture ClubWhite Boys Can't Control It1982Producer
Culture ClubYou Know I'm Not Crazy1982Producer
Culture Club feat. Captain CrucialLove Twist1982Producer
Culture Club feat. Captain CrucialMurder Rap Trap1982Producer
Culture Club feat. Pappa WeaselDo You Really Want To Hurt Me1982Producer
David GrantIn The Flow Of Love1983Music/Lyrics
David GrantKlik Trax1983Producer
David GrantLove Will Find A Way1983Producer
David GrantMastermind1983Producer
David GrantOrganize1984Producer
David GrantRock The Midnight1983Producer
David GrantStop And Go1983Producer
David GrantWatching You Watching Me1983Producer
David GrantWrap Yourself Around Me1984Producer
Deniece WilliamsBaby This Is Love1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsDon't Blame It On My Heart1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsI Believe In You1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsI Confess1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsLove Finds You1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsNever Say Never1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsNot By Chance1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsOne Less Lonely Heart1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsSomeone For Someone1987Producer
Deniece WilliamsWater Under The Bridge1987Producer
Gary MooreLove Can Make A Fool Of You2002Producer
HoneyzDon't Run Away1999Music/Lyrics
HoneyzEnd Of The Line1998Producer
HoneyzFinally Found1998Producer
HoneyzKeep Me Hanging On1999Producer
HoneyzLove Of A Lifetime1999Producer
Jean-Louis AubertJuste une illusion1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoOui et non1987Producer
Jeremy Jackson & AmericaI Need You1994Producer
Jimmy The HooverSing Sing1983Producer
Jimmy The HooverTantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh)1983Producer
Kelly MarieDon't Stop Your Love1981Music/Lyrics
LouiseNew York Moon1997Producer
LouiseWho Do You Love1997Producer
Paul Hardcastle & First LightExplain The Reason1983Producer
PlayhausMinstrel Man1990Producer
PlayhausSomething Good1990Producer
QuarterflashBack Into Blue1985Producer
QuarterflashCaught In The Rain1985Producer
QuarterflashCome To Me1985Producer
QuarterflashGrace Under Fire1985Producer
QuarterflashI Want To Believe It's You1985Producer
QuarterflashJust For You1985Producer
QuarterflashLove Without A Net (You Keep Falling)1985Producer
QuarterflashTalk To Me1985Producer
QuarterflashWalking On Ice1985Producer
QuarterflashWelcome To The City1985Producer
TéléphoneLe jour s'est levé1985Producer
TéléphoneQuelqu'un va venir1985Producer
The Beach BoysCalifornia Calling1985Producer
The Beach BoysCrack At Your Love1985Producer
The Beach BoysGetcha Back1985Producer
The Beach BoysI Do Love You1985Producer
The Beach BoysI'm So Lonely1985Producer
The Beach BoysIt's Gettin' Late1985Producer
The Beach BoysIt's Just A Matter Of Time1985Producer
The Beach BoysMale Ego1985Producer
The Beach BoysMaybe I Don't Know1985Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysPassing Friend1985Producer
The Beach BoysShe Believes In Love Again1985Producer
The Beach BoysWhere I Belong1985Producer
Ziggy Marley And The Melody MakersLyin' In Bed1984Producer
Ziggy Marley And The Melody MakersMet Her On A Rainy Day1984Producer
Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)2384.68
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club)2514.63
Young Moon (America)84.62
Victims (Culture Club)864.5
Mannequin (Culture Club)54.4
Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Culture Club)1054.24
Stormkeeper (Culture Club)104.2
Don't Talk About It (Culture Club)54.2
Finally Found (Honeyz)224.18
Mister Man (Culture Club)114.18
Colour By Numbers (Culture Club)124.17
It's A Miracle (Culture Club)684.16
Watching You Watching Me (David Grant)194.16
Love Is Love (Culture Club)334.15
Black Money (Culture Club)144.14
Getcha Back (The Beach Boys)244.12
Church Of The Poison Mind (Culture Club)834.08
Everything I Own (Boy George)1224.07
That's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You) (Culture Club)174.06
Changing Every Day (Culture Club)154
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club)2514.63
Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)2384.68
Everything I Own (Boy George)1224.07
Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Culture Club)1054.24
The War Song (Culture Club)923.82
Victims (Culture Club)864.5
Church Of The Poison Mind (Culture Club)834.08
It's A Miracle (Culture Club)684.16
I'll Tumble 4 Ya (Culture Club)513.73
Miss Me Blind (Culture Club)473.74
Love Is Love (Culture Club)334.15
Getcha Back (The Beach Boys)244.12
The Medal Song (Culture Club)243.5
Finally Found (Honeyz)224.18
End Of The Line (Honeyz)213.81
Watching You Watching Me (David Grant)194.16
Mistake No. 3 (Culture Club)193.53
That's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You) (Culture Club)174.06
White Boy (Culture Club)173.53
Changing Every Day (Culture Club)154

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