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Angry AndersonFalling1987Music/Lyrics
Angry AndersonSuddenly1987Music/Lyrics
BoulevardWhere Is The Love1990Music/Lyrics
CharlieCan't Wait 'Til Tomorrow1983Producer
CharlieIt's Inevitable1983Producer
CharlieNever Too Late1983Producer
CharliePlaying To Win1983Producer
CharlieSpend My Life With You1983Producer
CharlieThis Time1983Producer
CharlieYou're Everything I Need1983Producer
ContrabandAll The Way From Memphis1991Producer
ContrabandBad For Each Other1991Producer
ContrabandGood Rockin' Tonight1991Producer
ContrabandHang On To Yourself1991Producer
ContrabandIf This Is Love1991Producer
ContrabandIntimate Outrage1991Producer
ContrabandKiss By Kiss1991Producer
ContrabandLoud Guitars, Fast Cars & Wild, Wild Livin'1991Producer
ContrabandTonight You're Mine1991Producer
DoucetteComing Up Roses1981Producer
DoucetteGimme Your Love1981Producer
DoucetteGive It To Me1981Producer
DoucetteHere I Come1981Producer
DoucetteIt Only Hurts The First Time1981Producer
DoucetteRock 'N' Roll Got A Hold Of My Soul1981Producer
DoucetteYou Better Turn Around1981Producer
Fortune [USA]Lonely Hunter1985Producer
Fortune [USA]Stacy1985Producer
Gorky ParkMoscow Calling1992Producer
Gorky ParkPolitics Of Love1992Producer
Jefferson StarshipBe My Lady1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipBlack Widow1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipCan't Find Love1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipI Came Back From The Jaws Of The Dragon1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipI Will Stay1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipKeep On Dreamin'1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipOut Of Control1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipQuit Wasting Time1982Producer
Jefferson StarshipWinds Of Change1982Producer
LeatherwolfToo Much1989Producer
LionheartAnother Crazy Dream1984Producer
LionheartDangerous Game1984Producer
LionheartDie For Love1984Producer
LionheartDon't Look Back In Anger1984Producer
LionheartHot Tonight1984Producer
LionheartLiving In A Dream1984Producer
LionheartTowers Of Silver1984Producer
LionheartWait For The Night1984Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupCrazy1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupEve1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupInvincible1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupLonely Nights1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupParadise1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupThis Broken Heart1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupThis Night Is Gonna Last Forever1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupWe Believe In Love1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupWhat Happens To Me1992Producer
McAuley Schenker GroupWhen I'm Gone1992Producer
REO SpeedwagonBack In My Heart Again1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonBack On The Road Again1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonDon't Let Him Go1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonDrop It (An Old Disguise)1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonEasy Money1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonEvery Now And Then1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonFollow My Heart1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonGirl With The Heart Of Gold1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonGood Trouble1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonHeavy On Your Love1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonI Need You Tonight1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonI Wish You Were There1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonI'll Follow You1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonIn Your Letter1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonKeep On Loving You1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonKeep The Fire Burning1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonLet's Be-Bop1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonMeet Me On The Mountain1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonOnly The Strong Survive1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonOut Of Season1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonRock & Roll Music1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonShakin' It Loose1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonSomeone Tonight1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonStillness Of The Night1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonSweet Time1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonTake It On The Run1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonTake Me1979Producer
REO SpeedwagonThe Key1982Producer
REO SpeedwagonTough Guys1980Producer
Rose TattooCalling1986Producer
Rose TattooClear And Simple1986Producer
Rose TattooFalling1986Producer
Rose TattooFrightened Kid1986Producer
Rose TattooGet It Right1986Producer
Rose TattooMichael O'Reilly1986Producer
Rose TattooRunaway1986Producer
Rose TattooSay Goodbye1986Producer
Rose TattooSuddenly1986Producer
Rose TattooWin At Any Coast1986Producer
Rose TattooWinnie Mandela1986Producer
SaxonA Little Bit Of What You Fancy1984Producer
SaxonBad Boys (Like To Rock 'N' Roll)1984Producer
SaxonDo It All For You1984Music/Lyrics
SaxonJust Let Me Rock1984Producer
SaxonRock City1984Producer
SaxonRun For Your Lives1984Producer
SaxonSailing To America1984Producer
SaxonSet Me Free1984Producer
SaxonThe Crusader Prelude1984Producer
Uncanny X-MenDon't Wake Me1986Producer
Uncanny X-MenNothing Touches My World Producer
Uncanny X-MenStart Believing1987Producer
Uncanny X-MenTruckin' On Into Alice1986Producer
V-CapriBook Of Life1987Producer
V-CapriNights And Days1986Producer
Walter Trout BandDeeper Shade Of Blues1992Producer
Walter Trout BandEndless Variety1992Producer
Walter Trout BandFace The Night1992Producer
Walter Trout BandFast Moving Traffic1992Producer
Walter Trout BandGot To Kill The Monkey1992Producer
Walter Trout BandMotivation Of Love1992Producer
Walter Trout BandPlaying With Gloves On1992Producer
Walter Trout BandRunning In Place1992Producer
Walter Trout BandShe's Missing1992Producer
Walter Trout BandTransition1992Producer
Y&TAll American Boy1985Producer
Y&TAnything For Money1985Producer
Y&TAnytime At All1985Producer
Y&TArmed And Dangerous1987Producer
Y&TBodily Harm1987Producer
Y&TDon't Tell Me What To Wear1985Producer
Y&TEyes Of A Stranger1987Producer
Y&TFace Like An Angel1985Producer
Y&TFight For Your Life1987Producer
Y&THands Of Time1985Producer
Y&TI'll Cry For You1987Producer
Y&TIn The Name Of Rock1985Producer
Y&TL.A. Rocks1987Producer
Y&TLooks Like Trouble1985Producer
Y&TRhythm Or Not1987Producer
Y&TSummertime Girls1985Producer
Y&TThe Kid Goes Crazy1987Producer
Y&TYour Mama Don't Dance1985Producer
Take It On The Run (REO Speedwagon)715.23
Keep On Loving You (REO Speedwagon)1644.98
Keep The Fire Burning (REO Speedwagon)444.59
Stillness Of The Night (REO Speedwagon)74.57
Crusader (Saxon)94.56
The Key (REO Speedwagon)104.5
Girl With The Heart Of Gold (REO Speedwagon)64.5
Suddenly (Angry Anderson)234.43
Tough Guys (REO Speedwagon)74.43
Follow My Heart (REO Speedwagon)124.42
Every Now And Then (REO Speedwagon)54.4
I'll Follow You (REO Speedwagon)54.4
Only The Strong Survive (REO Speedwagon)54.4
Don't Let Him Go (REO Speedwagon)314.39
Summertime Girls (Y&T)74.29
Back In My Heart Again (REO Speedwagon)54.2
Let's Be-Bop (REO Speedwagon)54.2
Sweet Time (REO Speedwagon)134.15
Shakin' It Loose (REO Speedwagon)84.12
Someone Tonight (REO Speedwagon)64
Keep On Loving You (REO Speedwagon)1644.98
Take It On The Run (REO Speedwagon)715.23
Keep The Fire Burning (REO Speedwagon)444.59
Don't Let Him Go (REO Speedwagon)314.39
Suddenly (Angry Anderson)234.43
In Your Letter (REO Speedwagon)213.95
Back On The Road Again (REO Speedwagon)163.88
Sweet Time (REO Speedwagon)134.15
Follow My Heart (REO Speedwagon)124.42
The Key (REO Speedwagon)104.5
Crusader (Saxon)94.56
I Wish You Were There (REO Speedwagon)93.89
Shakin' It Loose (REO Speedwagon)84.12
Stillness Of The Night (REO Speedwagon)74.57
Tough Guys (REO Speedwagon)74.43
Summertime Girls (Y&T)74.29
Girl With The Heart Of Gold (REO Speedwagon)64.5
Someone Tonight (REO Speedwagon)64
Good Trouble (REO Speedwagon)64
Every Now And Then (REO Speedwagon)54.4

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