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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: James Edward Fauntleroy, James Edward Fauntleroy II, James Fauntleroy II
A$AP Rocky feat. James FauntleroyWest Side Highway2015Music/Lyrics
Alesha DixonHand It Over2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Alexandra BurkePerfect2010Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Alexandra BurkeThey Don't Know2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
BeyoncéNo Angel2013Music/Lyrics
BeyoncéThat's Why You're Beautiful2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Big Sean feat. @FauntleroyWorld Ablaze2013Music/Lyrics
Big Sean feat. The-DreamLive This Life2011Music/Lyrics
(James Edward Fauntleroy II)
BrandyTorn Down2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Britney SpearsMannequin2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Bruno MarsCalling All My Lovelies2016Music/Lyrics
Bruno MarsChunky2016Music/Lyrics
Bruno MarsFinesse2016Music/Lyrics
Bruno MarsPerm2016Music/Lyrics
Bruno MarsStraight Up & Down2016Music/Lyrics
Bruno MarsThat's What I Like2016Music/Lyrics
Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor2016Music/Lyrics
Bruno Mars feat. Cardi BFinesse (Remix)2018Music/Lyrics
Bruno Mars vs. David GuettaVersace On The Floor2017Music/Lyrics
Carl ThomasConquer2011Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHelp Me2007Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Chris BrownI'll Go2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLottery2007Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Chris BrownTake You Down2007Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Chris Brown feat. Keri HilsonSuperhuman2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
CiaraG Is For A Girl (A-Z)2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Ciara feat. Justin TimberlakeLove Sex Magic2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Common feat. Cocaine 80sYoung Hearts Run Free2014Music/Lyrics
Common feat. Lil Herb & Cocaine 80sThe Neighborhood2014Music/Lyrics
Common feat. Maya AngelouThe Dreamer2011Music/Lyrics
Dance Gavin DanceThat's What I Like2017Music/Lyrics
David ArchuletaMy Hands2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
David ArchuletaRunning2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Destiny's ChildNuclear2013Music/Lyrics
Diddy Dirty Money feat. Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Bilal & James FauntleroyShades2010Music/Lyrics
Diddy Dirty Money feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Rick RossAngels2010Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Elijah BlakeArmageddon2015Music/Lyrics
Esmée DentersBigger Than The World2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Frank OceanFertilizer2012Music/Lyrics
Glee CastNo Air2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Hudson Mohawke feat. Jhené AikoResistance2015Music/Lyrics
Hugo [Hugo Chakra]Hurt Makes It Beautiful2011Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Hugo [Hugo Chakra]Rock 'N' Roll Delight2011Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
J. Cole feat. @FauntleroyBorn Sinner2013Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
James VenusVersace On The Floor2017Music/Lyrics
(James Edward Fauntleroy)
Jamie FoxxI Don't Need It2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Jay-Z feat. BeyoncéPart II (On The Run)2013Music/Lyrics
Jhené Aiko feat. Cocaine 80sTo Love & Die2014Music/Lyrics
Joe JonasFastlife2011Music/Lyrics
Joe JonasJust In Love2011Music/Lyrics
Joe JonasSorry2011Music/Lyrics
Joe Jonas feat. Lil WayneJust In Love2011Music/Lyrics
John LegendHold On Longer2013Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
John LegendThe Beginning...2013Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Jordin SparksRight Here Right Now2015Music/Lyrics
Jordin Sparks feat. B.o.BWork From Home2015Music/Lyrics
Jordin Sparks with Chris BrownNo Air2007Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Justin TimberlakeAmnesia2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeBlindness2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeBlue Ocean Floor2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeBody Count2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeDon't Hold The Wall2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeDress On2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeDrink You Away2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeElectric Lady2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeFilthy2018Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeGimme What I Don't Know (I Want)2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeLet The Groove Get In2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeMirrors2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeNot A Bad Thing2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeOnly When I Walk Away2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakePusher Love Girl2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeSoulMate2018Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeSpaceship Coupe2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeStrawberry Bubblegum2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeThat Girl2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeTKO2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeTunnel Vision2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeYou Got It On2013Music/Lyrics
Justin TimberlakeYoung Man2018Music/Lyrics
Justin Timberlake feat. DrakeCabaret2013Music/Lyrics
Justin Timberlake feat. Jay ZMurder2013Music/Lyrics
Justin Timberlake feat. Jay ZSuit & Tie2013Music/Lyrics
Kanye West, Big Sean, 2 Chainz & Marsha AmbrosiusThe One2012Music/Lyrics
Katharine McPheeDo What You Do2007Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Katharine McPheeI Lost You2006Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Kelly ClarksonEinstein2011Music/Lyrics
Kendrick Lamar feat. Bilal, Anna Wise & ThundercatThese Walls2015Music/Lyrics
Kendrick Lamar feat. James Fauntleroy & Ronald IsleyHow Much A Dollar Cost2015Music/Lyrics
Lalah HathawayWrong Way2011Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Leona LewisDon't Let Me Down2009Music/Lyrics
Mariah Carey feat. NasDedicated2014Music/Lyrics
MilowLove Like That Is Easy2016Music/Lyrics
MilowRunning Blind2016Music/Lyrics
MilowWaiting Around For Love2016Music/Lyrics
Nas feat. Cocaine 80sWhere's The Love2012Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
New Kids On The BlockTake My Breath Away2013Music/Lyrics
New Kids On The BlockTwisted2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Pixie LottThe Thing I Love2011Music/Lyrics
RihannaClose To You2016Music/Lyrics
RihannaCold Case Love2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
RihannaFire Bomb2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
(James Fauntleroy II)
RihannaGet It Over With2012Music/Lyrics
RihannaJames Joint2016Music/Lyrics
RihannaTe amo2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
RihannaThe Last Song2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
RihannaWait Your Turn2009Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Rita OraFacemelt2012Music/Lyrics
RochelleNo Air2011Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
The CartersSummer2018Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
The Internet feat. James FauntleroyFor The World2015Music/Lyrics
Toni BraxtonHero2010Music/Lyrics
Ty Dolla $ign feat. Kendrick Lamar, Brandy & James FauntleroyLA2015Music/Lyrics
UsherWill Work For Love2008Music/Lyrics
(James Fauntleroy II)
Vince Staples feat. Haneef Talib aka GeNNo & eeeeeeeeMight Be Wrong2015Music/Lyrics
Bigger Than The World (Esmée Denters)64.83
The Beginning... (John Legend)74.71
Blow (Beyoncé)164.62
Einstein (Kelly Clarkson)104.6
Hero (Toni Braxton)54.6
Brave (Kelis)154.53
Fire Bomb (Rihanna)514.41
Don't Let Me Down (Leona Lewis)264.38
Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars)304.37
They Don't Know (Alexandra Burke)104.3
Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta)144.29
Drink You Away (Justin Timberlake)84.25
Let The Groove Get In (Justin Timberlake)184.22
Chunky (Bruno Mars)94.22
The Last Song (Rihanna)394.18
Straight Up & Down (Bruno Mars)64.17
Only When I Walk Away (Justin Timberlake)64.17
Close To You (Rihanna)254.12
Murder (Justin Timberlake feat. Jay Z)94.11
No Air (Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown)2014.1
No Air (Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown)2014.1
Te amo (Rihanna)1893.63
Love Sex Magic (Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake)1513.3
Mirrors (Justin Timberlake)1424.01
Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake feat. Jay Z)1003.03
Wait Your Turn (Rihanna)693.83
Take Back The Night (Justin Timberlake)603.48
Not A Bad Thing (Justin Timberlake)583.84
Fire Bomb (Rihanna)514.41
Mannequin (Britney Spears)503.7
That's What I Like (Bruno Mars)433.26
TKO (Justin Timberlake)423.57
Filthy (Justin Timberlake)412.8
The Last Song (Rihanna)394.18
Cold Case Love (Rihanna)383.95
G4L (Rihanna)373.95
Tunnel Vision (Justin Timberlake)363.94
Finesse (Remix) (Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B)343.88
Desperado (Rihanna)333.73
Superhuman (Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson)313.03

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