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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Christine Hynde, Christine Kerr
Belle Perez2000 Miles1999Music/Lyrics
Chrissie Hynde2000 Miles (Stockholm 2014 Version)2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeA Plan Too Far2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeAdding The Blue2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeDark Sunglasses2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeDown The Wrong Way2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeHouse Of Cards2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeIn A Miracle2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeLike In The Movies2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeSweet Nuthin'2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeTourniquet (Cynthia Ann)2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeYou Or No One2014Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeYou're The One2014Music/Lyrics
David GarrettI'll Stand By You2010Music/Lyrics
Dominic [BE]Ik blijf bij jou1997Music/Lyrics
Els De MartelaereBrass In Pocket2012Music/Lyrics
Everything But The GirlKid1985Music/Lyrics
Feargal SharkeyMade To Measure1985Music/Lyrics
Girls AloudI'll Stand By You2004Music/Lyrics
Glee CastI'll Stand By You2009Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesPrivate Life1980Music/Lyrics
GrandstandI'll Stand By You2002Music/Lyrics
Kylie Minogue2000 Miles2015Music/Lyrics
Lily AllenDon't Get Me Wrong2007Music/Lyrics
Matthew Sweet and Susanna HoffsKid2013Music/Lyrics
Nick & Simon2000 Miles2009Music/Lyrics
Patti LabelleI'll Stand By You2005Music/Lyrics
(Christine Kerr)
Pretenders2000 Miles [Live]1995Music/Lyrics
PretendersAlmost Perfect2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersBaby's Breath1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersBlue Eyed Sky2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersBoots Of Chinese Plastic2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersBreak Up The Concrete2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersChord Lord2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersClean Up Woman2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersComplex Person2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersDidn't Want To Be This Lonely2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersDon't Cut Your Hair2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersDon't Lose Faith In Me2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersDragway 421999Music/Lyrics
PretendersFools Must Die2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersFrom The Heart Down1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersGotta Wait2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersHate For Sale2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersHoly Commotion2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersI Didn't Know When To Stop2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersI Hate Myself2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersI Should Of2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersI'll Stand By You1994Music/Lyrics
PretendersJunkie Walk2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersKid [Remix]1987Music/Lyrics
PretendersKinda Nice, I Like It2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersLegalise Me1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersLet's Get Lost2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersLie To Me2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersLightning Man2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersLove Colours1994Music/Lyrics
PretendersLove's A Mystery2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersMaybe Love Is In N.Y.C.2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersNails In The Road1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersNever Be Together2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersNever Do That1990Music/Lyrics
PretendersNight In My Veins1994Music/Lyrics
PretendersNothing Breaks Like A Heart2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersOne More Day2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersOne More Time1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersOne Thing Never Changed2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersRebel Rock Me1994Music/Lyrics
PretendersRoadie Man2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersSaving Grace2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersSense Of Purpose1990Music/Lyrics
PretendersThe Buzz2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersThe Last Ride2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersThe Losing2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersThe Man You Are2016Music/Lyrics
PretendersThe Nothing Maker2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersTurf Accountant Daddy2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersWho's Who1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersYou Can't Hurt A Fool2020Music/Lyrics
PretendersYou Didn't Have To2008Music/Lyrics
PretendersYou Know Who Your Friends Are2002Music/Lyrics
Pretenders feat. The Duke String QuartetCrying In Public2020Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartI'll Stand By You2006Music/Lyrics
SalivaMessage Of Love2001Music/Lyrics
Scala & Kolacny Brothers2000 Miles2012Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyI'll Stand By You1996Music/Lyrics
Smash Mouth2000 Miles2012Music/Lyrics
(Christine Hynde)
SuedeBrass In Pocket1992Music/Lyrics
Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail RidersGet The Money2019Music/Lyrics
The Pretenders2000 Miles1983Music/Lyrics
The PretendersBack On The Chain Gang1982Music/Lyrics
The PretendersBad Boys Get Spanked1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersBirds Of Paradise1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersBrass In Pocket1979Music/Lyrics
The PretendersChill Factor1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersComplicada2003Music/Lyrics
The PretendersCriminal1990Music/Lyrics
The PretendersCuban Slide1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersDance!1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersDay After Day1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersDon't Get Me Wrong1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersDowntown (Akron)1990Music/Lyrics
The PretendersHold A Candle To This1990Music/Lyrics
The PretendersHow Do I Miss You1990Music/Lyrics
The PretendersHow Much Did You Get For Your Soul?1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersI Hurt You1984Music/Lyrics
The PretendersI Remember You1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersIf There Was A Man1987Music/Lyrics
The PretendersJealous Dogs1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersKid1979Music/Lyrics
The PretendersLet's Make A Pact1990Music/Lyrics
The PretendersLouie Louie1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersLovers Of Today1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersMessage Of Love1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersMiddle Of The Road1983Music/Lyrics
The PretendersMillionaires1990Music/Lyrics
The PretendersMy Baby1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersMy City Was Gone1982Music/Lyrics
The PretendersMystery Achievement1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersNervous But Shy1979Music/Lyrics
The PretendersNo Guarantee1990Music/Lyrics
The PretendersPack It Up1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersPorcelain1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersPrecious1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersPrivate Life1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersShow Me1984Music/Lyrics
The PretendersSwinging London1979Music/Lyrics
The PretendersTalk Of The Town1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersTattooed Love Boys1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersThe Adultress1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersThe English Roses1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersThe Phone Call1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersThe Wait1978Music/Lyrics
The PretendersThumbelina1984Music/Lyrics
The PretendersTime The Avenger1984Music/Lyrics
The PretendersTradition Of Love1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersUp The Neck1980Music/Lyrics
The PretendersWaste Not Want Not1981Music/Lyrics
The PretendersWatching The Clothes1983Music/Lyrics
The PretendersWhen I Change My Life1986Music/Lyrics
The PretendersWhere Has Everybody Gone?1987Music/Lyrics
Tom Chaplin2000 Miles2017Music/Lyrics
Train2000 Miles2015Music/Lyrics
You Can't Hurt A Fool (Pretenders)55.2
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)1465.07
The Buzz (Pretenders)65
Lovers Of Today (The Pretenders)114.82
Precious (The Pretenders)134.77
Brass In Pocket (The Pretenders)964.74
Don't Get Me Wrong (Lily Allen)64.67
Louie Louie (The Pretenders)84.62
Show Me (The Pretenders)184.61
Private Life (Grace Jones)374.59
Up The Neck (The Pretenders)124.58
Holy Commotion (Pretenders)94.56
Never Do That (Pretenders)114.55
2000 Miles (The Pretenders)514.51
Private Life (The Pretenders)184.5
When I Change My Life (The Pretenders)84.5
Back On The Chain Gang (The Pretenders)734.48
You Or No One (Chrissie Hynde)114.45
Middle Of The Road (The Pretenders)414.44
Don't Get Me Wrong (The Pretenders)1354.44
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)1465.07
Don't Get Me Wrong (The Pretenders)1354.44
Brass In Pocket (The Pretenders)964.74
Back On The Chain Gang (The Pretenders)734.48
2000 Miles (The Pretenders)514.51
Middle Of The Road (The Pretenders)414.44
Private Life (Grace Jones)374.59
Kid (The Pretenders)374.43
Talk Of The Town (The Pretenders)354.06
I'll Stand By You (Girls Aloud)353.83
Message Of Love (The Pretenders)284
Show Me (The Pretenders)184.61
Private Life (The Pretenders)184.5
Night In My Veins (Pretenders)184.22
If There Was A Man (The Pretenders)174.06
My Baby (The Pretenders)174
Tattooed Love Boys (The Pretenders)154
Precious (The Pretenders)134.77
The Wait (The Pretenders)134.15
Up The Neck (The Pretenders)124.58

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