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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Johnta Austin, Johntį Austin, Johntą Austin
AaliyahAll I Need2003Music/Lyrics
AaliyahCome Over2003Music/Lyrics
AaliyahDon't Worry2003Music/Lyrics
AaliyahMiss You2002Music/Lyrics
Alexis JordanSay That2010Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Big Boi feat. FantasiaHood Boy2013Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown and Johntį AustinShortie Like Mine2006Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Bow Wow feat. CiaraLike You2005Music/Lyrics
Bryson TillerDon't2015Music/Lyrics
(Johntį Austin)
Chris BrownPoppin'2006Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Chris BrownWith You2007Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownYo (Excuse Me Miss)2006Music/Lyrics
CiaraLookin' At You2004Music/Lyrics
CiaraPick Up The Phone2004Music/Lyrics
CiaraThug Style2004Music/Lyrics
CoolioHit 'Em1997Music/Lyrics
CoolioMy Soul1997Music/Lyrics
Drake feat. Pimp C and DVSNFaithful2016Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Enrique IglesiasOn Top Of You2007Music/Lyrics
Esmée DentersJust Can't Have It2009Music/Lyrics
Faith EvansTru Love2005Music/Lyrics
GinuwineOne Time For Love2009Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
(Johnta Austin)
Ideal [US]Get Gone1999Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Janet & NellyCall On Me2006Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonDaybreak2006Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonDo It 2 Me2006Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonGet It Out Me2006Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonLove 2 Love2006Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonNever Letchu Go2008Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonNothing2010Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Janet JacksonShow Me2006Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonThis Body2006Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonWith U2006Music/Lyrics
Janet Jackson feat. KhiaSo Excited2006Music/Lyrics
Jennifer HudsonMy Heart2008Music/Lyrics
Jessica SimpsonA Public Affair2006Music/Lyrics
Jessica SimpsonThe Lover In Me2006Music/Lyrics
Jessica SimpsonWalkin' 'Round In A Circle2006Music/Lyrics
Jordin SparksJust For The Record2008Music/Lyrics
Justin BieberNever Let You Go2010Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Koryn HawthorneBless Up2018Music/Lyrics
(Johntį Austin)
LedisiRock With You2014Music/Lyrics
(Johntį Austin)
Leona LewisAngel2007Music/Lyrics
Lionel RichiePastime2009Music/Lyrics
Lionel RichieWhat You Are2006Music/Lyrics
Ludacris feat. MonicaCan't Live With You2010Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyBye Bye2008Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyDon't Forget About Us2005Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyGet Your Number2005Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyI'm That Chick2008Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyIt's Like That2005Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyLast Kiss2008Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyLove Story2008Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyShake It Off2005Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyWe Belong Together2005Music/Lyrics
Mariah Carey feat. Jadakiss And Styles PWe Belong Together2005Music/Lyrics
Mario feat. JuvenileBoom2004Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeAin't Really Love2005Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeBe Without You2005Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeI Am2009Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Mary J BligeIf You Love Me?2008Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeReflections (I Remember)2006Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeStay Down2008Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeTalk To Me2008Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeWe Ride (I See The Future)2006Music/Lyrics
Mary J Blige feat. Trey SongzWe Got Hood Love2009Music/Lyrics
Melanie FionaBreak Down These Walls2012Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Melanie Fiona feat. J ColeThis Time2012Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
MonicaSaints & Sinners2015Music/Lyrics
(Johntą Austin)
(Johntą Austin)
MonicaThat's My Man2003Music/Lyrics
R. Kelly feat. Jhené AikoLet's Make Some Noise2015Music/Lyrics
(Johntį Austin)
Sam AmidonShake It Off2013Music/Lyrics
Toni BraxtonJust Be A Man About It2000Music/Lyrics
Toni Braxton feat. Dr. DreJust Be A Man About It2000Music/Lyrics
Trey SongzCan't Help But Wait2007Music/Lyrics
Trey SongzI Need A Girl2009Music/Lyrics
(Johntą Austin)
Trey SongzYou Just Need Me2011Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
TyreseSweet Lady1998Music/Lyrics
UsherBefore I Met You2008Music/Lyrics
UsherFoolin' Around2010Music/Lyrics
(Johntą Austin)
UsherSomething Special2008Music/Lyrics
UsherWhat's A Man To Do2008Music/Lyrics
Usher feat. Jay-ZBest Thing2008Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonCall You Tonight2009Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
Whitney HoustonNever Give Up2012Music/Lyrics
(Johntą Austin)
Whitney HoustonWorth It2009Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
WiFi feat. Melanie MBe Without You2006Music/Lyrics
(Johnta Austin)
XzibitBreak Yourself2002Music/Lyrics
Xzibit feat. The Golden State ProjectHarder2002Music/Lyrics
Just Can't Have It (Esmée Denters)65
Foolin' Around (Usher)104.7
The Lover In Me (Jessica Simpson)114.64
Pastime (Lionel Richie)54.6
Angel (Leona Lewis)504.56
Walkin' 'Round In A Circle (Jessica Simpson)104.5
Be Without You (Mary J Blige)1394.45
Come Over (Aaliyah)174.41
Nothing (Janet Jackson)54.4
Call You Tonight (Whitney Houston)214.29
All I Need (Aaliyah)74.29
Reflections (I Remember) (Mary J Blige)84.25
Just For The Record (Jordin Sparks)84.25
Ain't Really Love (Mary J Blige)114.18
Never Give Up (Whitney Houston)74.14
I Am (Mary J Blige)234.13
With U (Janet Jackson)84.12
I'm That Chick (Mariah Carey)304.1
What's A Man To Do (Usher)134.08
On Top Of You (Enrique Iglesias)144.07
We Belong Together (Mariah Carey)2424.05
It's Like That (Mariah Carey)1703.51
Get Your Number (Mariah Carey)1503.46
Be Without You (Mary J Blige)1394.45
With You (Chris Brown)1313.58
Don't Forget About Us (Mariah Carey)933.55
Miss You (Aaliyah)913.82
Yo (Excuse Me Miss) (Chris Brown)772.36
Bye Bye (Mariah Carey)754.01
Shake It Off (Mariah Carey)723.93
A Public Affair (Jessica Simpson)723.64
Like You (Bow Wow feat. Ciara)682.85
Call On Me (Janet & Nelly)583.09
Angel (Leona Lewis)504.56
Never Let You Go (Justin Bieber)392.41
We Ride (I See The Future) (Mary J Blige)313.39
I'm That Chick (Mariah Carey)304.1
Last Kiss (Mariah Carey)293.83
Love Story (Mariah Carey)283.68
I Am (Mary J Blige)234.13

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