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Electric BananaA Thousand Ages From The Sun1968Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaAlexander1969Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaBlow Your Mind1969Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaDanger Signs1967Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaEagle's Son1969Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaEasily Done1973Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaGood Times1973Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaGrey Skies1968Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaI Could Not Believe My Eyes1973Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaI Love You1968Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaI See You1968Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaIf I Needed Somebody1967Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaIt'll Never Be Me1969Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaLove, Dance And Sing1968Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaSweet Orphan Lady1973Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaThe Loser1973Music/Lyrics
Electric BananaWalking Down The Street1967Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen Angels12 1/2 Floor Suicide1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsCalifornia1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsChance1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsCold Wind1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsDance Again1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsDogs Of war1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsFallen Angels1978Producer
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsGirl Like You1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsI Keep On1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsLazy Days1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsMy Good Friend1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsShine On Baby1978Music/Lyrics
Phil May & The Fallen AngelsWhen The Russians Came Back1978Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsAllnight Sailor1972Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsCountry Road1972Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsHavana Bound1972Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsLove Is Good1972Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsOnion Soup / Another Bowl?1972Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsOver The Moon1972Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsPeter / Rip Off Train1972Music/Lyrics
Pretty ThingsReligion's Dead1972Music/Lyrics
StyxTalkin' About The Good Times2005Music/Lyrics
The DesperadosL-S-D1966Music/Lyrics
The InmatesMidnight To Six Man1979Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesI Went Up, I Went Down1972Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesMarilyn1972Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesPigs Of Uranus1972Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesPortobello Shuffle1972Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesPrologue1972Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesRight On Fight On1972Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesX-Ray1972Music/Lyrics
The Pretty Things.S.D.1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty Things13, Chester Street1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsAll Light Up2011Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsAnd I Do2015Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsAtlanta1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBalloon Burning1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBalloon Dancing1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBaron Saturday1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBelfast Cowboys1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBitter End1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBracelets Of Fingers1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBridge Of God1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBright Lights Of The City1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBruise In The Sky1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsBuzz The Jerk1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsCan't Stand The Pain1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsCan't Stop1989Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsChildren1966Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsCome Home Momma1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsCries From The Midnight Circus1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsCrowing In My Mind1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDark Days2015Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDeath1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDeath Of A Socialite1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDefecting Grey1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDirty Song2015Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDon't Bring Me Down1964Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDrowned Man1975Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsEdge Of The Night1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsFalling Again1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsGet A Buzz1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsGet The Picture1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsGet Yourself Home1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsGoin' Downhill1989Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsGrass1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsGreenwood Tree2015Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsHoney I Need1964Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsHouse Of Ten1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsI Can Never Say1964Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsI Had A Dream1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsI See You1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsI'm Calling1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsI'm Keeping (Bad Company)1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsIn The Square1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsIs It Only Love1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsIt's Been So Long1975Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsIt's So Hard1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsJoey1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsL.A.N.T.A.1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsLoneliest Person1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsLost That Girl1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsMaybe You Tired1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsMidnight To Six Men1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsMiss Fay Regrets1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsMr. Evasion1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsMy Song1975Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsMy Time1966Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsNo Future1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsOffice Love1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsOld Man Going1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsOne Long Glance1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsOut In The Night1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsParachute1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsPhotographer1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsPrivate Sorrow1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsProgress1966Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsRain1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsRainin' In My Heart1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsRemember That Boy1975Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsS.F. Sorrow Is Born1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsScene One1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsSea Of Blue1980Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsShe Says Good Morning1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsShe Was Tall, She Was High1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsShe's A Lover1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsSickle Clowns1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsSingapore Silk Torpedo1974Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsThe Good Mr. Square1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsThe Journey1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsThe Letter1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsThe Sun1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsThere Will Never Be Another Day1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsTripping1967Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsTrust1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsTurn My Head2015Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsUnder The Volcano1975Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsUnknown Blues1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsVivian Prince2011Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsWe'll Be Together1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsWell Of Destiny1968Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsWe'll Play House1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsWhat's The Use1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsYou Don't Believe Me1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty Things feat. Dave GilmourI See You2002Music/Lyrics
The Pretty Things feat. Dave GilmourOld Man Going2002Music/Lyrics
The Pretty Things feat. Dave GilmourShe Says Good Morning2002Music/Lyrics
The Pretty Things feat. Dave GilmourTrust2002Music/Lyrics
The Pretty Things feat. Dave GilmourWell Of Destiny2002Music/Lyrics
The RomanticsMidnight To Six Man2003Music/Lyrics
The Tilsley OrchestralDanger Signs1967Music/Lyrics
The Tilsley OrchestralIf I Needed Somebody1967Music/Lyrics
The Tilsley OrchestralWalking Down The Street1967Music/Lyrics
Trust (The Pretty Things)55.2
She Says Good Morning (The Pretty Things)55
.S.D. (The Pretty Things)94.89
Loneliest Person (The Pretty Things)64.83
Baron Saturday (The Pretty Things)54.8
Bracelets Of Fingers (The Pretty Things)64.67
Private Sorrow (The Pretty Things)74.57
Don't Bring Me Down (The Pretty Things)144.5
I See You (The Pretty Things)64.5
S.F. Sorrow Is Born (The Pretty Things)94.44
Death (The Pretty Things)54.4
Honey I Need (The Pretty Things)104.3
Midnight To Six Men (The Pretty Things)104.3
What's The Use (The Pretty Things)54.2
The Good Mr. Square (The Pretty Things)54.2
Well Of Destiny (The Pretty Things)53.6
Don't Bring Me Down (The Pretty Things)144.5
Honey I Need (The Pretty Things)104.3
Midnight To Six Men (The Pretty Things)104.3
.S.D. (The Pretty Things)94.89
S.F. Sorrow Is Born (The Pretty Things)94.44
Private Sorrow (The Pretty Things)74.57
Loneliest Person (The Pretty Things)64.83
Bracelets Of Fingers (The Pretty Things)64.67
I See You (The Pretty Things)64.5
Trust (The Pretty Things)55.2
She Says Good Morning (The Pretty Things)55
Baron Saturday (The Pretty Things)54.8
Death (The Pretty Things)54.4
What's The Use (The Pretty Things)54.2
The Good Mr. Square (The Pretty Things)54.2
Well Of Destiny (The Pretty Things)53.6

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