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Chris CurtisAggravation1966Producer
Chris CurtisHave I Done Something Wrong1966Producer
Don FardonBelfast Boy1970Music/Lyrics
Don FardonEchoes Of The Cheers1970Music/Lyrics
Don GoodwinHelp It Along1974Producer
Don GoodwinThis Is Your Song1974Producer
EngelbertSilently Falls The Snow2018Music/Lyrics
Engelbert HumperdinckI Followed My Heart2017Producer
Françoise HardyComme1966Producer
Françoise HardyIl est des choses1966Producer
Françoise HardyPeut-être que je t'aime1966Producer
Heads Hands & FeetThe More You Get, The More You Want1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny HarrisOdyssey (Pt. 1)1980Music/Lyrics
Johnny HarrisOdyssey (Pt. 2)1980Music/Lyrics
Leapy LeeTime Will Tell1968Music/Lyrics
Lee TowersLove's A Lonely Song1975Music/Lyrics
Lynda CarterWhat's A Little Love Between Friends1980Producer
Michael AllenA Stop Along The Way1971Producer
Michael AllenBonaparte's Retreat1970Producer
Michael AllenDon't Start Something That You Can't Finish1971Producer
Michael AllenDon't Tie Me Down1970Producer
Michael AllenEarly In The Morning1970Producer
Michael AllenHard Loving Loser1971Producer
Michael AllenHave I The Right?1970Producer
Michael AllenI Have Dreamed1971Producer
Michael AllenI Was A Boy When You Needed A Man1970Producer
Michael AllenIt Doesn't Matter Anymore1970Producer
Michael AllenMake The World Go Away1971Producer
Michael AllenMy World Is Empty Without You Babe1971Producer
Michael AllenNothin' Left To Give1971Producer
Michael AllenOn A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)1970Producer
Michael AllenParadise1970Producer
Michael AllenSing Me A Tune1970Producer
Michael AllenThe Band Played On1970Producer
Michael AllenThey Call The Wind Maria1970Producer
Michael AllenThis Is My Woman1971Producer
Michael AllenWhere Is Tomorrow1970Producer
Michael AllenWhere's The Playground Susie?1970Producer
Michael AllenYesterday, When I Was Young1971Producer
Michael AllenYou've Got To Learn1970Producer
Paul AnkaKathum1972Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaLove Is1972Music/Lyrics
Paul Anka with Sammy Davis Jr.I'm Not Anyone1973Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkFor All We Know1971Producer
Petula ClarkHe Made Me A Woman1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkI Don't Know How To Love Him / Superstar1971Producer
Petula ClarkIf1971Producer
Petula ClarkIt Can Happen1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkLooking At Life1971Producer
Petula ClarkMan In A Million1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkMaybe1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkOne Step Behind1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkSong Went Wrong1971Producer
Petula ClarkTears Of A Clown1971Producer
Petula ClarkThe World Song1971Producer
Petula ClarkWhat Love Is About1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkWhy Can't I Cry1968Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkWind Of Change1971Producer
Raffaella CarràConta su di me1971Music/Lyrics
Richard HarrisAll The Broken Children1971Producer
Richard HarrisBallad To An Unborn Child1971Producer
Richard HarrisBeth1971Producer
Richard HarrisFill The World With Love1970Producer
Richard HarrisLike Father, Like Son1970Producer
Richard HarrisMy Boy1971Producer
Richard HarrisProposal1971Producer
Richard HarrisRequiem1971Producer
Richard HarrisSidewalk Song1971Producer
Richard HarrisThis Is Our Child1971Producer
Richard HarrisThis Is The Way1971Producer
Richard HarrisThis Is Where I Came In1971Producer
Richard HarrisWhat A Lot Of Flowers1970Producer
Richard HarrisWhy Did You Leave Me1971Producer
Rolf HarrisThe Monster1969Producer
Sammy Davis, Jr.(I'd Be) A Legend In My Time1973Music/Lyrics
Shirley Bassey(Where Do I Begin) Love Story1971Producer
Shirley BasseyAll By Myself1982Producer
Shirley BasseyAnd I Love You So1972Producer
Shirley BasseyBaby I'm-A Want You1973Producer
Shirley BasseyBallad Of The Sad Young Men1972Producer
Shirley BasseyBless The Beasts And Children1972Producer
Shirley BasseyBreakfast In Bed1971Producer
Shirley BasseyBridge Over Troubled Water1971Producer
Shirley BasseyCan You Read My Mind1982Producer
Shirley BasseyDay By Day1972Producer
Shirley BasseyDon't Cry Out Loud1982Producer
Shirley BasseyEasy Thing To Do1971Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyEasy To Be Hard1970Producer
Shirley BasseyExcuse Me1971Producer
Shirley BasseyFor All We Know1971Producer
Shirley BasseyFor The Love Of Him1971Producer
Shirley BasseyGoing Going Gone1973Producer
Shirley BasseyHe's Out Of My Life1982Producer
Shirley BasseyI Capricorn1972Producer
Shirley BasseyI Don't Know How To Love Him1972Producer
Shirley BasseyI Won't Last A Day Without You1973Producer
Shirley BasseyI'd Do It All Again1972Producer
Shirley BasseyI'd Like To Hate Myself In The Morning1971Producer
Shirley BasseyIf And When1982Producer
Shirley BasseyIf We Only Have Love1972Producer
Shirley BasseyI'm Not Anyone1974Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyI'm Not There1971Producer
Shirley BasseyIt's Impossible1971Producer
Shirley BasseyI've Never Been A Woman Before1972Producer
Shirley BasseyJezahel1972Producer
Shirley BasseyKilling Me Softly With His Song1973Producer
Shirley BasseyLife Goes On1970Producer
Shirley BasseyLight My Fire1970Producer
Shirley BasseyLosing My Mind1972Producer
Shirley BasseyLost And Lonely1972Producer
Shirley BasseyLove1972Producer
Shirley BasseyMake The World A Little Younger1973Producer
Shirley BasseyMy Way1970Producer
Shirley BasseyNever, Never, Never1973Producer
Shirley BasseyNew York State Of Mind1982Producer
Shirley BasseyNew York, New York1982Producer
Shirley BasseyNo Regrets1965Producer
Shirley BasseyOne Less Bell To Answer1972Producer
Shirley BasseyOnly When I Laugh1982Producer
Shirley BasseyPieces Of Dreams1971Producer
Shirley BasseySolitaire1982Producer
Shirley BasseySomeday1972Producer
Shirley BasseySomehow1973Producer
Shirley BasseySomeone Who Cares1973Producer
Shirley BasseySomething1970Producer
Shirley BasseySpinning Wheel1970Producer
Shirley BasseyThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face1972Producer
Shirley BasseyThe Fool On The Hill1970Producer
Shirley BasseyThe Greatest Performance Of My Life1972Producer
Shirley BasseyThe Look Of Love1972Producer
Shirley BasseyThe Old Fashioned Way1973Producer
Shirley BasseyThe Sea And Sand1970Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyThe Way A Woman Loves1972Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyThere Is No Such Things As Love1973Producer
Shirley BasseyThis Masquerade1982Producer
Shirley Bassey'Til Love Touches Your Life1971Producer
Shirley BasseyTogether1973Producer
Shirley BasseyUntil It's Time For You To Go1971Producer
Shirley BasseyVehicle1971Producer
Shirley BasseyWay Of Love1972Producer
Shirley BasseyWhat About Today1970Producer
Shirley BasseyWhat Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life1970Producer
Shirley BasseyWhat's Done Is Done1971Producer
Shirley BasseyWhere Am I Going?1972Producer
Shirley BasseyWhere Is Love?1972Producer
Shirley BasseyWithout You1972Producer
Shirley BasseyYesterday I Heard The Rain1970Producer
Shirley BasseyYesterday When I Was Young1970Producer
Shirley BasseyYou And I1970Producer
Sylvia SymsThe Long Lonely Season1976Music/Lyrics
The Edwin Hawkins SingersA Few Days Ago1973Producer
The Edwin Hawkins SingersDo It Today1973Producer
The Edwin Hawkins SingersDo My Thing1973Producer
The Edwin Hawkins SingersJubilation1973Music/Lyrics
The Edwin Hawkins SingersNew World1971Producer
The Edwin Hawkins SingersPrecious Memories1973Producer
The Edwin Hawkins SingersSome Kind Of A Friend1973Producer
The Edwin Hawkins SingersSomething To Say1973Producer
The Edwin Hawkins SingersYou Can't Please Everybody1973Producer
The Johnny Harris OrchestraFootprints On The Moon1969Music/Lyrics
The Johnny Harris OrchestraLulu's Theme1969Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesHide And Seek1966Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesWhy Can't I Cry1968Music/Lyrics
Udo JürgensC'est le grand mystère1973Producer
Udo JürgensPeace Now1970Producer
And I Love You So (Shirley Bassey)85.12
(Where Do I Begin) Love Story (Shirley Bassey)365.06
Pieces Of Dreams (Shirley Bassey)55
The Sea And Sand (Shirley Bassey)94.89
I Don't Know How To Love Him / Superstar (Petula Clark)74.86
Something (Shirley Bassey)524.83
For All We Know (Shirley Bassey)304.73
All By Myself (Shirley Bassey)154.73
Never, Never, Never (Shirley Bassey)454.69
Solitaire (Shirley Bassey)64.67
The Way A Woman Loves (Shirley Bassey)84.62
Life Goes On (Shirley Bassey)54.6
One Less Bell To Answer (Shirley Bassey)54.6
Light My Fire (Shirley Bassey)234.57
Jezahel (Shirley Bassey)84.5
My Way (Shirley Bassey)164.44
Peace Now (Udo Jürgens)124.42
Make The World A Little Younger (Shirley Bassey)54.4
The Look Of Love (Shirley Bassey)54.4
Yesterday When I Was Young (Shirley Bassey)164.38
Something (Shirley Bassey)524.83
Never, Never, Never (Shirley Bassey)454.69
(Where Do I Begin) Love Story (Shirley Bassey)365.06
For All We Know (Shirley Bassey)304.73
Light My Fire (Shirley Bassey)234.57
My Way (Shirley Bassey)164.44
Yesterday When I Was Young (Shirley Bassey)164.38
All By Myself (Shirley Bassey)154.73
The Fool On The Hill (Shirley Bassey)144.21
Spinning Wheel (Shirley Bassey)134
Peace Now (Udo Jürgens)124.42
The Greatest Performance Of My Life (Shirley Bassey)114.36
My Boy (Richard Harris)104.1
Belfast Boy (Don Fardon)103.8
The Sea And Sand (Shirley Bassey)94.89
Killing Me Softly With His Song (Shirley Bassey)94.22
No Regrets (Shirley Bassey)93.89
And I Love You So (Shirley Bassey)85.12
The Way A Woman Loves (Shirley Bassey)84.62
Jezahel (Shirley Bassey)84.5

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