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BlossomsAt Most A Kiss2016Producer
BlossomsBetween The Eyes2018Producer
BlossomsBlown Rose2016Producer
BlossomsCool Like You2018Producer
BlossomsCut Me And I'll Bleed2016Producer
BlossomsDeep Grass2016Producer
BlossomsFalling For Someone2020Producer
BlossomsGiving Up The Ghost2018Producer
BlossomsHoney Sweet2016Producer
BlossomsHow Long Will This Last?2018Producer
BlossomsI Can't Stand It2018Producer
BlossomsI Just Imagined You2018Producer
BlossomsIf You Think This Is Real Life2020Producer
BlossomsLike Gravity2020Producer
BlossomsLove Talk2018Producer
BlossomsLying Again2018Producer
BlossomsMy Favourite Room2016Producer
BlossomsMy Swimming Brain2020Producer
BlossomsMy Vacant Days2020Producer
BlossomsOh No (I Think I'm In Love)2020Producer
BlossomsOnto Her Bed2016Producer
BlossomsRomance, Eh?2020Producer
BlossomsSmashed Pianos2016Producer
BlossomsStranger Still2018Producer
BlossomsSunday Was A Friend Of Mine2020Producer
BlossomsThe Keeper2019Producer
BlossomsThere's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)2018Producer
BlossomsYour Girlfriend2019Producer
CabbageA Network Betrayal2017Producer
CabbageArms Of Pleonexia2018Producer
CabbageAsa Morley2017Producer
CabbageCelebration Of A Disease2017Producer
CabbageDisinfect Us2018Producer
CabbageExhitib A2018Producer
CabbageFraudulent Artist2017Producer
CabbageGibraltar Ape2018Producer
CabbageMolotov Alcopop2018Producer
CabbageObligatory Castration2018Producer
CabbagePostmodernist Caligula2018Producer
CabbagePreach To The Converted2018Producer
CabbageReptiles State Funeral2018Producer
CabbageSubhuman 2.02018Producer
The CoralA Warning To The Curious2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralAfter The Fair2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralAll Of Our Love2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralAuntie's Operation2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralBeing Somebody Else2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralBeyond The Sun2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralBill McCai2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralBoy At The Window2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralCareless Hands2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralChasing The Tail Of A Dream2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralCobwebs2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralCome Home2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralConfessions Of A.D.D.D.2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralConnector2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralCripples Crown2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralDepth Of Her Smile2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralDistance Inbetween2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralDon't Think You're The First2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralDreaming Of You2002Music/Lyrics
The CoralEyes Like Pearls2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralEyes Of The Moon2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralFar From The Crowd2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralFear Machine2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralFireflies2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralGina Jones2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralGood Fortune2002Music/Lyrics
The CoralGoodbye2002Music/Lyrics
The CoralGrey Harpoon2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralHoly Revelation2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralIn The Forest2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralIn The Morning2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralIn The Rain2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralIt Was Nothing2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralIt's You2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralJacqueline2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralKeep Me Company2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralLate Afternoon2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralLeaving Today2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralLiezah2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralLove Or Solution2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralLovers Paradise2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralMichael's Song2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralMigraine2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralMilkwood Blues2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralMillion Eyes2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralMiss Fortune2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralMusic At Night2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralNot So Lonely2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralOutside My Window2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralPass It On2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralPrecious Eyes2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralPut The Sun Back2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralReaching Out For A Friend2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralRebecca You2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralRemember Me2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralReturn Her To Me2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralSeagulls2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralSecret Kiss2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralShe Runs The River2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralShe Sings The Mourning2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralShe's A Runaway2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralShe's Got A Reason2007Music/Lyrics
The CoralSimon Diamond2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralSo Long Ago2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralSomething Inside Of Me2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralSorrow Or The Song2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralStormbreaker2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralStrangers In The Hollow2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralSweet Release2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralTalkin' Gypsy Market Blues2003Music/Lyrics
The CoralThe Case Of Arthur Tannen2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralThe Cry Of The City2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralThe Golden Bough2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralThe Operator2005Music/Lyrics
The CoralTravelling Circus2002Music/Lyrics
The CoralUndercover Of The Night2018Music/Lyrics
The CoralWhen All The Birds Have Flown2008Music/Lyrics
The CoralWhite Bird2016Music/Lyrics
The CoralWho's Gonna Find Me2007Music/Lyrics
The SherlocksDreams2019Producer
The SherlocksGive It All Up2019Producer
The SherlocksI Want It All2019Producer
The SherlocksMagic Man2019Producer
The SherlocksNow & Then2019Producer
The SherlocksNYC (Sing It Loud)2019Producer
The SherlocksOne Day2019Producer
The SherlocksStep Inside2019Producer
The SherlocksTime To Go2019Producer
The SherlocksUnder Your Sky2019Producer
The SherlocksWaiting2019Producer
Bill McCai (The Coral)154.93
I Can't Stand It (Blossoms)64.83
Pass It On (The Coral)154.8
In The Rain (The Coral)54.8
Dreaming Of You (The Coral)234.78
How Long Will This Last? (Blossoms)94.67
Don't Think You're The First (The Coral)84.62
There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) (Blossoms)84.62
Rebecca You (The Coral)54.6
Jacqueline (The Coral)144.5
Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues (The Coral)64.5
Put The Sun Back (The Coral)134.46
Honey Sweet (Blossoms)94.44
Remember Me (The Coral)54.4
Fireflies (The Coral)54.4
The Keeper (Blossoms)54.4
At Most A Kiss (Blossoms)84.38
In The Morning (The Coral)274.37
Something Inside Of Me (The Coral)94.33
Goodbye (The Coral)64.33
In The Morning (The Coral)274.37
Dreaming Of You (The Coral)234.78
Bill McCai (The Coral)154.93
Pass It On (The Coral)154.8
Jacqueline (The Coral)144.5
Put The Sun Back (The Coral)134.46
Who's Gonna Find Me (The Coral)133.85
Charlemagne (Blossoms)104.3
How Long Will This Last? (Blossoms)94.67
Honey Sweet (Blossoms)94.44
Something Inside Of Me (The Coral)94.33
Don't Think You're The First (The Coral)84.62
There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) (Blossoms)84.62
At Most A Kiss (Blossoms)84.38
Blown Rose (Blossoms)74.29
I Can't Stand It (Blossoms)64.83
Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues (The Coral)64.5
Goodbye (The Coral)64.33
Secret Kiss (The Coral)64.17
In The Rain (The Coral)54.8

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