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AmbrosiaMagical Mystery Tour1976Producer
Ancient GreaseDon't Want1970Producer
Ancient GreaseEagle Song1970Producer
Ancient GreaseFreedom Train1970Producer
Ancient GreaseMother Grease The Cat1970Producer
Ancient GreaseMystic Mountain1970Producer
Ancient GreaseOdd Song1970Producer
Ancient GreasePrelude To A Blind Man1970Producer
Ancient GreaseTime To Die1970Producer
Ancient GreaseWhere The Snow Lies Forever1970Producer
Ancient GreaseWomen And Children First1970Producer
Bee GeesGolden Slumbers / Carry That Weight1976Producer
Bee GeesShe Came In Through The Bathroom Window1976Producer
Bee GeesSun King1976Producer
Bryan FerryShe's Leaving home1976Producer
Buddy Miles & The Freedom ExpressDon't Mess With Cupid1968Producer
Buddy Miles & The Freedom ExpressFunky Mule1968Producer
Buddy Miles & The Freedom ExpressLet Your Lovelight Shine1968Producer
Buddy Miles & The Freedom ExpressSpot On The Wall1968Producer
Buddy Miles & The Freedom ExpressTrain1968Producer
Buddy Miles & The Freedom ExpressWrap It Up1968Producer
Buddy Miles & The Freedom ExpressYou're The One (That I Adore)1968Producer
Chambre ChoirMiracle Cure1972Producer
Dave MorganAngel1971Producer
Dave MorganDon't Look Now But...1971Producer
Dave MorganGeorgia Here I Come1971Producer
Dave MorganGo Tell The Birds1971Producer
Dave MorganHey Paul1971Producer
Dave MorganIll Wind1971Producer
Dave MorganOne Month In Tuesday1971Producer
Dave MorganSo Weary1971Producer
Dave MorganWe're Gonna Change All This1971Producer
Dave MorganYou'll Never Get To Heaven1971Producer
David EssexYesterday1976Producer
Dick CampbellThe Blues Peddlers1965Producer
Dick CampbellThe People Planners1965Producer
Elton JohnLucy In The Sky With Diamonds1974Producer
Eyes Of BlueCrossroads Of Time1969Producer
Eyes Of BlueLargo1968Producer
Frankie LaineMaxwell's Silver Hammer1976Producer
Frankie ValliA Day In The Life1976Producer
Graham Bell, Steve Winwood, Maggie Bell, Roger Daltrey19211972Producer
Helen ReddyThe Fool On The Hill1976Producer
Henry GrossHelp1976Producer
Ike & Tina TurnerCome Together1969Producer
Jeff LynneWith A Little Help From My Friends / Nowhere Man1976Producer
John EntwistleCousin Kevin1972Producer
Keith MoonWhen I'm Sixty-Four1976Producer
Leo SayerI Am The Walrus1976Producer
Leo SayerLet It Be1975Producer
Leo SayerThe Long And Winding Road1976Producer
Lynsey De PaulBecause1976Producer
Maggie BellSmash The Mirror1972Producer
Maggie BellTommy Can You Hear Me?1972Producer
Maggie Bell, Steve WinwoodDo You Think It's Alright1972Producer
Merry ClaytonThe Acid Queen1972Producer
Pete TownshendAmazing Journey1972Producer
Pete TownshendSally Simpson1972Producer
Peter GabrielStrawberry Fields Forever1976Producer
Richard CoccianteMichelle1976Producer
Richard HarrisGo To The Mirror Boy1972Producer
Richie HavensEyesight To The Blind1972Producer
Ringo StarrFiddle About1972Producer
Ringo StarrTommy's Holiday Camp1972Producer
Rod StewartAn Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down1969Producer
Rod StewartBlind Prayer1969Producer
Rod StewartCindy's Lament1969Producer
Rod StewartCountry Comfort1970Producer
Rod StewartCut Across Shorty1970Producer
Rod StewartDirty Old Town1969Producer
Rod StewartGasoline Alley1970Producer
Rod StewartGet Back1976Producer
Rod StewartHandbags And Gladrags1969Producer
Rod StewartI Don't Want To Discuss It1970Producer
Rod StewartI Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing1969Producer
Rod StewartIt's All Over Now1970Producer
Rod StewartJo's Lament1970Producer
Rod StewartLady Day1970Producer
Rod StewartMan Of Constant Sorrow1969Producer
Rod StewartMy Way Of Giving1970Producer
Rod StewartOnly A Hobo1970Producer
Rod StewartPinball Wizard1972Producer
Rod StewartStreet Fighting Man1969Producer
Roger DaltreyI'm Free1972Producer
Roger DaltreyOverture1972Producer
Roger DaltreySee Me, Feel Me1972Producer
Roger DaltreySensation1972Producer
Roger DaltreyWelcome1972Producer
Roger DaltreyWe're Not Gonna Take It1972Producer
Roy WoodLovely Rita1976Producer
Roy WoodPolythene Pam1976Producer
Sandy DennyIt's A Boy1972Producer
Status QuoGetting Better1976Producer
Steve WinwoodThere's A Doctor I've Found1972Producer
Steve Winwood, Roger DaltreyChristmas1972Producer
The Brothers JohnsonHey Jude1976Producer
The Four SeasonsWe Can Work It Out1976Producer
The FriarsLeave It To Me1967Producer
The London Symphony OrchestraOverture1972Producer
The London Symphony OrchestraSparks1972Producer
The London Symphony OrchestraThe End1976Producer
The London Symphony OrchestraUnderture1972Producer
The Real ThingDance With Me1977Music/Lyrics
The RobbsIn A Funny Sort Of Way1966Producer
The RobbsRace With The Wind1966Producer
Three Man ArmyA Third Of A Lifetime1971Producer
Three Man ArmyAnother Day1971Producer
Three Man ArmyBurning Angel1974Producer
Three Man ArmyButter Queen1971Producer
Three Man ArmyCan't Leave The Summer1973Producer
Three Man ArmyCome On Down To Earth1973Producer
Three Man ArmyDaze1971Music/Lyrics
Three Man ArmyFlying1974Producer
Three Man ArmyHold On1973Producer
Three Man ArmyI Can't Make The Blind See1974Producer
Three Man ArmyIn My Eyes1974Producer
Three Man ArmyIrving1974Producer
Three Man ArmyMahesha1973Producer
Three Man ArmyMidnight1971Producer
Three Man ArmyMy Yiddish Mama1973Producer
Three Man ArmyNice One1971Producer
Three Man ArmyPolecat Woman1974Producer
Three Man ArmySee What I Took1971Producer
Three Man ArmySpace Is The Place1974Producer
Three Man ArmyTake A Look At The Light1973Producer
Three Man ArmyTake Me Down From The Mountain1973Producer
Three Man ArmyThree Man Army1971Producer
Three Man ArmyToday1974Producer
Three Man ArmyTogether1971Producer
Three Man ArmyTrip1973Producer
Three Man ArmyWhat's My Name1971Producer
Three Man ArmyWoman1973Producer
Will Malone & Lou ReiznerYou Never Give Me Your Money1976Producer
Wishful Thinking19841971Producer
Wishful ThinkingClear White Light1972Producer
Wishful ThinkingEver Since I Can Remember1971Producer
Wishful ThinkingGoodbye Lover1971Producer
Wishful ThinkingHiroshima1970Producer
Wishful ThinkingHorizons1977Producer
Wishful ThinkingI Wrote A Song1971Producer
Wishful ThinkingMary Goodbye1971Producer
Wishful ThinkingNow1971Producer
Wishful ThinkingShe Belongs To The Night1971Producer
Wishful ThinkingThis Time Tomorrow1971Producer
Wishful ThinkingUnited States Of Europe '791971Producer
Wishful ThinkingWe're Gonna Change All This1971Producer
Hiroshima (Wishful Thinking)1205.31
Strawberry Fields Forever (Peter Gabriel)64.83
Get Back (Rod Stewart)134.77
Handbags And Gladrags (Rod Stewart)294.72
Magical Mystery Tour (Ambrosia)74.71
Country Comfort (Rod Stewart)134.69
1984 (Wishful Thinking)64.67
Cindy's Lament (Rod Stewart)54.6
Help (Henry Gross)54.6
Dirty Old Town (Rod Stewart)134.54
With A Little Help From My Friends / Nowhere Man (Jeff Lynne)84.5
We Can Work It Out (The Four Seasons)84.5
The Long And Winding Road (Leo Sayer)64.5
Gasoline Alley (Rod Stewart)174.47
I Don't Want To Discuss It (Rod Stewart)84.38
Only A Hobo (Rod Stewart)94.33
It's All Over Now (Rod Stewart)194.32
Let It Be (Leo Sayer)134.31
She's Leaving home (Bryan Ferry)74.29
Come Together (Ike & Tina Turner)234.26
Hiroshima (Wishful Thinking)1205.31
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Elton John)654.14
Handbags And Gladrags (Rod Stewart)294.72
Come Together (Ike & Tina Turner)234.26
It's All Over Now (Rod Stewart)194.32
Gasoline Alley (Rod Stewart)174.47
Get Back (Rod Stewart)134.77
Country Comfort (Rod Stewart)134.69
Dirty Old Town (Rod Stewart)134.54
Let It Be (Leo Sayer)134.31
Getting Better (Status Quo)113.18
Street Fighting Man (Rod Stewart)103.6
Only A Hobo (Rod Stewart)94.33
Cut Across Shorty (Rod Stewart)94.22
With A Little Help From My Friends / Nowhere Man (Jeff Lynne)84.5
We Can Work It Out (The Four Seasons)84.5
I Don't Want To Discuss It (Rod Stewart)84.38
My Way Of Giving (Rod Stewart)84.12
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Rod Stewart)84.12
An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (Rod Stewart)84

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