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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Norris Wilson
Aaron NevilleThe Grand Tour1993Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Andy WilliamsAnother Lonely Song1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Andy WilliamsI Love My Friend1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Andy WilliamsThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Asleep At The WheelBlood-Shot Eyes1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelChoo Choo Ch'Boogie1979Producer
Asleep At The WheelDead Man1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelDon't Ask Me Why (I'm Going To Texas)1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelI'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelJumpin' At The Woodside1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelLast Letter1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelMiss Molly1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelOur Names Aren't Mentioned (Together Anymore)1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelThe Kind Of Love I Can't Forget1974Producer
Asleep At The WheelYou And Me Instead1974Producer
Bandit [BE]The Most Beautiful Girl In The World2019Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Barbara MandrellA Very Special Love Song1974Music/Lyrics
Barbara MandrellWhen You Get To The Heart1985Music/Lyrics
Berry LipmanThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Bert KaempfertThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Bob LumanA Satisfied Mind1976Producer
Bob LumanHow Do You Start Over1976Producer
Bob LumanIt's Only Make Believe1976Producer
Bob LumanNothing Ever Hurt Her (Quite Like Me)1976Producer
Bob LumanProud Of You Baby1975Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Bob LumanShame On Me1976Producer
Bob LumanSnap Your Fingers1976Producer
Bob LumanThe Chokin' Kind1976Producer
Bob LumanThe Girl In My Life1976Producer
Bob LumanThe Man From Bowling Green1976Producer
Bobby VintonThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Buck OwensHe Don't Deserve You Anymore1979Producer
Buck OwensLet Jesse Rob The Train1979Producer
Buck OwensVictim Of Life's Circumstances1979Producer
Buck Owens with Emmylou HarrisPlay Together Again Again1979Producer
Chad BrockEvangeline1998Producer
Charley PrideCup Of Love1982Producer
Charley PrideEllie1984Producer
Charley PrideEverybody's Lookin' For You1984Producer
Charley PrideFalling In Love Again1984Producer
Charley PrideGirl Trouble1984Producer
Charley PrideGotta See More Of You1984Producer
Charley PrideI Could Let Her Get Close To Me (But She Could Never Get Close To You)1983Producer
Charley PrideI Don't Think She's In Love Anymore1982Producer
Charley PrideI Haven't Loved This Way In Years1982Producer
Charley PrideI Hope (You Never Cry Again)1982Producer
Charley PrideI Only Miss You On Weak Days1984Producer
Charley PrideLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1982Producer
Charley PrideLove Is A Shadow1981Producer
Charley PrideMissin' Mississippi1984Producer
Charley PrideMountain Of Love1981Producer
Charley PrideNight Games1983Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideOh What A Beautiful Love Song1982Producer
Charley PrideSome Days It Rains All Night Long1984Producer
Charley PrideStagger Lee1984Producer
Charley PrideThe Devil In Your Deep Blue Eyes1982Producer
Charley PrideThe Power Of Love1984Producer
Charley PrideWhen She Dances1982Producer
Charley PrideYou're So Good When You're Bad1982Producer
Charlie McCoySoul Song1973Music/Lyrics
Charlie RichA Very Special Love Song1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Charlie RichGot To See My Baby1968Music/Lyrics
Charlie RichI Can't Even Drink It Away1970Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Charlie RichI Love My Friend1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Charlie RichJuly 12, 19391970Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Charlie RichRendezvous1975Music/Lyrics
Charlie RichThe Most Beautiful Girl1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Charly McClainLove Left Over1981Producer
Charly McClainRadio Heart1985Producer
Charly McClainSleepin' With The Radio On1981Producer
Charly McClainSome Hearts Get All The Breaks1984Producer
Charly McClainSurround Me With Love1982Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Charly McClainThat's All A Woman Lives For1981Producer
Charly McClainThe Very Best Is You1981Producer
Charly McClainWhat Makes Love Go 'Round And 'Round1987Music/Lyrics
Charly McClain with Wayne MasseyYou Make Me Feel So Good1985Producer
Chely WrightIt Was1999Producer
Chely WrightPicket Fences1999Producer
Chely WrightRubbin' It In1999Producer
Chely WrightShe Went Out For Cigarettes1999Producer
Chely WrightSingle White Female1999Producer
Chely WrightSome Kind Of Somethin'1999Producer
Chely WrightThe Fire1999Producer
Chely WrightThe Love That We Lost1996Producer
Chely WrightUnknown1999Producer
Chely WrightWhy Do I Still Want You1999Producer
Claude FrançoisLa plus belle fille du monde1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingChip 'N' Dale's Place1971Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingChip 'N' Dale's Place1971Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingDarlin' Raise The Shade (Let The Sun Shine In)1971Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingHeart1971Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingHighway Lonely1971Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingI'll Be Your Baby Tonight1970Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingJohnny Valentine1970Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingJust As Soon As I Get Over Loving You1972Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingMary's Vineyard1970Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingSweet Mary Ann1971Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingThe Lady Of Our Town1972Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Claude KingWhen You're Twenty-One1971Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Connie SmithA Picture Of Me (Without You)1973Music/Lyrics
Connie SmithSoul Song1973Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyBring It On Home (To Your Woman)1973Music/Lyrics
Conway Twitty & Loretta LynnIf You Touch Me1973Music/Lyrics
Dave DudleyThe Most Beautiful Girl1975Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
David HoustonA Man Needs Love1975Music/Lyrics
David HoustonAin't it Good1975Music/Lyrics
David HoustonBaby, Baby (I Know You're A Lady)1969Music/Lyrics
David HoustonCan't You Feel It1974Music/Lyrics
David HoustonCome On Down (To Our Favorite Forget About Her Place)1976Music/Lyrics
David HoustonFrom The Bottom Of My Heart1976Producer
David HoustonGood Things1972Music/Lyrics
David HoustonI Can't Sit Still1975Music/Lyrics
David HoustonI Walk And I Walk And I Walk1974Producer
David HoustonI Wonder How John Felt (When He Baptized Jesus)1972Music/Lyrics
David HoustonI'll Be Your Steppin' Stone1975Producer
David HoustonLet's Build A World Together1971Music/Lyrics
David HoustonMe And Susan Wright1976Producer
David HoustonSoft As A Rose1975Producer
David HoustonSoft, Sweet And Warm1972Music/Lyrics
David HoustonThat Same Ol' Look Of Love1974Music/Lyrics
David HoustonThe Fool Strikes Again1975Producer
David HoustonThe Hand Of Love1976Producer
David HoustonThe Old Blind Fiddler1975Producer
David HoustonThe Woman On My Mind1975Producer
David HoustonThen I'll Know You Care1970Music/Lyrics
David HoustonWhat A Night1976Music/Lyrics
David HoustonWonders Of The Wine1970Music/Lyrics
David Houston & Barbara MandrellAfter Closing Time1970Music/Lyrics
David Houston & Barbara MandrellHow Can It Be Wrong (When It Feels So Right)1972Music/Lyrics
David Houston & Barbara MandrellI Love You, I Love You1972Music/Lyrics
David Houston & Calvin CrawfordSweet Molly1975Producer
David Houston & Gene AustinHis Arms Around You1975Producer
Debbie HawkinsMama Never Told Me1974Producer
Debbie HawkinsTake Me Home And Love Me Producer
Des O'ConnorThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
Dick RiversSi elle te disait oui1974Music/Lyrics
DreamloversThe Most Beautiful Girl2000Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellEmmène-moi où tu veux1974Music/Lyrics
Eija MeriläÄiti sun kaltaises1971Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
EngelbertThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Ferrante & TeicherThe Most Beautiful Girl1975Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Floyd CramerThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Freddie StarrThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
FridaVill du låna en man1975Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
George JonesA Picture Of Me (Without You)1972Music/Lyrics
George JonesI Wonder How John Felt (When He Baptized Jesus)1974Music/Lyrics
George JonesThe Battle1975Music/Lyrics
George JonesThe Door1974Music/Lyrics
George JonesThe Grand Tour1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
George JonesThe Nighttime (And My Baby)1976Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
George Jones and Tammy WynetteLet's Build A World Together1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
George Jones and Tammy WynetteThis Growing Old Together Love We Share1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
George StraitRockin' In The Arms Of Your Memory1996Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World2019Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Henry ArlandThe Most Beautiful Girl1976Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleThe Most Beautiful Girl1992Music/Lyrics
Jason CrabbDaystar2009Producer
Jason CrabbEllsworth2009Producer
Jason CrabbForever's End2009Producer
Jason CrabbHope For Me Yet2009Producer
Jason CrabbI Will Love You2009Producer
Jason CrabbNo Love Lost2009Producer
Jason CrabbOne Day At A Time2009Producer
Jason CrabbSomebody Like Me2009Producer
Jason CrabbSometimes I Cry2009Producer
Jason CrabbThrough The Fire2009Producer
Jason CrabbWalk On Water2009Producer
Jason CrabbWorth It All2009Producer
Jerry Lee LewisAll The Good Is Gone1968Music/Lyrics
Jerry ReedBayou Woman1981Producer
Jerry ReedDixie Dreams1981Producer
Jerry ReedDreaming Fairytales1981Producer
Jerry ReedGood Friends Make Good Lovers1981Producer
Jerry ReedHooray For Chuck Berry1981Producer
Jerry ReedLove Me Tonight1981Producer
Jerry ReedOne Way Rider1981Producer
Jerry ReedRhythm And Blues1981Producer
Jerry ReedThe Devil Went Down To Georgia1981Producer
Jerry ReedThe Testimony Of Soddy Hoe1981Producer
Jerry ReedThis Missin' You's A Whole Lotta Fun1986Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerCountry Girl1974Producer
Jody MillerHe Loves Me All The Way1971Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Jody MillerI'm Alright 'Til I See You (Then I Fall Apart)1975Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerJimmy's Roses1974Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerLove's The Answer1972Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerMake Me Your Kind Of Woman1971Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerSafe In This Lovin' Arms Of Mine1970Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Jody MillerSoul Song1973Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerThe Best In Me1975Producer
Jody MillerYour Love's Been A Long Time Coming1972Music/Lyrics
Joe SimonGood Things1973Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyA Night Of Loving1973Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyA Real Woman1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyAfraid To Be A Woman1977Producer
Joe StampleyAll The Good Is Gone1973Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyAll The Praises1972Producer
Joe StampleyAll These Things1972Producer
Joe StampleyAlmost Persuaded1975Producer
Joe StampleyApt. #4 Sixth Street And Cincinnati1976Producer
Joe StampleyBaby, I Love You So1977Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyBackside Of Thirty1976Producer
Joe StampleyBacktrackin'1974Producer
Joe StampleyBilly get Me A Woman1975Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyBring It On Home (To Your Woman)1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyCan You Imagine How I Feel1973Producer
Joe StampleyClinging Vine1972Producer
Joe StampleyCountry's Gonna Do It Again (The South's Gonna Do It Again)1976Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyCry Like A Baby1972Producer
Joe StampleyDallas Alice1972Producer
Joe StampleyDarlin', Raise The Shade1976Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyDear Woman1975Producer
Joe StampleyDown Home Girl1975Producer
Joe StampleyEveryday I Have To Cry Some1977Producer
Joe StampleyEverything I Own1972Producer
Joe StampleyFrom A Jack To A King1975Producer
Joe StampleyFunny How Time Slips Away1976Producer
Joe StampleyGet On My Love Train1975Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyGood Things1974Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyHall Of Famous Losers1974Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyHello Charlie1973Producer
Joe StampleyHello Operator1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyHey! Baby1976Producer
Joe StampleyHow Lucky Can One Man Be1973Producer
Joe StampleyI Can't Help Myself1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyI Live Just To Love You1973Producer
Joe StampleyI Live To Love You1970Producer
Joe StampleyI Was Keeping Her Warm For You1975Producer
Joe StampleyI'd Rather Be A Pickin'1975Producer
Joe StampleyIf You Touch Me (You've Got To Love Me)1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyI'm Still Loving You1972Producer
Joe StampleyIt Isn't You1977Producer
Joe StampleyI've Never Loved Anyone More1975Producer
Joe StampleyLaura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)1975Producer
Joe StampleyLive It Up1976Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyLove That Feeling1975Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyLove's Running Through My Veins1975Producer
Joe StampleyMy Eyes Adored You1976Producer
Joe StampleyMy Louisiana Woman1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyNot Too Long Ago1972Producer
Joe StampleyOne Final Stand1976Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyPenny1974Producer
Joe StampleyPlease Don't Throw Our Love Away1978Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyPour The Wine1977Producer
Joe StampleyQuonette McGraw (From Smackover, Arkansas)1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyRay Of Sunshine1975Producer
Joe StampleyRoll On Big Mama1975Producer
Joe StampleySaturday Night Dance1977Producer
Joe StampleyShe Gives Her Love1975Producer
Joe StampleyShe Has Love1975Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleySheik Of Chicago1976Producer
Joe StampleyShe's A Lady1972Producer
Joe StampleyShe's Helping Me Get Over Loving You1975Producer
Joe StampleyShe's Long Legged1976Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyShoot Low Sheriff1976Producer
Joe StampleySo Sick1977Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleySoft As A Rose1974Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleySoul Song1972Producer
Joe StampleyStrong Comeback1973Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyTake Me Back1976Producer
Joe StampleyTake Me Home To Somewhere1974Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyTake Time To Know Her1970Producer
Joe StampleyTear Me Up, Woman1975Producer
Joe StampleyThat Same Ol' Look Of Love1976Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyThe Better Part Of Me1976Producer
Joe StampleyThe Grand Tour1975Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyThe Letter1975Producer
Joe StampleyThe Most Beautiful Girl1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyThe Night Time And My Baby1972Producer
Joe StampleyThe Weatherman1973Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyThere She Goes Again1976Producer
Joe StampleyToo Far Gone1972Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyTry A Little Tenderness1974Producer
Joe StampleyTwo Weeks And A Day1972Producer
Joe StampleyUnchained Melody1974Producer
Joe StampleyWas It Worth it1976Producer
Joe StampleyWe Got A Love Thing1978Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyWhat A Night1977Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyWhat Would I Do Then1977Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyWhiskey Talkin'1976Producer
Joe StampleyWho Will I Be Lovin' Now1974Music/Lyrics
Joe StampleyWhy Not Tonight1976Producer
Joe StampleyYou Lift Me Up1976Producer
Joe StampleyYou Make Life Easy1972Producer
Joe StampleyYour Love's Been A Long Time Coming1972Music/Lyrics
John AndersonHavin' Hard Times1981Producer
John AndersonI'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be A Diamond Some Day)1981Producer
John RickDu bist das Grösste1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Johnny DuncanLoneliness (Can Break A Good Man Down)1977Music/Lyrics
Johnny Pearson And His OrchestraA Very Special Love Song1976Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Johnny TillotsonI Love Lovin' You1972Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Johnny TillotsonYour Love's Been A Long Time Comin'1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Julio IglesiasThe Most Beautiful Girl2006Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Kai WarnerThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
(Norris Wilson)
Keith GattisBack In Your Arms1996Producer
Keith GattisEverywhere I See You There1996Producer
Keith GattisHeartache Hero1996Producer
Keith GattisLittle Drops Of My Heart1996Producer
Keith GattisLook Out Below1996Producer
Keith GattisOnly Lonely Fool1996Producer
Keith GattisReal Deal1996Producer
Keith GattisScrapin' Off The Pain1996Producer
Keith GattisThe Puppet1996Producer
Keith GattisWhoop-De-Do1996Producer
Keith WhitleyIf A Broken Heart Could Kill1984Music/Lyrics
Keith WhitleyPick Me Up On Your Way Down2002Producer
Keith WhitleyTurn Me To Love1984Music/Lyrics
Kenny ChesneyA Chance1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyA Lot Of Things Different2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyA Woman Knows1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyAll I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan2003Producer
Kenny ChesneyBecause Of Your Love2000Producer
Kenny ChesneyBig Star2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyCalifornia1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyDon't Happen Twice2000Producer
Kenny ChesneyDreams2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyEverywhere We Go1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyFor The First Time2000Producer
Kenny ChesneyHow Forever Feels1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyI Lost It2000Producer
Kenny ChesneyI Might Get Over You1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyI Remember2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyI Will Stand1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyI'll Be Home For Christmas2003Producer
Kenny ChesneyJingle Bells2003Producer
Kenny ChesneyJust A Kid2003Producer
Kenny ChesneyKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyLife Is Good1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyLive Those Songs2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyLonely, Needin' Lovin'1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyNever Gonna Fell That Way Again2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyNo Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyO Little Town Of Bethlehem2003Producer
Kenny ChesneyOn The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyOne Step Up2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyShe Always Says It First1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyShe Gets That Way1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyShe Thinks My Tractor's Sexy1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyShe's Got It All1997Producer
Kenny ChesneySilver Bells2003Producer
Kenny ChesneySteamy Windows1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyThank God For Kids2003Producer
Kenny ChesneyThat's Why I'm Here1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyThe Angel At The Top Of My Tree2003Producer
Kenny ChesneyThe Good Stuff2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyTush2002Producer
Kenny ChesneyWhat I Need To Do1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyYou Had Me From Hello1999Producer
Kenny ChesneyYou Win, I Win, We Lose1997Producer
Kenny ChesneyYoung2002Producer
Kenny Chesney feat. Randy OwenChristmas In Dixie2003Producer
Kenny Chesney feat. Randy TravisBaptism1999Producer
Kenny Chesney feat. The Grigsby TwinsSilent Night2003Producer
Kenny Chesney feat. Tracy Lawrence & George JonesFrom Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell1997Producer
Kenny Chesney with Willie NelsonPretty Paper2003Producer
Klaus WunderlichThe Most Beautiful Girl / Seasons In The Sun1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
La Costa TuckerHe Took Me For A Ride Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Lee TowersThe Most Beautiful Girl2013Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Loretta LynnThere's A Built-In Trouble Maker In Every Man1972Music/Lyrics
Lorrie Morgan29 Again2001Producer
Lorrie MorganA Picture Of Me (Without You)1990Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Lorrie MorganAnother Lonely Song2000Music/Lyrics
Lorrie MorganBig Time2001Producer
Lorrie MorganI Must Be Gettin' Older2001Producer
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw3 Seconds2001Producer
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawBe My Reason2001Producer
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawHe Drinks Tequila2001Producer
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawI Can't Think Of Anything But You2001Producer
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawI Finally Found Someone2001Producer
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawThat's Where I'll Be2001Producer
Lynn AndersonWoman Lives For Love1970Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithAin't We Just A Couple Of Fools1978Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Margo SmithApt. #4, Sixth Street In Cincinnati1977Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Margo SmithBaby, My Baby1979Producer
Margo SmithBreakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart1978Producer
Margo SmithDon't Break The Heart That Loves You1977Producer
Margo SmithDon't Squeeze My Charlie1978Producer
Margo SmithDon't You Love Me Anymore1978Producer
Margo SmithFoot Stompin'1976Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithGet Me My Crying Towel1976Producer
Margo SmithHeartache By The Number1976Producer
Margo SmithHe's Lyin'1979Producer
Margo SmithHow Much Of A Fool Can A Woman Be1979Producer
Margo SmithI Forgave (But I Forgot To Forget)1977Producer
Margo SmithI Threw It All Away1979Producer
Margo SmithI'd Rather Be Sorry1979Producer
Margo SmithI'd Rather Have A Heart Abused1977Producer
Margo SmithIf I Give My Heart To You1978Producer
Margo SmithI'm About To Do It Again1976Producer
Margo SmithI'm Tying The Leaves Back On The Trees1979Producer
Margo SmithIt Only Hurts For A Little While1978Producer
Margo SmithJesse1979Producer
Margo SmithJust Out Of Reach1978Producer
Margo SmithLet's Build A Fire1979Producer
Margo SmithLet's Have A Hand For The Little Lady1976Producer
Margo SmithLittle Things Mean A Lot1978Producer
Margo SmithLookout Mountain1978Producer
Margo SmithLove Is Why1979Producer
Margo SmithLove's Explosion1977Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithLovesick Blues1977Producer
Margo SmithMake Love The Way We Use To1978Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithMemories Are Made Of This1978Producer
Margo SmithMove Over Juanita1979Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Margo SmithMy Greatest Sin1978Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Margo SmithMy Happiness1976Producer
Margo SmithMy Heart Cries For You1981Producer
Margo SmithMy Weakness1977Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithNight Flights1979Producer
Margo SmithOde To A Cheater1978Producer
Margo SmithSafe In These Loving Arms1976Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithSaturday Night At The General Store1977Producer
Margo SmithSave Your Kisses For Me1976Producer
Margo SmithSix Weeks Every Summer, Christmas Every Other Year1976Producer
Margo SmithSo Close Again1977Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithStill A Woman1978Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Margo SmithTake My Breath Away1977Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithTennessee Sandman1978Producer
Margo SmithThe Belle Of Buttercup Lane1978Producer
Margo SmithThe Shuffle Song1979Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Margo SmithTraces1978Producer
Margo SmithWe'd Better Love It Over1978Producer
Margo SmithWhat Would I Do Then1977Music/Lyrics
Margo SmithWhen, Where And Why1976Producer
Margo SmithYour Sweet Lies1978Producer
Margo SmithYou're The Song1978Producer
Milo PavlovicThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
Mindy McCreadyA Girl's Gotta Do (What A Girl's Gotta Do)1996Producer
Mindy McCreadyBreakin' It1996Producer
Mindy McCreadyGuys Do It All The Time1996Producer
Mindy McCreadyTen Thousand Angels1996Producer
Mindy McCready feat. Richie McDonaldMaybe He'll Notice Her Now1996Producer
Norro WilsonAin't It Good (To Feel This Way)1973Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonHey Mister1968Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonLet Me Go Back1969Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonLoneliness (Can Break A Good Man Down)1974Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonMama McCluskie1968Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonPink Dally Rue1962Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonState Line Daddy1970Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonThat’s The Least I Could Do1969Music/Lyrics
Norro WilsonThe Gift Of Love1972Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneCandy Lips1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
(Norris Wilson)
Pat BooneGood Things1973Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneYoung Girl1974Producer
(Norris Wilson)
Patti PageMake Me Your Kind Of Woman1971Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1974Music/Lyrics
Peter AlexanderHast du auf dieser Welt irgendwo einen Engel gesehen1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Peter HofmannThe Most Beautiful Girl1994Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Piet NoordijkThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And The SingersThe Most Beautiful Girl1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Reba McEntireCongratulations1984Producer
Reba McEntireEvery Second Someone Breaks A Heart1984Producer
Reba McEntireHe Broke Your Memory Last Night1984Producer
Reba McEntireHe Gets That From Me2003Producer
Reba McEntireIf I Had Any Sense Left At All2003Producer
Reba McEntireIf Only1984Producer
Reba McEntireI'm Gettin' Over You1984Producer
Reba McEntireI'm Gonna Take That Mountain2003Producer
Reba McEntireJust A Little Love1984Producer
Reba McEntireLove Revival2003Producer
Reba McEntireMoving Oleta2003Producer
Reba McEntireMy Sister2003Producer
Reba McEntireOnce You've Learned To Be Lonely2003Producer
Reba McEntirePoison Sugar1984Producer
Reba McEntireRoom To Breathe2003Producer
Reba McEntireSecret2003Producer
Reba McEntireSilver Eagle1984Producer
Reba McEntireSky Full Of Angels2003Producer
Reba McEntireSomebody2003Producer
Reba McEntireTell Me What's So Good About Goodbye1984Producer
Reba McEntireYou Are Always There For Me1984Producer
Reba McEntire & Vince GillIt Just Has To Be This Way2003Producer
Rex Allen Jr.Crying In The Rain1976Producer
Rex Allen Jr.I Gotta Remember To Forget You1976Producer
Rex Allen Jr.I Love Everything I Get My Hands On1976Producer
Rex Allen Jr.San Antonio Rose1976Producer
Rex Allen Jr.Since I Lost Her To You1976Producer
Rex Allen Jr.Streets Of Laredo1976Producer
Rex Allen Jr.Teardrops In My Heart1976Producer
Rex Allen Jr.You're The Only One I'll Ever Love1976Producer
Robby LongoMost Beautiful Girl2013Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Roger WhittakerThe Most Beautiful Girl1982Music/Lyrics
Roy BostonSie ist mein Freund1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Roy EtzelThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Royal Romantic OrchestraThe Most Beautiful Girl1997Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Sal BriggsRot, grün und blau1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Sammy KershawA Memory That Just Won't Quit1993Producer
Sammy KershawAll I Want For Christmas Is You1994Producer
Sammy KershawBetter Call A Preacher1994Producer
Sammy KershawChristmas Time's A Comin'1994Producer
Sammy KershawChristmas Won't Be Christmas (Without You Here)1994Producer
Sammy KershawCry, Cry Darlin'1993Producer
Sammy KershawDaddy Stuff1994Producer
Sammy KershawFeelin' Good Train1994Producer
Sammy KershawFire And Rain1994Producer
Sammy KershawFrosty The Snowman1994Producer
Sammy KershawHaunted Heart1993Producer
Sammy KershawI Can't Reach Her Anymore1993Producer
Sammy KershawIf You Ever Come This Way Again1994Producer
Sammy KershawIf You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl1994Producer
Sammy KershawI'm Movin' On1993Producer
Sammy KershawNational Working Woman's Holiday1994Producer
Sammy KershawNeon Leon1993Producer
Sammy KershawParadise From Nine To One1994Producer
Sammy KershawPlease Come Home For Christmas1994Producer
Sammy KershawQueen Of My Double-Wide Trailer1993Producer
Sammy KershawRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer1994Producer
Sammy KershawSad City2001Producer
Sammy KershawShe Don't Know She's Beautiful1993Producer
Sammy KershawSouthbound1994Producer
Sammy KershawStill Lovin' You1993Producer
Sammy KershawSugar2001Producer
Sammy KershawThe Heart That Time Forgot1994Producer
Sammy KershawThird Rate Romance1994Producer
Sammy KershawToo Far Gone To Leave1994Producer
Sammy KershawUp On The Housetop1994Producer
Sammy KershawWhat A Wonderful World2001Producer
Sammy KershawWhat Might Have Been1993Producer
Sammy KershawWhite Christmas1994Producer
Sammy KershawWinter Wonderland1994Producer
Sammy KershawYou've Got A Lock On My Love1993Producer
Sammy Kershaw & George JonesNever Bit A Bullet Like This1994Producer
Sara EvansCryin' Game1998Producer
Sara EvansCupid1998Producer
Sara EvansFool, I'm A Woman1998Producer
Sara EvansI Thought I'd See Your Face Again1998Producer
Sara EvansLove, Don't Be A Stranger1998Producer
Sara EvansNo Place That Far1998Producer
Sara EvansThe Great Unknown1998Producer
Sara EvansThe Knot Comes Untied1998Producer
Sara EvansThere's Only One1998Producer
Sara EvansThese Days1998Producer
Sara EvansTime Won't Tell1998Producer
Sara EvansWait A Minute1998Producer
Shania TwainCrime Of The Century1993Producer
Shania TwainDance With The One That Brought You1993Producer
Shania TwainForget Me1993Producer
Shania TwainGod Ain't Gonna Getcha For That1993Producer
Shania TwainGot A Hold On Me1993Producer
Shania TwainStill Under The Weather1993Producer
Shania TwainThere Goes The Neighborhood1993Producer
Shania TwainWhat Made You Say That1993Producer
Shania TwainWhen He Leaves You1993Producer
Shania TwainYou Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me1993Producer
Stein IngersenThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Susan RayeI'm Alright 'Til I See You (Then I Fall Apart)1977Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteAnother Lonely Song1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteHe Loves Me All The Way1970Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteHold On To The Love I Got1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteHomecoming1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteI Wish I Had A Mommy Like You1970Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteI'll See Him Through1969Music/Lyrics
Tammy WynetteI'm Gonna Keep On Loving Him1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteLove's The Answer1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteMake Me Your Kind Of Woman1971Music/Lyrics
Tammy WynetteMy Man1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteOh, How I Miss Him1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteOne Final Stand1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynettePhone Call1968Music/Lyrics
Tammy WynetteSafe In These Lovin' Arms Of Mine1970Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteTake Me Home And Love Me1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteThat's When I Feel It1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteThe Lovin' Kind1970Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteWe Must Be Having One1970Music/Lyrics
Tammy WynetteWhen He Loves Me (He Loves Me All The Way)1971Music/Lyrics
Tammy WynetteYou Can't Hang On To Lookin' On1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy WynetteYour Love's Been A Long Time Coming1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy Wynette & George JonesAfter Closing Time1971Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tammy Wynette & George JonesWe Go Together1971Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tanya TuckerIf You Touch Me1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tanya TuckerLove's The Answer1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tanya TuckerSoul Song1972Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tennessee ExpressHow Much I Love You1981Producer
Tennessee ExpressLittle Things1981Producer
The Brothers FourThe Most Beautiful Girl1975Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
The Cliff Adams SingersThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World / Galveston1991Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1974Music/Lyrics
The HitmakersPink Dally Rue1965Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersThe Most Beautiful Girl1985Music/Lyrics
The LettermenThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
The NewbeatsPink Dally Rue1964Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
The ShadowsThe Most Beautiful Girl1977Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
The WorldwarsThe Most Beautiful Girl1973Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
Tom JonesThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesWhat A Night1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Music/Lyrics
(Norris Wilson)
The Most Beautiful Girl (Charlie Rich)874.82
What Made You Say That (Shania Twain)154.73
God Ain't Gonna Getcha For That (Shania Twain)134.69
Radio Heart (Charly McClain)64.67
A Picture Of Me (Without You) (George Jones)54.6
There Goes The Neighborhood (Shania Twain)114.55
Vill du låna en man (Frida)134.54
You Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me (Shania Twain)124.5
He Gets That From Me (Reba McEntire)84.5
Ten Thousand Angels (Mindy McCready)84.5
Maybe He'll Notice Her Now (Mindy McCready feat. Richie McDonald)64.5
Still Under The Weather (Shania Twain)114.45
Somebody (Reba McEntire)124.42
No Place That Far (Sara Evans)104.4
He Drinks Tequila (Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw)84.38
Crime Of The Century (Shania Twain)144.36
She Don't Know She's Beautiful (Sammy Kershaw)64.33
Hey Mister (Norro Wilson)74.29
Guys Do It All The Time (Mindy McCready)94.22
Dance With The One That Brought You (Shania Twain)144.21
The Most Beautiful Girl (Charlie Rich)874.82
What Made You Say That (Shania Twain)154.73
Crime Of The Century (Shania Twain)144.36
Dance With The One That Brought You (Shania Twain)144.21
God Ain't Gonna Getcha For That (Shania Twain)134.69
Vill du låna en man (Frida)134.54
You Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me (Shania Twain)124.5
Somebody (Reba McEntire)124.42
Forget Me (Shania Twain)124
There Goes The Neighborhood (Shania Twain)114.55
Still Under The Weather (Shania Twain)114.45
A Very Special Love Song (Charlie Rich)114.18
No Place That Far (Sara Evans)104.4
The Most Beautiful Girl (Tony Christie)104.2
When He Leaves You (Shania Twain)104
The Grand Tour (George Jones)103.8
Got A Hold On Me (Shania Twain)103.6
Guys Do It All The Time (Mindy McCready)94.22
How Forever Feels (Kenny Chesney)93.89
A Girl's Gotta Do (What A Girl's Gotta Do) (Mindy McCready)93.78

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