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B.B. KingDon't You Lie To Me1977Producer
B.B. KingI Wonder Why2012Producer
B.B. KingMother Fuyer1977Producer
B.B. KingSlow And Easy1977Producer
B.B. KingThe Same Love That Made Me Laugh1977Producer
B.B. King & Bobby BlandLet The Good Times Roll1976Producer
Benny Golson QuartetJust By Myself1962Producer
Benny Golson QuartetJust In Time1962Producer
Benny Golson QuartetMad About The Boy1962Producer
Benny Golson QuartetMy Romance1962Producer
Benny Golson QuartetShades Of Stein1962Producer
Benny Golson QuartetSock Cha Cha1962Producer
Bo DiddleyBite You1974Producer
Bo DiddleyEvelee1974Producer
Bo DiddleyHe's Got All The Whiskey1974Producer
Bo DiddleyHit Or Miss1974Producer
Bo DiddleyI've Been Workin'1974Producer
Bo DiddleyStop The Pusher1974Producer
Bo DiddleyYou've Got A Lot Of Nerve1974Producer
Bobby Bland And B.B. KingEveryday (I Have The Blues)1976Producer
Bobby Bland And B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone1976Producer
Bobby HebbI Was A Boy When You Needed A Man1972Producer
Bobby HebbWoman In The Window1972Producer
Chuck BerryA Deuce1975Producer
Chuck BerryAimlessly Driftin'1973Producer
Chuck BerryAlmost Grown1959Producer
Chuck BerryAnthony Boy1958Producer
Chuck BerryAround And Around1958Producer
Chuck BerryBaby, What You Want Me To Do1975Producer
Chuck BerryBio1973Producer
Chuck BerryBlues For Hawaiians1959Producer
Chuck BerryBrenda Lee1964Producer
Chuck BerryCarol1958Producer
Chuck BerryDon't You Lie To Me1961Producer
Chuck BerryGo Bobby Soxer1964Producer
Chuck BerryGot It And Gone1973Producer
Chuck BerryHail, Hail, Rock And Roll1978Producer
Chuck BerryHello Little Girl, Goodbye1973Producer
Chuck BerryHey Pedro1958Producer
Chuck BerryHi Heel Sneakers1975Producer
Chuck BerryI Just Want To Make Love To You1968Producer
Chuck BerryI Love You1972Producer
Chuck BerryI Will Not Let You Go1972Producer
Chuck BerryI'm Just A Name1975Producer
Chuck BerryJo Jo Gunne1958Producer
Chuck BerryJohnny B. Goode1957Producer
Chuck BerryLet's Boogie1972Producer
Chuck BerryLittle Marie1964Producer
Chuck BerryLittle Queenie1959Producer
Chuck BerryLiverpool Drive1964Producer
Chuck BerryLondon Berry Blues1972Producer
Chuck BerryMean Old World1972Producer
Chuck BerryMerry Christmas Baby1958Producer
Chuck BerryMy Babe1975Producer
Chuck BerryMy Ding-A-Ling1972Producer
Chuck BerryNight Beat1964Producer
Chuck BerryNo Particular Place To Go1964Producer
Chuck BerryOur Little Rendezvous1960Producer
Chuck BerryPromised Land1964Producer
Chuck BerryRain Eyes1973Producer
Chuck BerryReelin' And Rockin'1958Producer
Chuck BerryReelin' And Rockin' [live]1972Producer
Chuck BerryRoll Over Beethoven1956Producer
Chuck BerryShake, Rattle And Roll1975Producer
Chuck BerrySouth Of The Border1973Producer
Chuck BerrySue Answer1975Producer
Chuck BerrySwanee River1975Producer
Chuck BerrySweet Little Rock And Roller1958Producer
Chuck BerryTalkin' About My Buddy1973Producer
Chuck BerryThings I Used To Do1964Producer
Chuck BerryToo Late1975Producer
Chuck BerryWoodpecker1973Producer
Chuck BerryYou Are My Sunshine1975Producer
Chuck BerryYou Never Can Tell1964Producer
Chuck BerryYou Two1964Producer
Don SebeskyGuru-vin1968Producer
George BensonAlong Comes Mary1968Producer
George BensonCarnival Joys1968Producer
George BensonDoobie Doobie Blues1968Producer
George BensonGiblet Gravy1968Producer
George BensonGroovin'1968Producer
George BensonI Remember Wes1968Producer
George BensonJulie1968Producer
George BensonLow Down And Dirty1968Producer
George BensonPeople Get Ready1968Producer
George BensonSack Of Woe1968Producer
George BensonSong For My Father1968Producer
George BensonSunny1968Producer
George BensonThat Lucky Old Sun1968Producer
George BensonThe Windmills Of Your Mind1968Producer
George BensonThunder Walk1968Producer
George BensonWalk On By1968Producer
George BensonWhat's New?1968Producer
George BensonYou Make Me Feel Like A Natural Man1968Producer
Irene ReidA Certain Kind Of Woman1970Producer
Irene ReidDidn't We ...1970Producer
Irene ReidHey World, Let Love In ...1970Producer
Irene ReidHi-De-Ho1970Producer
Irene ReidMoon Dance1970Producer
Irene ReidMy Way1970Producer
Irene ReidSon Of A Preacher Man1970Producer
Irene ReidThe World Needs What I Need1970Producer
Irene ReidWords1970Producer
Jack McDuffAin't No Sunshine1974Producer
Jack McDuffThe Prophet1974Producer
John HandyErica1978Producer
John HandyGo For Yourself1978Producer
John HandyHard Work1976Producer
John HandyMoogie Woogie1978Producer
John HandyRight There, Right There1978Producer
John HandySalud To Johnny1978Producer
John HandyShe Just Won't Boogie With Me1978Producer
John HandyThe Hissing Of Summer Lawns1978Producer
John HandyWhere Go The Boats1978Producer
John HandyYoung Enough To Dream1976Producer
Keith JarrettBlackberry Winter1978Producer
Keith JarrettBop-Be1978Producer
Keith JarrettByablue1977Producer
Keith JarrettDiatribe1976Producer
Keith JarrettEverything That Lives Laments1971Producer
Keith JarrettFantasm1977Producer
Keith JarrettFlame1976Producer
Keith JarrettGotta Get Some Sleep1978Producer
Keith JarrettKonya1977Producer
Keith JarrettMushi Mushi1978Producer
Keith JarrettMysteries1976Producer
Keith JarrettPocket Full Of Charity1978Producer
Keith JarrettPyramids Moving1978Producer
Keith JarrettRainbow1977Producer
Keith JarrettRose Petals1976Producer
Keith JarrettRotation1976Producer
Keith JarrettShades Of Jazz1976Producer
Keith JarrettSilence1978Producer
Keith JarrettSouthern Smiles1976Producer
Keith JarrettTrieste1977Producer
Keith JarrettYahllah1977Producer
Kenny BurrellI'm Confessin' (That I Love You) Producer
Kenny BurrellMy Favorite Things Producer
Kenny BurrellPeople Producer
Mose AllisonBlack Down South1982Producer
Mose AllisonHello There, Universe1982Producer
Mose AllisonHow Does It Feel? (To Be Good Looking)1982Producer
Mose AllisonI Don't Want Much1982Producer
Mose AllisonI'm Just A Lucky So-And-So1982Producer
Mose AllisonI'm Nobody Today1982Producer
Mose AllisonKiddin' On The Square1982Producer
Mose AllisonMiddle Class White Boy1982Producer
Mose AllisonRollin' Stone1964Producer
Mose AllisonThe Tennessee Waltz1982Producer
Mose AllisonWhen My Dreamboat Comes Home1982Producer
Ramsey LewisBack To The Roots1971Producer
Ramsey LewisBag's Groove1972Producer
Ramsey LewisBlue Bongo1967Producer
Ramsey LewisCast Your Fate To The Wind1967Producer
Ramsey LewisCrazy He Calls Me1972Producer
Ramsey LewisDancing In The Street1967Producer
Ramsey LewisDown By The Riverside1967Producer
Ramsey LewisFree Again1967Producer
Ramsey LewisFunction At The Junction1967Producer
Ramsey LewisGirl Talk1967Producer
Ramsey LewisHey, Mrs. Jones1967Producer
Ramsey LewisI'll Wait For You1967Producer
Ramsey LewisImagination1972Producer
Ramsey LewisLara's Theme1967Producer
Ramsey LewisLook-A-Here1972Producer
Ramsey LewisOne, Two, Three1967Producer
Ramsey LewisRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer1966Producer
Ramsey LewisSpanish Grease1967Producer
Ramsey LewisStruttin' Lightly1967Producer
Ramsey LewisSummer Samba1967Producer
Ramsey LewisSummertime1972Producer
Ramsey LewisThere Is No Greater Love1972Producer
Ramsey LewisWe've Only Just Begun1971Producer
Ramsey LewisWhy Don't You Do Right1972Producer
Shel SilversteinCrouchin' On The Outside1967Producer
Shel SilversteinDance To It1967Producer
Shel SilversteinDrain My Brain1967Producer
Shel SilversteinHandy Man1967Producer
Shel SilversteinI Can't Touch The Sun1965Producer
Shel SilversteinMy Mind Keeps Movin'1967Producer
Shel SilversteinRings Of Brass1967Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Changing Of The Seasons1967Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Floobie Doobie Doo1967Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Grizzly Bear1967Producer
Shel SilversteinWhoo Doo Voo Doo Lady1967Producer
Shel SilversteinWorkin' It Out1967Producer
Sonny CrissBlues For Willie1976Producer
Sonny CrissBumpin'1976Producer
Sonny CrissCool Struttin'1976Producer
Sonny CrissMemories1976Producer
Sonny CrissSweet Summer Breeze1976Producer
Sonny CrissThat's The Way Of The World1976Producer
Sonny CrissThe Way We Were1976Producer
Stan GetzA House Is Not A Home1968Producer
Stan GetzAlfie1968Producer
Stan GetzAny Old Time Of The Day1967Producer
Stan GetzIn Between The Heartaches1968Producer
Stan GetzIn Times Like These1968Producer
Stan GetzMy Own True Love1968Producer
Stan GetzTara's Theme1968Producer
Stan GetzThe Look Of Love1966Producer
Stan GetzTrains And Boats And Planes1968Producer
Stan GetzWalk On By1968Producer
Stan GetzWhat The Worlds Needs Now Is Love1968Producer
Stan GetzWindows Of The World1968Producer
Stan GetzWives And Lovers1968Producer
Terry CallierLook At Me Now1966Producer
The Ramsey Lewis TrioHang On Sloopy1965Producer
The Ramsey Lewis TrioMovin' Easy1965Producer
Walter WanderleyAmazonas1967Producer
Walter WanderleyCanto de Ossanha1967Producer
Walter WanderleyErrinho atoa1967Producer
Walter WanderleyKee-Ka-Roo1967Producer
Walter WanderleyMenino das laranjas1967Producer
Walter WanderleyMusic To Watch Girls By1967Producer
Walter WanderleySambao1967Producer
Walter WanderleySebato sera1967Producer
Walter WanderleySensuous1967Producer
Walter WanderleyTake A Chance With Me1967Producer
Walter WanderleyThe Bobo1967Producer
Walter Wanderley feat. Marge DodsonWait Until Dark1967Producer
Wes MontgomeryFour On Six1965Producer
Wes MontgomeryImpressions1965Producer
Wes MontgomeryMisty1965Producer
Wes MontgomeryOh You Crazy Moon1965Producer
Wes MontgomeryPortrait Of Jennie1965Producer
Wes MontgomerySurrey With The Fringe On Top1965Producer
Wes MontgomeryWillow Weep For Me1965Producer
Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)1225.33
Let The Good Times Roll (B.B. King & Bobby Bland)75.14
You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)725.06
Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)784.92
Carol (Chuck Berry)304.83
Reelin' And Rockin' (Chuck Berry)224.73
No Particular Place To Go (Chuck Berry)384.5
Sweet Little Rock And Roller (Chuck Berry)144.43
Promised Land (Chuck Berry)184.39
Little Queenie (Chuck Berry)174.29
Around And Around (Chuck Berry)124.25
Hard Work (John Handy)54.2
Bio (Chuck Berry)54.2
Jo Jo Gunne (Chuck Berry)64.17
Merry Christmas Baby (Chuck Berry)124.08
Almost Grown (Chuck Berry)193.58
My Ding-A-Ling (Chuck Berry)412.85
Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)1225.33
Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)784.92
You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)725.06
My Ding-A-Ling (Chuck Berry)412.85
No Particular Place To Go (Chuck Berry)384.5
Carol (Chuck Berry)304.83
Reelin' And Rockin' (Chuck Berry)224.73
Almost Grown (Chuck Berry)193.58
Promised Land (Chuck Berry)184.39
Little Queenie (Chuck Berry)174.29
Sweet Little Rock And Roller (Chuck Berry)144.43
Around And Around (Chuck Berry)124.25
Merry Christmas Baby (Chuck Berry)124.08
Let The Good Times Roll (B.B. King & Bobby Bland)75.14
Jo Jo Gunne (Chuck Berry)64.17
Bio (Chuck Berry)54.2
Hard Work (John Handy)54.2

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