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AlabamaNew Year's Eve 19992013Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayWhat Would It Take1996Music/Lyrics
Billy Ray CyrusHey Elvis2000Music/Lyrics
Bonnie RaittRock Steady1995Music/Lyrics
Bonnie Raitt & Bryan AdamsRock Steady (Live)1995Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsA Little Love1997Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsBin There, Done That1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsBlessing In Disguise2004Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsBrothers Under The Sun2002Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsCloud #91998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsC'mon C'mon C'mon1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsEast Side Story2003Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsFlower Grown Wild2008Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsGetaway1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsHere I Am2002Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsHey Elvis1996Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsI Don't Wanna Live Forever1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsI Love Ya Too Much1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsI Think About You1996Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsI Want It All1996Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsI Was Only Dreamin'2004Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsIf Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good1996Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsI'm A Liar1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsI'm Not The Man You Think I Am2005Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsInside Out1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsLow Life1995Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsMysterious Ways2008Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsNo Time For Love2019Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsNowhere Fast2004Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsPart Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning2019Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsRock Steady1996Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsShe's A Little Too Good For Me2004Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsThis Side Of Paradise2004Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsTonight We Have The Stars2008Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsWhere Angels Fear To Tread1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsWhy Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love2004Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsYou've Been A Friend To Me2010Music/Lyrics
Bryan Adams feat. Gretchen PetersHey Baby1998Music/Lyrics
Bryan Adams with Sarah McLachlanDon't Let Go2002Music/Lyrics
Carrie UnderwoodIndependence Day2005Music/Lyrics
Elizma TheronHou jou trein op die spoor2011Music/Lyrics
Faith HillThe Secret Of Life1998Music/Lyrics
George StraitThe Chill Of An Early Fall1991Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersA Room With A View1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersBorder Town1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersCircus Girl1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersI Was Looking For You1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersOn A Bus To St. Cloud1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersOver Africa1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersThe Secret Of Life1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersThis Uncivil War1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersWaiting For The Light To Turn Green1996Music/Lyrics
Gretchen PetersWhen You Are Old1996Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideIndependence Day1993Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideMy Baby Loves Me1993Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideThis Uncivil War1999Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideWhen You Are Old1992Music/Lyrics
Mary GauthierHow You Learn To Live Alone2014Music/Lyrics
Mary GauthierWalking Each Other Home2014Music/Lyrics
Mary GauthierWhen A Woman Goes Cold2014Music/Lyrics
Michelle WrightNobody's Girl1996Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondTalking Optimist Blues (Good Day Today)1996Music/Lyrics
Neyman & WilléOn A Bus To St.Cloud2001Music/Lyrics
Pam TillisLet That Pony Run1992Music/Lyrics
Patty LovelessYou Don't Even Know Who I Am1994Music/Lyrics
Pete Wolf BandIndependence Day2017Music/Lyrics
Randy TravisHigh Lonesome1991Music/Lyrics
Suzy BoggussSouvenirs1993Music/Lyrics
Trisha YearwoodOn A Bus To St. Cloud1994Music/Lyrics
Talking Optimist Blues (Good Day Today) (Neil Diamond)55
The Secret Of Life (Faith Hill)164.94
Getaway (Bryan Adams)124.92
Brothers Under The Sun (Bryan Adams)184.89
Rock Steady (Bryan Adams)94.89
What Would It Take (Anne Murray)54.8
Independence Day (Martina McBride)244.75
Don't Let Go (Bryan Adams with Sarah McLachlan)134.69
East Side Story (Bryan Adams)274.67
C'mon C'mon C'mon (Bryan Adams)124.67
I'm A Liar (Bryan Adams)94.67
My Baby Loves Me (Martina McBride)94.67
She's A Little Too Good For Me (Bryan Adams)194.63
A Little Love (Bryan Adams)134.62
I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Bryan Adams)114.55
Here I Am (Bryan Adams)1554.53
Hey Elvis (Bryan Adams)64.5
Tonight We Have The Stars (Bryan Adams)264.46
I Was Only Dreamin' (Bryan Adams)184.44
On A Bus To St. Cloud (Trisha Yearwood)74.43
Here I Am (Bryan Adams)1554.53
Cloud #9 (Bryan Adams)1364.42
Inside Out (Bryan Adams)583.98
East Side Story (Bryan Adams)274.67
Tonight We Have The Stars (Bryan Adams)264.46
I Think About You (Bryan Adams)254.36
Independence Day (Martina McBride)244.75
She's A Little Too Good For Me (Bryan Adams)194.63
Brothers Under The Sun (Bryan Adams)184.89
I Was Only Dreamin' (Bryan Adams)184.44
Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love (Bryan Adams)184.28
This Side Of Paradise (Bryan Adams)174.35
Nowhere Fast (Bryan Adams)174.29
The Secret Of Life (Faith Hill)164.94
Rock Steady (Live) (Bonnie Raitt & Bryan Adams)144.29
Mysterious Ways (Bryan Adams)144.21
Don't Let Go (Bryan Adams with Sarah McLachlan)134.69
A Little Love (Bryan Adams)134.62
Where Angels Fear To Tread (Bryan Adams)134.31
Flower Grown Wild (Bryan Adams)134.23

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