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Blonde Redhead232007Producer
Blonde RedheadDr. Strangeluv2007Producer
Blonde RedheadHeroine2007Producer
Blonde RedheadMy Impure Hair2007Producer
Blonde RedheadPublisher2007Producer
Blonde RedheadSilently2007Producer
Blonde RedheadSpring And By Summer Fall2007Producer
Blonde RedheadSw2007Producer
Blonde RedheadThe Dress2007Producer
Blonde RedheadTop Ranking2007Producer
ChairliftSidewalk Safari2011Producer
Circa WavesA Night On The Broken Tiles2017Producer
Circa WavesBe Somebody Good2018Producer
Circa WavesCrying Shame2017Producer
Circa WavesDifferent Creatures2017Producer
Circa WavesFire That Burns2017Producer
Circa WavesGoodbye2017Producer
Circa WavesLove's Run Out2017Producer
Circa WavesMovies2018Producer
Circa WavesOld Friends2017Producer
Circa WavesOut On My Own2017Producer
Circa WavesStuck2017Producer
Circa WavesThe Way We Say Goodbye2019Producer
Circa WavesTimes Won't Change Me2019Producer
Circa WavesWake Up2017Producer
Circa WavesWithout You2017Producer
Gianna NanniniAiuto1988Producer
Gianna NanniniCasablanca1988Producer
Gianna NanniniCuore zingaro1988Producer
Gianna NanniniDonne in amore1988Producer
Gianna NanniniHey bionda1988Producer
Gianna NanniniLuci rosse1988Producer
Gianna NanniniLuna dell'est1988Producer
Gianna NanniniRevolution1988Producer
Gianna NanniniTime Lover1988Producer
Gianna NanniniUn ragazzo come te1988Producer
Gianna NanniniVoglio fare l'amore1988Producer
Nine Inch Nails1.000.0002008Producer
Nine Inch Nails10 Miles High1999Producer
Nine Inch Nails999.9992008Producer
Nine Inch NailsAll The Love In The World2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsAll Time Low2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsBeside You In Time2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsBlack Noise2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsComplication1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsCopy Of A2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsCorona Radiata2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsDeep2001Producer
Nine Inch NailsDemon Seed2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsDisappointed2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsDiscipline2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsEchoplex2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsEven Deeper1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsEvery Day Is Exactly The Same2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsEverything2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsFind My Way2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsGetting Smaller2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsHerd Down2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsHome2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsI Would For You2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsI'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsIn Two2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsInto The Void1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsJust Like You Imagined1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsLa mer1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsLetting You2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsLights In The Sky2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsLove Is Not Enough2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsNo, You Don't1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsOnly2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsPilgrimage1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsPlease1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsRight Where It Belongs2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsRipe (With Decay)1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsRunning2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsSatellite2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsSomewhat Damaged1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsStarsuckers, Inc.1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsSunspots2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Big Come Down1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Collector2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Day The World Went Away1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Eater Of Dreams2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Four Of Us Are Dying2008Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Frail1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Great Below1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That Feeds2005Music/Lyrics
Nine Inch NailsThe Line Begins To Blur2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Mark Has Been Made1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe New Flesh1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Perfect Drug1997Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Way Out Is Through1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Wretched1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsUnderneath It All1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsVarious Methods Of Escape2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsWe're In This Together1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsWhere Is Everybody?1999Producer
Nine Inch NailsWhile I'm Still Here2013Producer
Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth2005Producer
Nine Inch NailsYou Know What You Are?1990Producer
RideChrome Waves1992Producer
RideCool Your Boots1992Producer
RideLeave Them All Behind1992Producer
RideMaking Judy Smile1992Producer
RideMouse Trap1992Producer
RideNot Fazed1992Producer
RideTime Machine1992Producer
RideTime Of Her Time1992Producer
Shakespears SisterAre We In Love Yet1992Producer
Shakespears SisterBlack Sky1992Producer
Shakespears SisterCatwoman1992Producer
Shakespears SisterEmotional Thing1992Producer
Shakespears SisterHello (Turn Your Radio On)1992Producer
Shakespears SisterI Don't Care1992Producer
Shakespears SisterLet Me Entertain You1992Producer
Shakespears SisterMoonchild1992Producer
Shakespears SisterMy 16th Apology1992Producer
Shakespears SisterStay1991Producer
Shakespears SisterThe Trouble With Andre1991Producer
Sigur RósAll Alright2008Producer
Sigur RósÁra bátur2008Producer
Sigur RósFestival2008Producer
Sigur RósFljótavík2008Producer
Sigur RósGobbledigook2008Producer
Sigur RósGóðan daginn2008Producer
Sigur RósIllgresi2008Producer
Sigur RósInní mér syngur vitleysingur2008Producer
Sigur RósMeð suð í eyrum2008Producer
Sigur RósStraumnes2008Producer
Sigur RósVið spilum endalaust2008Producer
SuedeAll The Wild Places2018Producer
SuedeAs One2018Producer
SuedeBeyond The Outskirts2018Producer
SuedeChalk Circles2018Producer
SuedeCold Hands2018Producer
SuedeDead Bird2018Producer
SuedeDon't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You2018Producer
SuedeLife Is Golden2018Producer
SuedeThe Invisibles2018Producer
The KillersBling (Confession Of A King)2006Producer
The KillersBones2006Producer
The KillersDon't Shoot Me Santa2007Producer
The KillersFor Reasons Unknown2006Producer
The KillersMy List2006Producer
The KillersRead My Mind2006Producer
The KillersSam's Town2006Producer
The KillersThis River Is Wild2006Producer
The KillersUncle Jonny2006Producer
The KillersWhen You Were Young2006Producer
The KillersWhere The White Boys Dance2006Producer
The KillersWhy Do I Keep Counting?2006Producer
The Killers feat. Toni HallidayA Great Big Sled2006Producer
The Smashing Pumpkins19791995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsAn Ode To No One1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsBeautiful1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsBodies1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsBullet With Butterfly Wings1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsBy Starlight1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsCherry1996Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsCupid De Locke1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsFarewell And Goodnight1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsGalapogos1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsGod2013Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsHere Is No Why1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsIn The Arms Of Sleep1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsJellybelly1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsLily (My One And Only)1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsLove1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsMuzzle1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsPorcelina Of The Vast Oceans1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsSet The Ray To Jerry2013Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsStumbleine1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsTake Me Down1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsTales Of A Scorched Earth1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThirty-Three1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThru The Eyes Of Ruby1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsTo Forgive1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsTonight, Tonight1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsTribute To Johnny2013Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsUgly1996Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsWe Only Come Out At Night1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsWhere Boys Fear To Tread1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsX.Y.U.1995Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsZero1995Producer
White LiesBad Love2011Producer
White LiesBigger Than Us2010Producer
White LiesCome Down2011Producer
White LiesHoly Ghost2011Producer
White LiesIs Love2011Producer
White LiesPeace & Quiet2011Producer
White LiesStrangers2011Producer
White LiesStreetlights2011Producer
White LiesThe Power & The Glory2011Producer
White LiesTurn The Bells2011Producer
Wolfmother10,000 Feet2009Producer
WolfmotherBack Round2009Producer
WolfmotherCalifornia Queen2009Producer
WolfmotherCosmic Egg2009Producer
WolfmotherEyes Open2009Producer
WolfmotherFar Away2009Producer
WolfmotherIn The Castle2009Producer
WolfmotherIn The Morning2009Producer
WolfmotherNew Moon Rising2009Producer
WolfmotherViolence Of The Sun2009Producer
WolfmotherWhite Feather2009Producer
All The Love In The World (Nine Inch Nails)75.43
Festival (Sigur Rós)185.33
Ára bátur (Sigur Rós)185.22
Með suð í eyrum (Sigur Rós)145.21
Wastelands (Suede)55.2
The Line Begins To Blur (Nine Inch Nails)55.2
Even Deeper (Nine Inch Nails)55.2
Please (Nine Inch Nails)55.2
Complication (Nine Inch Nails)55.2
Where Is Everybody? (Nine Inch Nails)65.17
Thru The Eyes Of Ruby (The Smashing Pumpkins)135.15
The Big Come Down (Nine Inch Nails)75.14
Just Like You Imagined (Nine Inch Nails)85.12
Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans (The Smashing Pumpkins)115.09
Bodies (The Smashing Pumpkins)115.09
Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (Shakespears Sister)1605.03
Stay (Shakespears Sister)1675.01
Sam's Town (The Killers)475
Galapogos (The Smashing Pumpkins)105
Bad Love (White Lies)85
Stay (Shakespears Sister)1675.01
Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (Shakespears Sister)1605.03
When You Were Young (The Killers)1274.85
Read My Mind (The Killers)964.71
Tonight, Tonight (The Smashing Pumpkins)674.75
1979 (The Smashing Pumpkins)624.82
Bones (The Killers)594.63
I Don't Care (Shakespears Sister)574.58
Bullet With Butterfly Wings (The Smashing Pumpkins)554.8
Bigger Than Us (White Lies)524.35
Sam's Town (The Killers)475
For Reasons Unknown (The Killers)424.83
This River Is Wild (The Killers)394.87
Bling (Confession Of A King) (The Killers)364.83
Uncle Jonny (The Killers)354.6
Only (Nine Inch Nails)344.35
The Hand That Feeds (Nine Inch Nails)334.18
My List (The Killers)334
New Moon Rising (Wolfmother)324
Why Do I Keep Counting? (The Killers)314.68

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