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A.R. RahmanBobbleheads2014Producer
A.R. RahmanCalling Scouts Again2014Producer
A.R. RahmanDesi Thoughts2014Producer
A.R. RahmanFarewell2014Producer
A.R. RahmanFirst Tryout2014Producer
A.R. RahmanLucknow2014Producer
A.R. RahmanMakhna2014Producer
A.R. RahmanNever Give Up2014Producer
A.R. RahmanNimma Nimma2014Producer
A.R. RahmanTaa Taa Tai2014Producer
A.R. RahmanThe Final Pitch2014Producer
A.R. RahmanWelcome To India2014Producer
A.R. Rahman & Vairamuthu feat. Unni Krishnan & ChitraUnborn Children2014Producer
A.R. Rahman feat. Iggy AzaleaMillion Dollar Dream2014Producer
A.R. Rahman feat. WaleKeep The Hustle2014Producer
Alan MenkenAgrabah Marketplace2019Producer
Alan MenkenAladdin's Hideout2019Producer
Alan MenkenAladdin's Second Wish2019Producer
Alan MenkenBreaking In2019Producer
Alan MenkenCarpet Chase2019Producer
Alan MenkenEscape From The Cave2019Producer
Alan MenkenFriend Like Me (Finale)2019Producer
Alan MenkenGenie Set Free2019Producer
Alan MenkenHakim's Loyalty Tested2019Producer
Alan MenkenHarvest Dance2019Producer
Alan MenkenJafar Becomes Sultan2019Producer
Alan MenkenJafar Summons The Storm2019Producer
Alan MenkenJafar's Final Wish2019Producer
Alan MenkenJasmine Meets Prince Anders2019Producer
Alan MenkenMost Powerful Sorcerer2019Producer
Alan MenkenNever Called A Master Friend2019Producer
Alan MenkenPrince Ali's Outfit2019Producer
Alan MenkenReturning The Bracelet2019Producer
Alan MenkenSimple Oil Lamp2019Producer
Alan MenkenThe Basics2019Producer
Alan MenkenThe Big Ship2019Producer
Alan MenkenThe Dunes2019Producer
Alan MenkenThe Wedding2019Producer
Alan MenkenUntil Tomorrow2019Producer
KT Tunstall & A.R. RahmanWe Could Be Kings2014Producer
Mena MassoudOne Jump Ahead2019Producer
Mena Massoud & Naomi ScottA Whole New World2019Producer
Naomi ScottSpeechless2019Producer
Sheryl CrowKeep On Growing1995Producer
Will SmithArabian Nights2019Producer
Will SmithFriend Like Me2019Producer
Will SmithPrince Ali2019Producer

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