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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Eric Ivan Rosse
Anna NalickBleed2005Producer
Anna NalickBreathe (2 AM)2005Producer
Anna NalickCatalyst2005Producer
Anna NalickCitadel2005Producer
Anna NalickConsider This2005Producer
Anna NalickForever Love (Digame)2005Producer
Anna NalickIn My Head2005Producer
Anna NalickIn The Rough2005Producer
Anna NalickPaper Bag2005Producer
Anna NalickSatellite2005Producer
Anna NalickWreck Of The Day2005Producer
Bearson feat. CalWant You2016Music/Lyrics
Chris IsaakBaby Baby2009Producer
Chris IsaakCheater's Town2009Producer
Chris IsaakI Want You To Want Me2006Producer
Chris IsaakKing Without A Castle2006Producer
Chris IsaakLet's Have A Party2006Producer
Chris IsaakMr. Lonely Man2009Producer
Chris IsaakVery Pretty Girl2009Producer
Chris IsaakWe Let Her Down2009Producer
Chris IsaakWe Lost Our Way2009Producer
Chris IsaakYou Don't Cry Like I Do2009Producer
Chris Isaak & Michelle BranchI Lose My Heart2009Producer
Chris Isaak & Trisha YearwoodBreaking Apart2009Producer
Christian Burns & Paul van DykWe Are Tonight2013Music/Lyrics
David ArchuletaAngels2008Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Dean Martin with Scarlett JohanssonI'll Be Home For Christmas2011Producer
Delta GoodremHunters And The Wolves2012Music/Lyrics
Gavin DeGrawRun Every Time2011Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Gavin DeGrawWhere You Are2011Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Gin WigmoreDevil In Me2013Music/Lyrics
Gin WigmoreSaturday Smile2013Music/Lyrics
Idina MenzelI Do2016Music/Lyrics
Idina MenzelI See You2016Producer
Idina MenzelLast Time2016Music/Lyrics
Idina MenzelLike Lightning2016Music/Lyrics
Idina MenzelNothin' In This World2016Music/Lyrics
Jasmine ThompsonDrama2017Music/Lyrics
JoJoI Am.2016Music/Lyrics
Landon PiggTake A Chance2009Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Lily KershawAs It Seems2012Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Lisa Marie PresleyDirty Laundry2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyHigh Enough2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyIdiot2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyI'll Figure It Out2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyNow What2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyRaven2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleySavior2003Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyThanx2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyTurbulence2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyTurned To Black2005Producer
Lisa Marie PresleyWhen You Go2005Producer
Lisa Marie Presley feat. P!nkShine2005Producer
Mary LambertSecrets2014Music/Lyrics
Matt HiresHoney, Let Me Sing You A Song2010Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Pablo AlboránAhogándome tu adiós2014Producer
Pablo AlboránEcos2014Producer
Pablo AlboránEstá permitido2014Producer
Pablo AlboránGracias2014Producer
Pablo AlboránLa escalera2014Producer
Pablo AlboránPasos de cero2014Producer
Pablo AlboránPor fin2014Producer
Pablo AlboránRecuérdame2014Producer
Pablo AlboránUn buen amor2014Producer
Pablo AlboránVívela2014Producer
Pablo AlboránVolvería2014Producer
Pablo Alborán feat. Ricky MartinQuimera2014Producer
ParachuteThe New Year2009Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Sara BareillesBetween The Lines2007Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Sara BareillesBottle It Up2007Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Sara BareillesGravity2007Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Sara BareillesLove Song2007Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Sara BareillesMany The Miles2007Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Sara BareillesMorningside2007Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Sara BareillesVegas2007Producer
(Eric Ivan Rosse)
Steve Aoki & Louis TomlinsonJust Hold On2016Music/Lyrics
Tori AmosAll The Girls Hate Her1994Producer
Tori AmosBaker Baker1994Producer
Tori AmosBells For Her1994Producer
Tori AmosBlack Swan1994Producer
Tori AmosCloud On My Tongue1994Producer
Tori AmosCornflake Girl1994Producer
Tori AmosGirl1992Producer
Tori AmosGod1994Producer
Tori AmosHome On The Range1994Producer
Tori AmosIcicle1994Producer
Tori AmosLittle Earthquakes1992Producer
Tori AmosOver It1994Producer
Tori AmosPast The Mission1994Producer
Tori AmosPrecious Things1992Producer
Tori AmosPretty Good Year1994Producer
Tori AmosSister Janet1994Producer
Tori AmosSpace Dog1994Producer
Tori AmosTear In Your Hand1992Producer
Tori AmosThe Waitress1994Producer
Tori AmosThe Wrong Band1994Producer
Tori AmosYes, Anastasia1994Producer
Vanesa MartínComplicidad2016Producer
Vanesa MartínDescubrí2016Producer
Vanesa MartínEl amor no se explica2016Producer
Vanesa MartínInmunes2016Producer
Vanesa MartínManzanas envenenadas2016Producer
Vanesa MartínNunca me conoció2016Producer
Vanesa MartínPorque queramos vernos2016Producer
Vanesa MartínQue se entere Madrid2016Producer
Vanesa MartínSanto y seña2016Producer
Vanesa MartínSi me abrazaras2016Producer
Vanesa MartínSucederá2016Producer
Vanesa MartínTe has perdido quién soy2016Producer
Vanesa MartínYa2016Producer
Vanesa Martín feat. Manuel MedranoComplicidad2016Producer
Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos)865.05
Past The Mission (Tori Amos)315
Girl (Tori Amos)145
Wreck Of The Day (Anna Nalick)64.83
Dirty Laundry (Lisa Marie Presley)114.73
Space Dog (Tori Amos)144.71
Cloud On My Tongue (Tori Amos)134.69
Bells For Her (Tori Amos)184.67
Baker Baker (Tori Amos)164.62
The Wrong Band (Tori Amos)134.62
Precious Things (Tori Amos)184.61
Between The Lines (Sara Bareilles)74.57
Little Earthquakes (Tori Amos)104.5
Let's Have A Party (Chris Isaak)64.5
Pretty Good Year (Tori Amos)234.48
We Let Her Down (Chris Isaak)144.43
Run Every Time (Gavin DeGraw)54.4
High Enough (Lisa Marie Presley)54.4
When You Go (Lisa Marie Presley)54.4
Breathe (2 AM) (Anna Nalick)164.38
Love Song (Sara Bareilles)1614.05
Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos)865.05
Just Hold On (Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson)353.23
Past The Mission (Tori Amos)315
Bottle It Up (Sara Bareilles)304.3
Pretty Good Year (Tori Amos)234.48
God (Tori Amos)233.96
Gravity (Sara Bareilles)194.26
Bells For Her (Tori Amos)184.67
Precious Things (Tori Amos)184.61
Baker Baker (Tori Amos)164.62
Breathe (2 AM) (Anna Nalick)164.38
The Waitress (Tori Amos)164
Secrets (Mary Lambert)152.8
Girl (Tori Amos)145
Space Dog (Tori Amos)144.71
We Let Her Down (Chris Isaak)144.43
Yes, Anastasia (Tori Amos)144.21
Cloud On My Tongue (Tori Amos)134.69
The Wrong Band (Tori Amos)134.62

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