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Bullet For My Valentine10 Years Today2005Producer
Bullet For My Valentine4 Words (To Choke Upon)2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineAll These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineArmy Of Noise2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineAshes Of The Innocent2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineBroken2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineCries In Vain2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineDeliver Us From Evil2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineDisappear2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineDon't Need You2016Producer
Bullet For My ValentineEnd Of Days2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineEye Of The Storm2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineForever And Always2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineHand Of Blood2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineHearts Burst Into Fire2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineHell Or High Water2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineHer Voice Resides2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineHit The Floor2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineLast To Know2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineNo Control Producer
Bullet For My ValentineNo Way Out2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineOne Good Reason Why2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentinePariah2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentinePlaying God2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineRoad To Nowhere2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineRoom 4092005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineRun For Your Life2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineSay Goodnight2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineScream Aim Fire2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineSkin2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineSuffocating Under The Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do)2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineTake It Out On Me2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineTears Don't Fall2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineThe End2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineThe Harder The Heart (The Harder It Breaks)2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineThe Poison2005Producer
Bullet For My ValentineV2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineVenom2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineWaking The Demon2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineWatching Us Die Tonight2008Producer
Bullet For My ValentineWorthless2015Producer
Bullet For My ValentineYou Want A Battle (Here's A War)2015Producer
Cannibal CorpseBlowtorch Slaughter1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseCoffinfeeder1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseCondemned To Agony1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseConfessions1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseDead Human Collection1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseEcstacy In Decay1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseHacksaw Decapitation1999Producer
Cannibal CorpsePounded Into Dust1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseRaped By The Beast1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseSickening Metamorphosis1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseThe Spine Splitter1999Producer
Cannibal CorpseUnleashing The Bloodthirsty1999Producer
Carcass316L Grade Surgical Steel2013Producer
CarcassA Congealed Clot Of Blood2013Producer
CarcassA Wraith In The Apparatus2014Producer
CarcassCadaver Pouch Conveyor System2013Producer
CarcassCaptive Bolt Pistol2013Producer
CarcassIntensive Battery Brooding2014Producer
CarcassLivestock Marketplace2014Producer
CarcassMount Of Execution2013Producer
CarcassNoncompliance To ASTM F 899-12 Standard2013Producer
CarcassThe Granulating Dark Satanic Mills2013Producer
CarcassThe Master Butcher's Apron2013Producer
CarcassThrasher's Abattoir2013Producer
CarcassUnfit For Human Consumption2013Producer
Fear FactoryA Therapy For Pain1995Producer
Fear FactoryArise Above Oppression1992Producer
Fear FactoryBig God / Raped Souls1992Producer
Fear FactoryBody Hammer1995Producer
Fear FactoryCrash Test1992Producer
Fear FactoryCrisis1992Producer
Fear FactoryDemanufacture1995Producer
Fear FactoryDesecrate1992Producer
Fear FactoryDog Day Sunrise1995Producer
Fear FactoryEscape Confusion1992Producer
Fear FactoryFlashpoint1995Producer
Fear FactoryFlesh Hold1992Producer
Fear FactoryH-K (Hunter-Killer)1995Producer
Fear FactoryLeechmaster1992Producer
Fear FactoryLifeblind1992Producer
Fear FactoryManipulation1992Producer
Fear FactoryMartyr1992Producer
Fear FactoryNativitad1992Producer
Fear FactoryNew Breed1995Producer
Fear FactoryPisschrist1995Producer
Fear FactoryReplica1995Producer
Fear FactoryScapegoat1992Producer
Fear FactoryScrumgrief1992Producer
Fear FactorySelf Bias Resistor1995Producer
Fear FactorySelf Immolation1992Producer
Fear FactorySuffer Age1992Producer
Fear FactoryW.O.E.1992Producer
Fear FactoryZero Signal1995Producer
FightstarHazy Eyes2006Producer
Five Pointe OThe Infinity Producer
Funeral For A Friend10 Scene Points To The Winner2009Producer
Funeral For A FriendBend Your Arms To Look Like Wings Producer
Funeral For A FriendBullet Theory2003Producer
Funeral For A FriendEscape Artists Never Die2003Producer
Funeral For A FriendJuneau2003Producer
Funeral For A FriendRed Is The New Black2003Producer
Funeral For A FriendShe Drove Me To Daytime Television2003Producer
Funeral For A FriendThis Year's Most Open Heartbreak2003Producer
Funeral For A FriendYou Want Romance2004Producer
Funeral For A FriendYou Want Romanoe?2009Producer
Future ToysDancing Undercover1981Producer
Future ToysPerfect Strangers1981Producer
Machine HeadBlood Of The Zodiac1997Producer
Machine HeadViolate1997Producer
Mass HysteriaRemède2001Producer
Mass Hysteria feat. La BrigadeImmixtion2001Producer
Napalm DeathAwake (To A Life Of Misery)1992Producer
Napalm DeathAyranisms1992Producer
Napalm DeathCause And Effect (Part 2)1992Producer
Napalm DeathChristening Of The Blind1992Producer
Napalm DeathContemptuous1992Producer
Napalm DeathDementia Access1992Producer
Napalm DeathDiscordance1992Producer
Napalm DeathDistorting The Medium1992Producer
Napalm DeathExile1992Producer
Napalm DeathGot Time To Kill1992Producer
Napalm DeathI Abstain1992Producer
Napalm DeathIdiosyncratic1992Producer
Napalm DeathJuidicial Slime1992Producer
Napalm DeathKilling With Kindness1992Producer
Napalm DeathMalignant Trait1992Producer
Napalm DeathOne And The Same1992Producer
Napalm DeathSick And Tired1992Producer
Napalm DeathThe World Keeps Turning1992Producer
Napalm DeathUpward And Uninterested1992Producer
OverKillCrystal Clear2003Producer
OverKillDevil By The Tail2003Producer
OverKillI Rise2003Producer
OverKillNo Lights2003Producer
OverKillStruck Down2003Producer
OverKillThe One2003Producer
OverKillThe Sound Of Dying2003Producer
OverKillUntil I Die2003Producer
PuhdysBut Not For Ever1981Music/Lyrics
PuhdysFar From Home1981Music/Lyrics
PuhdysJourney To The Centre Of The World1981Music/Lyrics
PuhdysMarathon [English Version]1981Music/Lyrics
PuhdysMelanie [English Version]1981Music/Lyrics
PuhdysPrison Walls Are Silent1981Music/Lyrics
PuhdysSong For Generations1981Producer
PuhdysThe Times I've Cried Over You1981Music/Lyrics
Rise To RemainBridges Will Burn2011Producer
Rise To RemainCity Of Vultures2011Producer
Rise To RemainGod Can Bleed2011Producer
Rise To RemainIllusions2011Producer
Rise To RemainNothing Left2011Producer
Rise To RemainPower Through Fear2011Producer
Rise To RemainRoads2011Producer
Rise To RemainTalking In Whispers2011Producer
Rise To RemainThe Serpent2011Producer
Rise To RemainThis Day Is Mine2011Producer
Rise To RemainWe Will Last Forever2011Producer
The ChameleonsHome Is Where The Heart Is1985Producer
The ChameleonsIntrigue In Tangiers1985Producer
The ChameleonsLooking Inwardly1985Producer
The ChameleonsOn The Beach1985Producer
The ChameleonsOne Flesh1985Producer
The ChameleonsP.S. Goodbye1985Producer
The ChameleonsPerfume Garden1985Producer
The ChameleonsPrisoners Of The Sun1986Producer
The ChameleonsReturn Of The Roughnecks1985Producer
The ChameleonsSilence, Sea And Sky1985Producer
The ChameleonsSinging Rule Britannia (While The Walls Close In)1985Producer
TriviumA Skyline's Severance2011Producer
TriviumBuilt To Fall2011Producer
TriviumCapsizing The Sea2011Producer
TriviumCaustic Are The Ties That Bind2011Producer
TriviumChaos Reigns2011Producer
TriviumDusk Dismantled2011Producer
TriviumForsake Not The Dream2011Producer
TriviumIn Waves2011Producer
TriviumInception Of The End2011Producer
TriviumLeaving This World Behind2011Producer
TriviumOf All These Yesterdays2011Producer
TriviumWatch The World Burn2011Producer
Replica (Fear Factory)84.88
4 Words (To Choke Upon) (Bullet For My Valentine)164.56
Room 409 (Bullet For My Valentine)154.47
Hand Of Blood (Bullet For My Valentine)244.46
The Poison (Bullet For My Valentine)124.42
Tears Don't Fall (Bullet For My Valentine)424.36
Juneau (Funeral For A Friend)94.33
Suffocating Under The Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do) (Bullet For My Valentine)134.23
All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) (Bullet For My Valentine)554.13
Hit The Floor (Bullet For My Valentine)74
Far From Home (Puhdys)54
Venom (Bullet For My Valentine)93.89
Hearts Burst Into Fire (Bullet For My Valentine)183.72
Escape Artists Never Die (Funeral For A Friend)73.71
This Year's Most Open Heartbreak (Funeral For A Friend)53.4
Waking The Demon (Bullet For My Valentine)143.36
Cries In Vain (Bullet For My Valentine)63.17
Scream Aim Fire (Bullet For My Valentine)303.13
All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) (Bullet For My Valentine)554.13
Tears Don't Fall (Bullet For My Valentine)424.36
Scream Aim Fire (Bullet For My Valentine)303.13
Hand Of Blood (Bullet For My Valentine)244.46
Hearts Burst Into Fire (Bullet For My Valentine)183.72
4 Words (To Choke Upon) (Bullet For My Valentine)164.56
Room 409 (Bullet For My Valentine)154.47
Waking The Demon (Bullet For My Valentine)143.36
Suffocating Under The Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do) (Bullet For My Valentine)134.23
The Poison (Bullet For My Valentine)124.42
Juneau (Funeral For A Friend)94.33
Venom (Bullet For My Valentine)93.89
Replica (Fear Factory)84.88
Hit The Floor (Bullet For My Valentine)74
Escape Artists Never Die (Funeral For A Friend)73.71
Cries In Vain (Bullet For My Valentine)63.17
Far From Home (Puhdys)54
This Year's Most Open Heartbreak (Funeral For A Friend)53.4

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