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Is part of: Culture Club
Aaron D. feat. DJ WesDo You Really Want To Hurt Me2005Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Ben Macklin feat. Tiger LilyFeel Together2007Music/Lyrics
BluelagoonDo You Really Want To Hurt Me2005Music/Lyrics
Boy GeorgeAre You Too Afraid?1987Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubBad Blood2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubDifferent Man2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubGod & Love2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubHuman Zoo2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubLet Somebody Love You2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubLife2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubMore Than Silence2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubOil & Water2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubResting Bitch Face2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubRunaway Train2018Music/Lyrics
Boy George and Culture ClubWhat Does Sorry Mean?2018Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubBlack Comedy1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubBlack Money1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubBoy Boy (I'm The Boy)1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubChanging Every Day1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubChurch Of The Poison Mind1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubCold Shoulder1999Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubColour By Numbers1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubCome Clean1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubConfidence Trick1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubCrime Time1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubDangerous Man1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubDer Kriegsgesang1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubDo You Really Want To Hurt Me1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubDon't Go Down That Street1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubDon't Talk About It1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubFat Cat1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubFrom Luxury To Heartache1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubGod Thank You Woman1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubGusto Blusto1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubHeaven's Children1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubHello Goodbye1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubI Just Wanna Be Loved1998Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubI Pray1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubI'll Tumble 4 Ya1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubI'm Afraid Of Me1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubIt's A Miracle1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubKarma Chameleon1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubLa cancion de guerra1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubLess Than Perfect1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubLove Is Cold (You Were Never No Good)1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubLove Is Love1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubMan Shake1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubMannequin1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubMaybe I'm A Fool1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubMirror1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubMiss Me Blind1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubMistake No. 31984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubMister Man1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubMove Away1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubMystery Boy (Suntori Hot Whisky Song)1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubReasons1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubRomance Revisited2003Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubSee Thru1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubSexuality1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubSign Language1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubStarman1999Producer
Culture ClubStormkeeper1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubStrange Voodoo1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubTake Control1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubThat's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You)1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubThe Dive1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubThe Dream1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubThe Medal Song1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubThe War Song1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubTime (Clock Of The Heart)1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubToo Bad1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubTruth Behind Her Smile1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubUnfortunate Thing1984Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubVictims1983Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubWeep For The Child1999Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture ClubWhite Boy1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubWhite Boys Can't Control It1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubWork On Me Baby1986Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubYou Know I'm Not Crazy1982Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubYour Kisses Are Charity1999Music/Lyrics
Culture ClubYour Kisses Are Charity1999Producer
(Culture Club)
Culture Club feat. Captain CrucialLove Twist1982Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
Culture Club feat. Pappa WeaselDo You Really Want To Hurt Me1982Music/Lyrics
Helen TerryCome On And Find Me1986Music/Lyrics
Helen TerryFeelin' Your Heart1986Music/Lyrics
Helen TerryLove Lies Lost1984Music/Lyrics
Lou BegaKarma Chameleon2013Music/Lyrics
Matteo BecucciVittime2009Music/Lyrics
MelanieDo You Really Want To Hurt Me2002Music/Lyrics
Rita CoolidgeDo You Really Want To Hurt Me1983Music/Lyrics
Ruby TurnerBaby I Need Your Lovin'1988Producer
SailorKarma Chameleon1996Music/Lyrics
Shark [DE]Karma Chameleon1996Music/Lyrics
Sylvia MillecamEnquête1997Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysPassing Friend1985Music/Lyrics
Violent FemmesDo You Really Want To Hurt Me1991Music/Lyrics
(Culture Club)
More Than Silence (Boy George and Culture Club)75
Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)2384.68
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club)2514.63
Victims (Culture Club)864.5
Life (Boy George and Culture Club)94.44
Heaven's Children (Culture Club)74.43
Come Clean (Culture Club)54.4
Feel Together (Ben Macklin feat. Tiger Lily)54.4
Mannequin (Culture Club)54.4
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Rita Coolidge)64.33
Move Away (Culture Club)764.25
Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Culture Club)1054.24
Stormkeeper (Culture Club)104.2
Don't Talk About It (Culture Club)54.2
Love Lies Lost (Helen Terry)54.2
From Luxury To Heartache (Culture Club)54.2
Mister Man (Culture Club)114.18
It's A Miracle (Culture Club)674.18
Colour By Numbers (Culture Club)124.17
Love Is Love (Culture Club)334.15
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club)2514.63
Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)2384.68
Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Culture Club)1054.24
The War Song (Culture Club)923.82
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Bluelagoon)902.64
Victims (Culture Club)864.5
Church Of The Poison Mind (Culture Club)834.08
Move Away (Culture Club)764.25
It's A Miracle (Culture Club)674.18
I'll Tumble 4 Ya (Culture Club)503.72
Miss Me Blind (Culture Club)473.74
Love Is Love (Culture Club)334.15
God Thank You Woman (Culture Club)253.76
The Medal Song (Culture Club)243.5
I Just Wanna Be Loved (Culture Club)223.95
Mistake No. 3 (Culture Club)193.53
That's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You) (Culture Club)174.06
White Boy (Culture Club)173.53
Changing Every Day (Culture Club)154
I'm Afraid Of Me (Culture Club)153.73

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