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Bob ForrestSaint Dude2014Producer
Dakota FanningCalifornia Paradise2010Producer
Dakota FanningCherry Bomb2010Producer
Dakota Fanning & Kristen StewartQueens Of Noise2010Producer
José GonzálezStay Alive2013Producer
José GonzálezStep Out2013Producer
Kristen Stewart & Dakota FanningDead End Justice2010Producer
Kula ShakerSound Of Drums1999Producer
MadrugadaElektro Vakuum2005Producer
MadrugadaHard To Come Back2005Producer
MadrugadaHold On To You2005Producer
MadrugadaOn Your Side2005Producer
MadrugadaRunning Out Of Time2005Producer
MadrugadaSail Away2005Producer
MadrugadaSlow Builder2005Producer
MadrugadaStories From The Streets2005Producer
MadrugadaSubterranean Sunlight2005Producer
MadrugadaThe Kids Are On High Street2005Producer
MadrugadaThe Lost Gospel2005Producer
Mark LaneganThe Beast In Me2011Producer
Mike TysonOne Night In Bangkok2011Producer
Primal Scream(I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind1994Producer
Primal ScreamBig Jet Plane1994Producer
Primal ScreamCall On Me1994Producer
Primal ScreamEverybody Needs Somebody1994Producer
Primal ScreamI'll Be There For You1994Producer
Primal ScreamJailbird1994Producer
Primal ScreamRocks1994Producer
Primal ScreamSad And Blue1994Producer
Primal ScreamStruttin'1994Producer
Primal Scream feat. Denise JohnsonFree1994Producer
Primal Scream feat. Denise Johnson & George ClintonFunky Jam1994Producer
Primal Scream feat. Denise Johnson & George ClintonGive Out But Don't Give Up1994Producer
ReefBack In My Place1999Producer
ReefBall And Chain2018Producer
ReefCome Back Brighter1997Producer
ReefDarling Be Home Soon2018Producer
ReefDon't Go Changing Your Mind2018Producer
ReefDon't You Like It?1997Producer
ReefElectric Sunday1999Producer
ReefFirst Mistake2018Producer
ReefFunny Feeling1999Producer
ReefGive Me Your Love2003Producer
ReefHigher Vibration1997Producer
ReefHow I Got Over2016Producer
ReefI Would Have Left You1997Producer
ReefI'm Not Scared1997Producer
ReefI've Got Something To Say1999Producer
ReefJust Feel Love2018Producer
ReefLately Stomping1997Producer
ReefLike A Ship (Without A Sail)2018Producer
ReefLocked Inside1999Producer
ReefLone Rider2018Producer
ReefLove Feeder1999Producer
ReefMoaner Snap1999Producer
ReefNew Bird1999Producer
ReefPlace Your Hands1996Producer
ReefPrecious Metal2018Producer
ReefRobot Part (Orinoco Jam)1997Producer
ReefRobot Riff1997Producer
ReefSummer's In Bloom1997Producer
ReefUndone And Sober1999Producer
ReefWho You Are1999Producer
ReefYer Old1997Producer
Reef feat. Sheryl CrowMy Sweet Love2018Music/Lyrics
RideHow Does It Feel To Feel?1994Producer
Screaming TreesAll I Know1996Producer
Screaming TreesDime Western1996Producer
Screaming TreesDying Days1996Producer
Screaming TreesGospel Plow1996Producer
Screaming TreesHalo Of Ashes1996Producer
Screaming TreesLook At You1996Producer
Screaming TreesMake My Mind1996Producer
Screaming TreesSworn And Broken1996Producer
Screaming TreesTraveler1996Producer
Screaming TreesWitness1996Producer
Sheryl CrowWho Will The Next Fool Be2001Producer
Ska RangersI Ran2011Producer
Ska RangersJust The Way You Are2011Producer
StereophonicsChaos From The Top Down2019Producer
The Black Crowes99 lbs2009Producer
The Black CrowesBad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye1992Producer
The Black CrowesBlack Moon Creeping1992Producer
The Black CrowesCould I've Been So Blind1990Producer
The Black CrowesDarling Of The Underground Press1992Producer
The Black CrowesHard To Handle1990Producer
The Black CrowesHotel Illness1992Producer
The Black CrowesJealous Again1990Producer
The Black CrowesMy Morning Song1992Producer
The Black CrowesNo Speak No Slave1992Producer
The Black CrowesRemedy1991Producer
The Black CrowesSeeing Things1990Producer
The Black CrowesShe Talks To Angels1990Producer
The Black CrowesSister Luck1990Producer
The Black CrowesSometimes Salvation1992Producer
The Black CrowesStare It Cold1990Producer
The Black CrowesSting Me1992Producer
The Black CrowesStruttin' Blues1990Producer
The Black CrowesThick N' Thin1990Producer
The Black CrowesThorn In My Pride1992Producer
The Black CrowesTime Will Tell1992Producer
The Black CrowesTwice As Hard1990Producer
The Black CrowesWords You Throw Away1993Producer
The JayhawksAnn Jane1995Producer
The JayhawksBad Time1995Producer
The JayhawksBlue1995Producer
The JayhawksBreak My Mind1995Producer
The JayhawksClouds1992Producer
The JayhawksCrowded In The Wings1993Producer
The JayhawksDarling Today1995Producer
The JayhawksI'd Run Away1995Producer
The JayhawksKeith And Quentin1992Producer
The JayhawksLast Cigarette1995Producer
The JayhawksLeave No Gold1992Producer
The JayhawksMiss Williams' Guitar1995Producer
The JayhawksNevada, California1992Producer
The JayhawksNothing Left To Borrow1995Producer
The JayhawksOver My Shoulder1995Producer
The JayhawksPray For Me1995Producer
The JayhawksReal Light1995Producer
The JayhawksRed's Song1995Producer
The JayhawksSee Him On The Street1995Producer
The JayhawksSettled Down Like Rain1992Producer
The JayhawksSister Cry1992Producer
The JayhawksTake Me With You (When You Go)1992Producer
The JayhawksTen Little Kids1995Producer
The JayhawksTomorrow The Green Grass1995Producer
The JayhawksTwo Hearts1995Producer
The JayhawksUp Above My Head1992Producer
The JayhawksWaiting For The Sun1992Producer
The JayhawksWichita1992Producer
The ZutonsAlways Right Behind You2008Producer
The ZutonsBumbag2008Producer
The ZutonsDirty Rat2008Producer
The ZutonsDon't Get Caught2008Producer
The ZutonsFamily Of Leeches2008Producer
The ZutonsFreak2008Producer
The ZutonsGive Me A Reason2008Producer
The ZutonsHarder And Harder2008Producer
The ZutonsLittle Red Door2008Producer
The ZutonsPut A Little Aside2008Producer
The ZutonsWhat's Your Problem2008Producer
The ZutonsYou Could Make The Four Walls Cry2008Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersBlue Sunday2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersCan't Stop The Sun2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersDreamville2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersHave Love Will Travel2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersJoe2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersLike A Diamond2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersLost Children2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersMoney Becomes King2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersThe Last DJ2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersThe Man Who Loves Women2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersWhen A Kid Goes Bad2002Producer
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersYou And Me2002Producer
ToploaderCloud 92002Producer
ToploaderDancing In The Moonlight2000Producer
ToploaderHigher State2000Producer
ToploaderLady Let Me Shine2002Producer
ToploaderSome Kind Of Wonderful2002Producer
ToploaderTime Of My Life2002Producer
Triggerfinger feat. Method ManThe One2014Producer
You Am IRumble1998Producer
You Am IWhat I Don't Know 'Bout You1998Producer
Sound Of Drums (Kula Shaker)95
You And Me (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)95
Like A Diamond (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)55
The Last DJ (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)404.97
Funky Jam (Primal Scream feat. Denise Johnson & George Clinton)84.88
Thick N' Thin (The Black Crowes)64.83
Sting Me (The Black Crowes)174.76
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye (The Black Crowes)124.75
Blue (The Jayhawks)74.71
Stare It Cold (The Black Crowes)64.67
Dreamville (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)64.67
The Kids Are On High Street (Madrugada)54.6
Blue Sunday (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)54.6
Struttin' Blues (The Black Crowes)54.6
Could I've Been So Blind (The Black Crowes)74.57
Take Me With You (When You Go) (The Jayhawks)74.57
Jailbird (Primal Scream)234.57
Twice As Hard (The Black Crowes)114.55
She Talks To Angels (The Black Crowes)194.53
Sister Luck (The Black Crowes)84.5
Dancing In The Moonlight (Toploader)1553.97
Remedy (The Black Crowes)474.4
The Last DJ (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)404.97
Rocks (Primal Scream)334.15
Hard To Handle (The Black Crowes)324.44
Place Your Hands (Reef)263.46
Jailbird (Primal Scream)234.57
She Talks To Angels (The Black Crowes)194.53
Jealous Again (The Black Crowes)194.42
Sting Me (The Black Crowes)174.76
Hotel Illness (The Black Crowes)154.33
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye (The Black Crowes)124.75
Twice As Hard (The Black Crowes)114.55
Thorn In My Pride (The Black Crowes)114.18
You And Me (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)95
Sound Of Drums (Kula Shaker)95
Seeing Things (The Black Crowes)94.33
Funky Jam (Primal Scream feat. Denise Johnson & George Clinton)84.88
Sister Luck (The Black Crowes)84.5
Always Right Behind You (The Zutons)84.12

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