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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Peter Anders Svensson
Ariana GrandeBreathin2018Music/Lyrics
Ariana GrandeFocus2015Music/Lyrics
Ariana GrandeSometimes2016Music/Lyrics
Ariana GrandeThinking Bout You2016Music/Lyrics
Ariana GrandeTouch It2016Music/Lyrics
Ariana Grande & The WeekndLove Me Harder2014Music/Lyrics
Avril LavigneRock N Roll2013Music/Lyrics
BasementMy Favourite Game2017Music/Lyrics
Behind The PinesIn The Night2018Music/Lyrics
Big Booty BabesMe Too2016Music/Lyrics
(Peter Anders Svensson)
Carly Rae JepsenI Really Like You2015Music/Lyrics
Carolina LiarSomething To Die For2009Music/Lyrics
Carolina LiarWhen You Are Near2009Music/Lyrics
DeftonesDo You Believe2011Music/Lyrics
Eagle-Eye CherryCan't Get Enough2012Music/Lyrics
Eagle-Eye CherryOne In A Million2012Music/Lyrics
Eagle-Eye CherryYour Hero2012Music/Lyrics
Ellie GouldingDon't Need Nobody2015Music/Lyrics
Ellie Goulding feat. BlackbearWorry About Me2020Music/Lyrics
Ellie Goulding x Diplo feat. Swae LeeClose To Me2018Music/Lyrics
Fredrik KarlssonLångsamma timmar1998Music/Lyrics
G-Eazy x JeremihSaw It Coming2016Music/Lyrics
Gwen Stefani & Justin TimberlakeWhat U Workin' With?2016Music/Lyrics
Icona PopOn A Roll2013Music/Lyrics
Just JackLovefool2007Music/Lyrics
Justin BieberLove Me2009Music/Lyrics
Leona LewisGlassheart2012Music/Lyrics
Marion RavenLittle By Little2005Music/Lyrics
Meghan TrainorMe Too2016Music/Lyrics
Off TapFocus2016Music/Lyrics
(Peter Anders Svensson)
One DirectionRock Me2012Music/Lyrics
PortraitBlack Easter2014Music/Lyrics
PrettymuchWould You Mind2017Music/Lyrics
Prettymuch feat. French MontanaNo More2017Music/Lyrics
Sage The Gemini feat. Nick JonasGood Thing2015Music/Lyrics
Sideshow FreaksCan't Feel My Face2015Music/Lyrics
Sideshow FreaksIn The Night2016Music/Lyrics
(Peter Anders Svensson)
Straight No ChaserCan't Feel My Face2015Music/Lyrics
The Amity AfflictionCan't Feel My Face2017Music/Lyrics
The Cardigans(If You Were) Less Like Me2006Music/Lyrics
The Cardigans03.45: No Sleep2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansA Good Horse2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansAfter All1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansAnd Then You Kissed Me2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansAnd Then You Kissed Me II2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansBeautiful One1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansBeen It1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansBlack Letter Day1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansBlah Blah Blah1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansCarnival1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansCelia Inside1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansChoke1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansClosing Time1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansCloudy Sky1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansCommunication2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansCouldn't Care Less2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansCountry Hell1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansDaddy's Car1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansDeuce1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansDo You Believe1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansDon't Blame Your Daughter2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansDrip Drop Teardrop2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansEmmerdale1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansErase/Rewind1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansExplode1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansFeathers And Down2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansFine1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansFor The Boys2004Music/Lyrics
The CardigansFor What It's Worth2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansGive Me Your Eyes2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansGodspell2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansGood Morning Joan2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansGordon's Gardenparty1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansGreat Divide1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHanging Around1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHappy Meal I1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHappy Meal II1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHeartbreaker1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHey? Get Out Of My Way1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHigher1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHold Me2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansHoly Love2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansI Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansIf There Is A Chance2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansIn The Afternoon1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansIn The Round2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansJunk Of The Hearts1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansLaika1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansLead Me Into The Night2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansLittle Black Cloud2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansLive And Learn2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansLosers1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansLosing A Friend2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansLovefool1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansMarvel Hill1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansMy Favourite Game1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansNasty Sunny Beam1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansNever Recover1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansOur Space1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansOver The Water1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansOverload2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansParalyzed1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansPikebubbles1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansPlain Parade1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansPlease Sister2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansPooh Song1992Music/Lyrics
The CardigansRise & Shine1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansSeems Hard1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansSick And Tired1994Music/Lyrics
The CardigansSlow2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansSlowdown Town2005Music/Lyrics
The CardigansStarter1998Music/Lyrics
The CardigansStep On Me1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansSunday Circus Song1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansThe Road2003Music/Lyrics
The CardigansTomorrow1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansTravelling With Charley1995Music/Lyrics
The CardigansWar1997Music/Lyrics
The CardigansYour New Cuckoo1996Music/Lyrics
The CardigansYou're The Storm2003Music/Lyrics
The ConfusionsCornflake King1997Producer
The WeekndA Lonely Night2016Music/Lyrics
The WeekndCan't Feel My Face2015Music/Lyrics
The WeekndIn The Night2015Music/Lyrics
The WeekndLove To Lay2016Music/Lyrics
The WeekndOrdinary Life2016Music/Lyrics
The WeekndRockin'2016Music/Lyrics
The WeekndShameless2015Music/Lyrics
TitiyoCome Along2001Music/Lyrics
TitiyoGiven Thing2001Music/Lyrics
TitiyoHold Her Tight2001Music/Lyrics
TitiyoI See Good In People2001Music/Lyrics
TitiyoLast Time2001Music/Lyrics
TitiyoLove Has Left Your Eye2001Music/Lyrics
TitiyoMy Heart Won2001Music/Lyrics
TitiyoRight Or Wrong2001Music/Lyrics
Troye SivanBloom2018Music/Lyrics
Zac Brown BandAlready On Fire2019Music/Lyrics
Zac Brown BandGod Given2019Music/Lyrics
Zac Brown Band feat. Brandi CarlileFinish What We Started2019Music/Lyrics
Touch It (Ariana Grande)165.19
Love To Lay (The Weeknd)95
Thinking Bout You (Ariana Grande)174.94
You're The Storm (The Cardigans)224.86
Glassheart (Leona Lewis)144.86
Rockin' (The Weeknd)164.81
Erase/Rewind (The Cardigans)774.71
Shameless (The Weeknd)144.71
And Then You Kissed Me (The Cardigans)74.71
Don't Blame Your Daughter (The Cardigans)234.7
For What It's Worth (The Cardigans)264.69
Live And Learn (The Cardigans)154.67
Please Sister (The Cardigans)94.67
Sick And Tired (The Cardigans)234.61
Lead Me Into The Night (The Cardigans)54.6
A Lonely Night (The Weeknd)124.58
Come Along (Titiyo)1664.57
On A Roll (Icona Pop)94.56
Sometimes (Ariana Grande)134.54
After All (The Cardigans)64.5
Lovefool (The Cardigans)1734.2
Come Along (Titiyo)1664.57
I Really Like You (Carly Rae Jepsen)893.88
Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd)864.23
Love Me Harder (Ariana Grande & The Weeknd)854.24
My Favourite Game (The Cardigans)784.4
Erase/Rewind (The Cardigans)774.71
Focus (Ariana Grande)773.17
Rock N Roll (Avril Lavigne)533.72
Me Too (Meghan Trainor)513.27
In The Night (The Weeknd)484.21
Love Me (Justin Bieber)482.67
Close To Me (Ellie Goulding x Diplo feat. Swae Lee)383.79
Breathin (Ariana Grande)343.94
Carnival (The Cardigans)324.25
I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer (The Cardigans)304.33
1989 (Titiyo)303.9
For What It's Worth (The Cardigans)264.69
Don't Blame Your Daughter (The Cardigans)234.7
Sick And Tired (The Cardigans)234.61

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