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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Michael Owen Bruce
A*Teens feat. Alice CooperSchool's Out2002Music/Lyrics
Alice Cooper10 Minutes Before The Worm1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperAin't That Just Like A Woman1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperAn Instrumental1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperApple Bush1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperArraging1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperB.B. On Mars1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBallad Of Dwight Fry1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBe My Lover1971Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBeautiful Flyaway1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBelow Your Means1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBig Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBillion Dollar Babies1972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBlue Turk1972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperBody1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperCaught In A Dream1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperChanging1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperCrazy Little Child1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperDead Babies1971Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperDesperado1971Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperEarwigs To Eternity1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperEighteen1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperElected (Alice Cooper For Prime Minister 2016)2016Music/Lyrics
(Michael Owen Bruce)
Alice CooperElected!1972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperFields Of Regret1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperFreak Out Song1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperGeneration Landslide1972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperGoing To The River1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperGoodbye1971Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperGrande Finale1972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperHalo Of Flies1971Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperHard Hearted Alice1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperIs It My Body1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperI've Written Home To Mother1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperLaughing At Me1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperLay Down And Die1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperLevity Ball1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperLiving1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperLong Way To Go1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperMan With The Golden Gun1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperMary Ann1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperMr. And Misdemeanor1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperMuscle Of Love1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperNever Been Sold Before1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperNo Longer Empire1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice Guy1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperPainting A Picture1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperPublic Animal #91972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperRaped And Freezin'1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperReflected1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperRefrigerator Heaven1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperReturn Of The Spiders1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperSchool's Out1972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperScience Fiction1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperShoe Salesman1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperSick Things1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperSing Low Sweet Cheerio1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperStills No Air1970Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperStreet Fight1972Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperTitanic Overture1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperToday Mueller1969Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperUnder My Wheels1971Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperUnfinished Sweet1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperWoman Machine1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperWorking Up A Sweat1973Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperYeah, Yeah, Yeah1971Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperYou Drive Me Nervous1971Music/Lyrics
Ayreon vs. AvantasiaElected2008Music/Lyrics
Cretu & ThiersSchool's Out1987Music/Lyrics
George LynchBillion Dollar Babies2001Music/Lyrics
Hanoi RocksUnder My Wheels1984Music/Lyrics
Hollywood VampiresSchool's Out / Another Brick In The Wall Part 22015Music/Lyrics
(Michael Owen Bruce)
Iced EarthDead Babies2002Music/Lyrics
KrokusSchool's Out1986Music/Lyrics
Manic Street PreachersUnder My Wheels1992Music/Lyrics
MegadethNo More Mr. Nice Guy1989Music/Lyrics
Mr. Bean & Smear Campain feat. Bruce Dickinson(I Want To Be) Elected1992Music/Lyrics
MudhoneyLong Way To Go2002Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneNo More Mr. Nice Guy1997Music/Lyrics
SpidersUnder My Wheels2011Music/Lyrics
TeslaIs It My Body2007Music/Lyrics
The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, James MorganSchool's Out2015Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesSchool's Out1972Music/Lyrics
The Sensational Alex Harvey BandSchool's Out1976Music/Lyrics
ToyahSchool's Out1985Music/Lyrics
Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper)134.92
School's Out (Alice Cooper)1394.79
Desperado (Alice Cooper)144.71
No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper)634.6
Below Your Means (Alice Cooper)54.6
Eighteen (Alice Cooper)424.6
Unfinished Sweet (Alice Cooper)84.5
School's Out (Cretu & Thiers)194.47
Is It My Body (Alice Cooper)114.45
Reflected (Alice Cooper)54.4
Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)314.39
Halo Of Flies (Alice Cooper)254.36
Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper)294.34
You Drive Me Nervous (Alice Cooper)64.33
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Alice Cooper)64.33
Dead Babies (Alice Cooper)64.33
Elected! (Alice Cooper)594.2
Public Animal #9 (Alice Cooper)64.17
Grande Finale (Alice Cooper)64.17
Caught In A Dream (Alice Cooper)84.12
School's Out (Alice Cooper)1394.79
No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper)634.6
Elected! (Alice Cooper)594.2
Eighteen (Alice Cooper)424.6
Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)314.39
Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper)294.34
Halo Of Flies (Alice Cooper)254.36
School's Out (Cretu & Thiers)194.47
Be My Lover (Alice Cooper)183.89
No More Mr. Nice Guy (Megadeth)163.38
Desperado (Alice Cooper)144.71
Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper)134.92
Muscle Of Love (Alice Cooper)133.69
Generation Landslide (Alice Cooper)124.08
School's Out (Krokus)122.92
Is It My Body (Alice Cooper)114.45
School's Out (A*Teens feat. Alice Cooper)112.73
Raped And Freezin' (Alice Cooper)94.11
Unfinished Sweet (Alice Cooper)84.5
Caught In A Dream (Alice Cooper)84.12

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