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BoulevardCrazy Life1990Producer
BoulevardEye Of The Hurricane1990Producer
BoulevardEye To Eye1990Producer
BoulevardLead Me On1990Producer
BoulevardLight Of Day1990Producer
BoulevardNeed You Tonight1990Producer
BoulevardTalk To Me1990Producer
BoulevardWhere Are You Now1990Producer
BoulevardWhere Is The Love1990Producer
Bryan Ferry(What A) Wonderful World1974Producer
Bryan FerryA Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall1973Producer
Bryan FerryAnother Time, Another Place1974Producer
Bryan FerryBaby I Don't Care1973Producer
Bryan FerryDon't Ever Change1973Producer
Bryan FerryDon't Worry Baby1973Producer
Bryan FerryFingerpoppin'1974Producer
Bryan FerryFunny How Time Slips Away1974Producer
Bryan FerryHelp Me Make It Through The Night1974Producer
Bryan FerryI Love How You Love Me1973Producer
Bryan FerryIt Ain't Me Babe1974Producer
Bryan FerryIt's My Party1973Producer
Bryan FerryLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever1973Producer
Bryan FerryPiece Of My Heart1973Producer
Bryan FerryRiver Of Salt1973Producer
Bryan FerrySmoke Gets In Your Eyes1974Producer
Bryan FerrySympathy For The Devil1973Producer
Bryan FerryThe 'In' Crowd1974Producer
Bryan FerryThe Tracks Of My Tears1973Producer
Bryan FerryThese Foolish Things1973Producer
Bryan FerryWalk A Mile In My Shoes1974Producer
Bryan FerryYou Are My Sunshine1974Producer
Bryan FerryYou Won't See Me1973Producer
ChopynFunky Lady1975Producer
ChopynGirl At The Top Of The Stairs1975Producer
ChopynInsomniac Arrest1975Producer
ChopynLaughing Tackle1975Producer
ChopynMidnight Hour1975Producer
ChopynNon-Commercial Blues1975Producer
ChopynSomebody Gotto Go1975Producer
ChopynSpace Nativity1975Producer
ChopynWasting Time1975Producer
ChopynYou Never Told Me Your Last Name1975Producer
Doctors Of MadnessAfterglow1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessBilly Watch Out1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessB-Movie Bedtime1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessI Think We're Alone1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessMainlines1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessMitzi's Cure1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessThe Noises Of The Evening1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessWaiting1976Producer
DramatisI Can See Her Now1982Producer
DramatisOne Step Ahead1982Producer
HitlistInto The Fire1985Producer
JapanAin't That Peculiar1980Producer
JapanBurning Bridges1980Producer
JapanFall In Love With Me1979Producer
JapanGentlemen Take Polaroids1980Producer
JapanI Second That Emotion1980Producer
JapanIn Vogue1979Producer
JapanLife Without Buildings1981Producer
JapanMethods Of Dance1980Producer
JapanMy New Career1980Producer
JapanOil On Canvas1983Producer
JapanQuiet Life1979Producer
JapanTaking Islands In Africa1980Producer
JapanTemple Of Dawn1983Producer
JapanThe Art Of Parties1981Producer
JapanThe Experience Of Swimming1980Producer
JapanThe Other Side Of Life1979Producer
JapanThe Width Of A Room1980Producer
JapanVoices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Prayer1983Producer
John CougarAlley Of The Angels1978Producer
John CougarAmerican Dream1976Producer
John CougarAmerican Son1977Producer
John CougarBorn Reckless1978Producer
John CougarCheap Shot1977Producer
John CougarChestnut Street1976Producer
John CougarChestnut Street Revisited1976Producer
John CougarDo You Believe In Magic1976Producer
John CougarDream Killing Town1976Producer
John CougarFactory1978Producer
John CougarGearhead1977Producer
John CougarGood Girl1976Producer
John CougarGoodnight1978Producer
John CougarHigh C Cherrie1978Producer
John CougarI Need A Lover1978Producer
John CougarJailhouse Rock1976Producer
John CougarKid Inside1977Producer
John CougarLet Them Run Your Lives1978Producer
John CougarNight Slumming1978Producer
John CougarOh, Pretty Woman1976Producer
John CougarR. Gang1977Producer
John CougarSad Lady1976Producer
John CougarSidewalks And Streetlights1977Producer
John CougarSupergirl1976Producer
John CougarSurvive1977Producer
John CougarTake What You Want1977Producer
John CougarTaxi Dancer1978Producer
John CougarToo Young To Live1977Producer
John CougarTwentieth Century Fox1976Producer
John CougarWhere The Sidewalk Ends1978Producer
John CougarYoung Genocides1977Producer
John WettonBaby Come Back1980Producer
John WettonCaught In The Crossfire1980Producer
John WettonCold Is The Night1980Producer
John WettonGet Away1980Producer
John WettonGet What You Want1980Producer
John WettonI'll Be There1980Producer
John WettonPaper Talk1980Producer
John WettonTurn On The Radio1980Producer
John WettonWhen Will You Realise?1980Producer
John WettonWoman1980Producer
Judie TzukeBring The Rain1979Producer
Judie TzukeKatiera Island1979Producer
Judie TzukeLadies Night1979Producer
Judie TzukeNew Friends Again1979Producer
Judie TzukeSouthern Smiles1979Producer
Judie TzukeStay With Me Till Dawn1979Producer
Judie TzukeSukarita1978Producer
Judie TzukeThese Are The Laws1979Producer
Judie TzukeWelcome To The Cruise1979Producer
Martyn FordDon't Wanna Fight1977Producer
Martyn FordGoing To A Disco1977Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Appeared A Shining Throne1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Enjoy It1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]For The Fun To Find1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Golden Lights1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]I Ain't Bin A Man1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Sweet Silence1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Throne Second Ammendment1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Time Base1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Uncle John "B"1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Violet May1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Wonderful Creation1975Producer
Mr. Big [UK]Zambia1975Producer
NazarethBack To The Trenches1982Producer
NazarethBoys In The Band1982Producer
NazarethDream On1982Producer
NazarethJuicy Lucy1981Producer
NazarethLonely In The Night1982Producer
NazarethLove Leads To Madness1982Producer
NazarethMorning Dew [Live]1981Producer
NazarethTake The Rap1982Producer
NazarethYou Love Another1982Producer
Pseudo EchoA Beat For You1984Producer
Pseudo EchoAtumnal Park1984Producer
Pseudo EchoDancing Until Midnight1984Producer
Pseudo EchoDestination Unknown1984Producer
Pseudo EchoFast Cars1984Producer
Pseudo EchoFrom The Shore1984Producer
Pseudo EchoHis Eyes1984Producer
Pseudo EchoListening1983Producer
Pseudo EchoSee Through1984Producer
Pseudo EchoStranger In Me1984Producer
Pseudo EchoWalkaway1984Producer
Re-FlexHow Much Longer?1985Producer
Re-FlexPraying To The Beat1984Producer
Re-FlexThe Politics Of Dancing1983Producer
Re-FlexTrue Lust1985Producer
Roxy MusicA Really Good Time1974Producer
Roxy MusicAll I Want Is You1974Producer
Roxy MusicBitter-Sweet1974Producer
Roxy MusicCasanova1974Producer
Roxy MusicHula-Kula1973Producer
Roxy MusicIf It Takes All Night1974Producer
Roxy MusicOut Of The Blue1974Producer
Roxy MusicPrairie Rose1974Producer
Roxy MusicThe Thrill Of It All1974Producer
Roxy MusicThree And Nine1974Producer
Roxy MusicTriptych1974Producer
Roxy MusicYour Application's Failed1974Producer
Sad CaféBabylon1977Producer
Sad CaféBell Ends1977Producer
Sad CaféBlack Rose1977Producer
Sad CaféClumbidextrous1977Producer
Sad CaféFanx Ta'Ra1977Producer
Sad CaféFeel Like Dying1978Producer
Sad CaféFlingus Holiday1977Producer
Sad CaféHere Come The Clowns1978Producer
Sad CaféHungry Eyes1977Producer
Sad CaféI Believe1977Producer
Sad CaféImmortal1977Producer
Sad CaféLove Will Survive1977Producer
Sad CaféMario1978Producer
Sad CaféOn With The Show1978Producer
Sad CaféRestless1978Producer
Sad CaféRun Home Girl1978Producer
Sad CaféSail On1977Producer
Sad CaféShadow On The Wall1977Producer
Sad CaféShellshock1977Producer
Sad CaféThe Further Adventures Of Mad Alan1977Producer
Sara CraigBombarde Me1995Producer
Sara CraigClose To You1995Producer
Sara CraigCry Baby1995Producer
Sara CraigElastic1995Producer
Sara CraigI Thrive1995Producer
Sara CraigLiar1995Producer
Sara CraigSitting On A Fence1995Producer
Sara CraigSouless Cage1995Producer
Sara CraigSparks Fly1995Producer
Sara CraigSweet Exhaust1995Producer
Sara CraigThank You (Very Much)1995Producer
Sara CraigWakerife Waltz1995Producer
Sara CraigWow1995Producer
Slade7 Year Bitch1984Producer
SladeAll Join Hands1984Producer
SladeDo You Believe In Miracles1985Producer
SladeDon't Talk To Me About Love1987Producer
SladeGotta Go Home1987Producer
SladeHey Ho, Wish You Well1985Producer
SladeI'll Be There1985Producer
SladeLittle Sheila1985Producer
SladeMama Nature Is A Rocker1985Producer
SladeMy Oh My1983Producer
SladeMyzsterious Mizster Jones1985Producer
SladeOoh La La In L.A.1987Producer
SladeRun Runaway1983Producer
SladeStill The Same1987Producer
SladeWalking On Water, Running On Alcohol1985Producer
SpoonsNova Heart1982Producer
StrangewaysDance With Somebody1987Producer
StrangewaysEmpty Streets1987Producer
StrangewaysFace To Face1987Producer
StrangewaysGoodnight L.A.1987Producer
StrangewaysNever Gonna Lose It1987Producer
StrangewaysOnly A Fool1987Producer
StrangewaysShake The Seven1987Producer
StrangewaysSo Far Away1987Producer
StrangewaysStand Up And Shout1987Producer
StrangewaysWhere Do We Go From Here1987Producer
The Bloomsbury SetGetting Away From It All1983Producer
The Bloomsbury SetHanging Around With The Big Boys1983Producer
The Martyn Ford OrchestraHorny1977Producer
The Martyn Ford OrchestraLet Your Body Go Downtown1977Producer
His Eyes (Pseudo Echo)65.5
A Beat For You (Pseudo Echo)85.12
My Oh My (Slade)1645.12
Dream On (Nazareth)1875.07
Out Of The Blue (Roxy Music)174.82
Run Runaway (Slade)684.76
Myzsterious Mizster Jones (Slade)164.75
Prairie Rose (Roxy Music)94.67
Take The Rap (Nazareth)64.67
Stranger In Me (Pseudo Echo)64.67
I Need A Lover (John Cougar)174.65
Nightporter (Japan)254.6
The Thrill Of It All (Roxy Music)104.6
River Of Salt (Bryan Ferry)54.6
7 Year Bitch (Slade)174.59
Listening (Pseudo Echo)124.58
Little Sheila (Slade)74.57
All I Want Is You (Roxy Music)274.52
Games (Nazareth)94.44
Stay With Me Till Dawn (Judie Tzuke)264.42
Dream On (Nazareth)1875.07
My Oh My (Slade)1645.12
Run Runaway (Slade)684.76
The Politics Of Dancing (Re-Flex)683.85
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bryan Ferry)374.08
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Bryan Ferry)324.25
All I Want Is You (Roxy Music)274.52
Stay With Me Till Dawn (Judie Tzuke)264.42
Quiet Life (Japan)264.27
Nightporter (Japan)254.6
The 'In' Crowd (Bryan Ferry)234.09
All Join Hands (Slade)224
These Foolish Things (Bryan Ferry)184.06
Out Of The Blue (Roxy Music)174.82
I Need A Lover (John Cougar)174.65
7 Year Bitch (Slade)174.59
Myzsterious Mizster Jones (Slade)164.75
Love Leads To Madness (Nazareth)134.15
The Art Of Parties (Japan)134
Listening (Pseudo Echo)124.58

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