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World wide:
ch  Peak: 85 / weeks: 1
de  Peak: 62 / weeks: 1
at  Peak: 51 / weeks: 1
fr  Peak: 48 / weeks: 3
nl  Peak: 19 / weeks: 2
be  Peak: 17 / weeks: 18 (Vl)
  Peak: 36 / weeks: 13 (Wa)
es  Peak: 39 / weeks: 4

ISO / Columbia 88985374912

CD ISO / Columbia 88985374912 (Sony) / EAN 0889853749126
CD 1:
1. Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
2. Michael C. Hall and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - Lazarus
3. Michael C. Hall, Lynn Craig, and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - It's No Game
4. Sophia Anne Caruso and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - This Is Not America
5. Charlie Pollack - The Man Who Sold The World
6. Sophia Anne Caruso - No Plan
7. Michael Esper and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - Love Is Lost
8. Cristin Milioti and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - Changes
9. Michael C. Hall and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - Where Are We Now?
10. Michael C. Hall, Cristin Milioti, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso, Krystina Alabado, and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - Absolute Beginners
11. Michael Esper - Dirty Boys
12. Michael C. Hall - Killing A Little Time
13. Sophia Anne Caruso - Life On Mars?
14. Nicholas Christopher, Lynn Craig, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - All The Young Dudes
15. David Bowie - Sound And Vision
16. Cristin Milioti - Always Crashing In The Same Car
17. Michael Esper and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - Valentine's Day
18. Michael C. Hall and Krystina Alabado - When I Met You
19. Michael C. Hall, Sophia Anne Caruso, and Original New York Cast Of Lazarus - Heroes
CD 2:
1. David Bowie - Lazarus
2. David Bowie - No Plan
3. David Bowie - Killing A Little Time
4. David Bowie - When I Met You
LP Columbia 88985374551 (Sony) / EAN 0889853745517

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★ [Blackstar]
(She Can) Do That (David Bowie And BT)
(You Will) Set The World On Fire
5:15 The Angels Have Gone
'87 And Cry
A Better Future
A Big Hurt (Tin Machine)
A New Career In A New Town
A Small Plot Of Land
Absolute Beginners
Across The Universe
African Night Flight
After All
After Today
Alabama Song
Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)
All Saints
All The Madmen
All The Young Dudes
Always Crashing In The Same Car
Amazing (Tin Machine)
Amlapura (Tin Machine)
An Occasional Dream
And I Say To Myself (David Bowie with The Lower Third)
Andy Warhol
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere?
Arnold Layne (David Gilmour feat. David Bowie)
Art Decade
As The World Falls Down
Ashes To Ashes
Baal's Hymn
Baby Can Dance (Tin Machine)
Baby Loves That Way
Baby Loves That Way (Davy Jones & The Lower Third)
Baby Universal (Tin Machine)
Ballad Of The Adventurers
Bang Bang
Bars Of The County Jail (Davy Jones [David Bowie])
Battle For Britain (The Letter)
Be My Wife
Beat Of Your Drum
Beauty And The Beast
Beauty And The Beast/Fame
Because You're Young
Betty Wrong (Tin Machine)
Big Brother
Black Country Rock
Black Tie White Noise (David Bowie feat. Al B. Sure!)
Bleed Like A Graze, Dad
Blue Jean
Born In A UFO
Boss Of Me
Boys Keep Swinging
Breaking Glass
Breaking Glass (Live)
Brilliant Adventure
Bring Me The Disco King
Bus Stop (Tin Machine)
Can You Hear Me
Can't Help Thinking About Me (David Bowie with The Lower Third)
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Changes (Butterfly Boucher feat. David Bowie)
Changes (Live)
Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
Chilly Down
China Girl
Come And Buy My Toys
Conversation Piece
Crack City (Tin Machine)
Cracked Actor
Criminal World
Crystal Japan
Cygnet Committee
Dancing In The Street (David Bowie and Mick Jagger)
Dancing Out In Space
Dancing With The Big Boys
David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's BAAL [EP]
Day-In Day-Out
Dead Against It
Dead Man Walking
Diamond Dogs
Did You Ever Have A Dream
Dirty Boys
DJ (Benassi vs. Bowie)
Do Anything You Say
Dollar Days
Don't Bring Me Down
Don't Let Me Down & Down
Don't Look Down
Don't Sit Down
Drive-In Saturday
Eight Line Poem
Everyone Says 'Hi'
Everything's Alright
Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
Fame 40th Anniversary
Fame 90
Fantastic Voyage
Fill Your Heart
Five Years
Friday On My Mind
Future Legend
Get Real
Girl Loves Me
Glad I've Got Nobody (Davy Jones & The Lower Third)
Glass Spider
God Bless The Girl
God Knows I'm Good
God Only Knows
Golden Years
Golden Years (David Bowie vs. KCRW)
Good Morning, Girl
Goodbye Mr. Ed (Tin Machine)
Growin' Up
Hallo Spaceboy
Hammerhead (Tin Machine)
Hang On To Yourself
Heathen (The Rays)
Heaven's In Here (Tin Machine)
Here Comes The Night
Heroes - Klax Remix
Heroes (chanté en français)
Holy Holy
Hop Frog (Lou Reed feat. David Bowie)
How Does The Grass Grow?
I Am With Name
I Can't Explain
I Can't Give Everything Away
I Can't Read (Tin Machine)
I Can't Read
I Dig Everything
I Feel Free
I Got You Babe (David Bowie & Marianne Faithfull)
I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
I Keep Forgettin'
I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship
I Want My Baby Back (Davy Jones [David Bowie])
I Wish You Would
I Would Be Your Slave
Ian Fish, U.K. Heir
I'd Rather Be High
If I'm Dreaming My Life
If There Is Something (Tin Machine)
If You Can See Me
I'll Follow You (Davy Jones & The Lower Third)
I'll Take You There
I'm Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie With Ice Cube)
I'm Afraid Of Americans
I'm Deranged
I'm Not Losing Sleep
I'm Waiting For The Man
In The Heat Of The Morning
It Ain't Easy
It's Gonna Be Me
It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City
It's No Game (Part 1)
It's No Game (Part 2)
I've Been Waiting For You
Joe The Lion
John, I'm Only Dancing
John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)
Join The Gang
Jump They Say
Just For One Day (Heroes) (David Guetta vs. Bowie)
Karma Man
Killing A Little Time
Kingdom Come
Knock On Wood
Lady Grinning Soul
Lady Stardust
Law (Earthlings On Fire)
Leon Takes Us Outside
Let Me Sleep Beside You
Let's Dance
Let's Dance (Live) (Tina Turner & David Bowie)
Let's Spend The Night Together
Letter To Hermione
Life Is A Circus
Life On Mars? (Arcade Fire / David Bowie)
Life On Mars?
Like A Rocket Man
Like A Rolling Stone (Mick Ronson With David Bowie)
Little Bombardier
Little Wonder
Liza Jane (Davie Jones with The King Bees)
London, Bye, Ta-Ta
Look Back In Anger
Looking For Lester
Looking For Satellites
Looking For Water
Louie, Louie Go Home (Davie Jones with The King Bees)
Love Is Lost
Love Missile F1 Eleven
Love You Till Tuesday
Lover To The Dawn
Loving The Alien (The Scumfrog vs. Bowie)
Loving The Alien
Lucy Can't Dance
Magic Dance
Maid Of Bond Street
Memory Of A Free Festival
Miracle Goodnight
Modern Love
Moonage Daydream
Moss Garden
Move On
My Death
Nature Boy (David Bowie & Massive Attack)
Nature Boy
Neighborhood Threat
Never Get Old
Never Let Me Down
New Angels Of Promise
New Killer Star
New York's In Love
Nite Flights
No Control
No Plan
No-One Calls
Nothing Has Changed. The Very Best Of Bowie
Nothing To Be Desired
Occasional Dream
Oh! You Pretty Things
One Shot (Tin Machine)
Opening Title (Including Underground)
Out Cue
Pablo Picasso
Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena (Live) (Tao Jones Index)
Panic In Detroit
Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy (David Bowie & Bing Crosby)
Penny Lane
Peter And The Wolf, Op. 67
Please Mr. Gravedigger
Pray, Olé
Pretty Pink Rose (Adrian Belew feat. David Bowie)
Pretty Thing (Tin Machine)
Prisoner Of Love (Tin Machine)
Queen Bitch
Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture)
Ragazzo solo, ragazza sola
Real Cool World
Rebel Never Gets Old
Rebel Rebel
Red Money
Red Sails
Remembering Marie A.
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
Rock 'N' Roll With Me
Rock 'N' Roll With Me (Live)
Round And Round
Rubber Band
Run (Tin Machine)
Running Gun Blues
Sacrifice Yourself (Tin Machine)
Saviour Machine
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Scream Like A Baby
See Emily Play
Segue - Algeria Touchshriek
Segue - Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)
Segue - Nathan Adler, Pt.1
Segue - Nathan Adler, Pt.2
Segue - Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name
Sell Me A Coat
Sense Of Doubt
Seven Years In Tibet
Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin Version)
Sex And The Church
Shadow Man
Shake It
Shapes Of Things
She Shook Me Cold
She'll Drive The Big Car
She's Got Medals
Shining Star (Makin' My Love)
Shopping For Girls (Tin Machine)
Silly Boy Blue
Slip Away
Slow Burn
So She
Some Are
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Something In The Air
Song For Bob Dylan
Sons Of The Silent Age
Sorry (Tin Machine)
Soul Love
Soul Love (Live)
Sound + Vision (David Bowie vs. 808 State)
Sound And Vision
Sound And Vision 2013
South Horizon
Space Oddity
Space Oddity (David Bowie feat. Kristen Wiig)
Speed Of Life
Star (Live)
Stateside (Tin Machine)
Station To Station
Strangers When We Meet
Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)
Suffragette City
Sweet Head
Sweet Thing
Sweet Thing (Reprise)
Teenage Wildlife
Telling Lies
That's Motivation
That's Where My Heart Is (Davy Jones [David Bowie])
The Bewlay Brothers
The Buddha Of Suburbia (David Bowie feat. Lenny Kravitz)
The Dirty Song
The Dreamers
The Drowned Girl
The Gospel According To Tony Day
The Hearts Filthy Lesson
The Informer
The Jean Genie
The Last Thing You Should Do
The Laughing Gnome
The London Boys
The Loneliest Guy
The Man Who Sold The World
The Man Who Sold The World (Live)
The Motel
The Mysteries
The Next Day
The Nutcracker Suite
The Prettiest Star
The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
The Secret Life Of Arabia
The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
The Supermen
The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
The Wedding
The Wedding Song
The Width Of A Circle
There Is A Happy Land
This Is Not America (David Bowie / Pat Metheny Group)
Thru' These Architect's Eyes
Thursday's Child
Time Will Crawl
Tin Machine (Tin Machine)
'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore
Tonight (Live) (Tina Turner & David Bowie)
Too Dizzy
Try Some, Buy Some
Tryin' To Get To Heaven
Tumble And Twirl
TVC 15
Uncle Arthur
Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)
Under Pressure (Rah Remix) (Queen + David Bowie)
Under The God (Tin Machine)
Untitled No.1
Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed
Up The Hill Backwards
V-2 Schneider
V-2 Schneider (Tao Jones Index)
Valentine's Day
Velvet Goldmine
Video Crimes (Tin Machine)
Watch That Man
Waterloo Sunset
We All Go Through
We Are Hungry Men
We Are The Dead
We Prick You
We Shall Go To Town
Weeping Wall
What In The World
What's Really Happening?
When I Live My Dream
When I Met You
When I'm Five
When The Boys Come Marching Home
When The Wind Blows
Where Are We Now?
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
White Light / White Heat
Who Can I Be Now?
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
Wild Is The Wind
Wishful Beginnings
Within You
Without You
Without You I'm Nothing (Placebo feat. David Bowie)
Wood Jackson
Word On A Wing
Working Class Hero (Tin Machine)
You Belong In Rock N' Roll (Tin Machine)
You Can't Talk (Tin Machine)
You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
Young Americans
Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra Op.34
Your Turn To Drive
You've Been Around
You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
You've Got A Habit Of Leaving (Davy Jones & The Lower Third)
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust (Live)
★ [Blackstar]
1. Outside
A New Career In A New Town [1977-1982]
A Reality Tour
Across The Ether (Bowie And His Guests)
Aladdin Sane
All Saints: Collected Instrumentals 1977-1999
An Evening With David Bowie
Back In Anger 1995 (Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie)
Back In Anger: The 1995 Radio Transmissions (Nine Inch Nails with David Bowie)
Beauty And The Beast
Berlin In Tokyo
Best Of (Deutsche Edition)
Best Of Bowie
Best Of Bowie & Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - The Motion Picture
Best Of Seven Months In America
Birthday Celebration - Live In NYC (David Bowie & Friends)
Birthday Celebration Live NYC (David Bowie & Friends)
Black Tie White Noise
Bowie At The Beeb - The Best Of The BBC Radio Sessions 68-72
Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (Soundtrack / David Bowie)
Clareville Grove Demos (David Bowie with John 'Hutch' Hutchinson)
Conversation Piece
Conversations In Space
Cracked Actor - Live Los Angeles '74
David Bowie
David Bowie & Friends - Live Broadcasts
David Bowie Box
David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's "Baal"
David Live
Day In Day Out - Radio Broadcast, Australia 1987
Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs / Scary Monsters / Heroes
Die weisse Serie
Die weisse Serie: Extra-Ausgabe
Early On (1964-1966)
Eart hl i ng
Excerpts From Outside
Fame And Fashion
Five Years [1969-1973]
From Station To Station - The Legendary Broadcasts
Funtime (Iggy Pop feat. David Bowie)
Glass Spider
Glass Spider (Live Montreal '87)
Glass Spider Live
Glastonbury 2000
Golden Years
Hello Cleveland - Live! (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)
Heroes + Lodger
Historia de la Musica Rock 4
Hunky Dory
I Dig Everything: The 1966 Pye Singles
I'm Only Dancing (Thesoultour74)
In Memory Of
In Memory Of David Bowie
Industrial Collaborations (Bowie and Nine Inch Nails)
Is It Any Wonder? [EP)
Isolar II Tour 1978
Japan 1992 (Tin Machine)
Karma Man 1965-1969
Labyrinth (Soundtrack / David Bowie / Trevor Jones)
Lazarus (Musical / David Bowie and Enda Walsh)
Let's Dance
Live Box (David Bowie & Friends)
Live In Cleveland-1977 (Iggy Pop feat. David Bowie)
Live In New York 1987
Live In Santa Monica 1972 + Aladdin Sane
Live In The 90's
Live Nassau Coliseum '76
Live Santa Monica '72
Live USA
London 1983
London Boy
Look At The Moon! (Live Phoenix Festival 97)
Lost Radio Tapes
Love You Till Tuesday
Loving The Alien [1983-1988]
Low + Young Americans
Mantra Studios Broadcast 1977 (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)
Mantra Studios Broadcast, Chicago 1977 (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)
Montreal 1983 - The Canadian Broadcast - Volume One
Montreal 1983 - The Canadian Broadcast - Volume Two
Never Let Me Down
No Plan
No Trendy Réchauffé (Live Birmingham 95)
Nothing Has Changed. The Very Best Of Bowie
Original Album Classics
Outside + Heathen
Ouvrez Le Chien (Live Dallas 95)
Rarities 1966-1968
Rock Concert
Santa Monica 1972
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Serge Prokoffieff Peter And The Wolf (Narator David Bowie)
Serious Moonlight (Live '83)
Sister Midnight - Live At The Agora (Iggy & Ziggy)
Sister Midnight - Live At The Opera (Iggy & Ziggy)
Small Club Broadcast - Paris Show 1999
Sound + Vision
Sounds & Visions - The Legendary Broadcasts
Space Oddity
Space Oddity - F.M. Broadcast 1983 (David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan)
Space Oddity + The Man Who Sold The World
Spying Through A Keyhole - Demos And Unreleased Songs
Starting Point
Station To Station
Station To Station - Deluxe Edition
The 1980 Floorshow
The 1983 Rehearsal Broadcast (Stevie Ray Vaughan with David Bowie)
The Best Of Bowie
The Best Of David Bowie 1969/1974
The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979
The Best Of David Bowie 1980/1987
The Broadcast Collection
The Broadcast Collection 1972-1997
The Buddha Of Suburbia
The Collaborator - The Legandary Broadcast Collaborations
The Collection
The Continuing Story Of Major Tom
The Deram Anthology 1966-1968
The Lowdown
The Man Who Sold The World
The 'Mercury' Demos
The Next Day
The Next Day Extra EP
The Ohio Shuffle (Iggy Pop & David Bowie)
The Platinum Collection
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (30th Anniversary)
The Sacred Triangle (Bowie Iggy & Lou)
The Singles Collection
The World Of David Bowie
Tin Machine (Tin Machine)
Tin Machine II (Tin Machine)
Under Pressure (Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie)
Under The Moonlight
VH1 Storytellers
We Could Be Heroes - The Legendary Broadcasts
We Prick You - Radio Broadcast 1995 (Nine Inch Nails feat. David Bowie)
Welcome To The Blackout (Live London '78)
Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976]
Wild Eyed Boy - Live & Sessions 1970
Young Americans
Zeit! 77-79
Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture
Ziggy's Last Floor Show (Bowie And His Guests)
A Reality Tour
Best Of Bowie
Birthday Celebration Live NYC (David Bowie & Friends)
Bowie In Berlin
Bowie In The '70s
Glass Spider
Live - The TV Broadcasts
Rare And Unseen - The Rare And Unseen Collection
Serious Moonlight [2011]
Serious Moonlight
The Glass Spider Tour
Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - The Motion Picture
Alles geven (Cast van Team U.P.)
Chanson de la petite fille dans la chambre vide
Dialogue conteur / Emilie
Er zit meer in een liedje (Cast van Unidamu)
Get Up! (Cast van Team U.P.)
Grijs Moniqueske (Cast van Unidamu)
Help mij (Cast van Unidamu)
Iedereen brullie (Cast van Unidamu)
Ik doe mee (Cast van Team U.P.)
Ik verlang zo naar huis (Cast van Unidamu)
Il vit en toi (Le Roi Lion)
Jij, jij spiertje (Cast van Team U.P.)
Jong (Cast van Team U.P.)
Kei! Vet! Cool! (Cast van Unidamu)
Let's Have Lunch (Reprise) / Girl Meets Boy
Maak ze mooi (Cast van Team U.P.)
Megamix (Cast van Team U.P.)
Megamix (Cast van Unidamu)
Met de trein naar Oostende (Cast van Team U.P.)
Mijn allerliefste broer (Cast van Unidamu)
Ochtendgymnastiek (Cast van Team U.P.)
Play-O (Cast van Team U.P.)
Poco loco (Cast van Team U.P.)
Power aan de kids (Cast van Unidamu)
So wie man denkt, so kommt es nie
Sound Of Music
Spring (Cast van Unidamu)
Superidee (Cast van Unidamu)
Team U.P. (Cast van Team U.P.)
Tocht door het donker (Cast van Team U.P.)
Unidamu (Cast van Unidamu)
Wereld vol muziek (Cast van Unidamu)
Zo verliefd (Cast van Team U.P.)
10 Jahre Tanz der Vampire - Das Jubiläumskonzert
1789, Les Amants de la Bastille
3 Musketiere
3 Musketiers
40-45: Spektakel-musical
42nd Street
56 csepp vér
A Chorus Line
A kölyök
Adam & Eve - La seconde chance (Musical / Pascal Obispo)
Aida [Das Original aus dem Colosseum Theater Essen]
Aladdin - Die Originalversion des Hamburger Musicals - Live-Aufnahme
Alice - Ein Rockmusical
American Utopia (Musical / David Byrne)
An American In Paris - A New Musical
Anastasia - Das Broadway Musical
Anastasia (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
Anatevka [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
Annie - A New Musical
Atylantos - ... A Legend Of Atlantis ...
Autant en emporte le vent
Beauty And The Beast - The Broadway Musical
Beauty And The Beast - The Broadway Musical - Original Australian Cast Recording
Beauty And The Beast [NL]
Beethoven: Fidelio
Bend It Like Beckham
Bernadette de Lourdes
Bethlehem (Musical / Michael Kunze und Dieter Falk)
Bharati - Il était une fois l'Inde
Bibi Blocksberg - Hexen hexen überall
Break Line
Buddy - Das Buddy Holly Musical
Buddy - Die Buddy-Holly-Story
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Bye Bye Birdie
Cabaret [1966]
Calamity Jane
Calendar Girls [2017 Original London Cast]
Camelot (Original 1982 London Cast)
Candide (Musical / Leonard Bernstein)
Carl Millöcker: Der Bettelstudent
Cats [Broadway, 1982]
Cats [Deutsche Gesamtaufnahme aus dem Hamburger Operettenhaus]
Cats [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
Cats [London, 1981]
Cats [Nederlandse Cast Versie 2006/2007]
Cats [Nederlandstalige versie 1987]
Cats [Selections From The Original Broadway Cast Recording]
Chess - Pĺ svenska
Chess [DK]
Chess Pieces
Chicago - Live!
Chicago - Live-Aufnahme aus dem Stage Palladium Theater Stuttgart
Chicago [London Cast]
Cinderella - Das märchenhafte Pop-Musical
Cindy Reller - Voll ins Ohr und mitten ins Herz
Cindy: Cendrillon 2002
Ciske de Rat
Coco - The Original Broadway Cast Recording
Come Together
Company - A Musical Comedy
Company - A Musical Comedy [2018 London Cast Recording]
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool (Originele Nederlandse Cast Album)
Daens [2020]
Dällebach Kari
Das Feuerwerk
Das Phantom der Oper
Das Phantom der Oper [Die Höhepunkte der Hamburger Aufführung]
Das Wunder von Bern
De 3 biggetjes
De engel van Amsterdam (Musical m.o.a. Jasperina de Jong, Leen Jongewaard, Lex Goudsmit)
De Kleine Zeemeermin
De Nederlandse Fame
De Tweeling
Dear Evan Hansen
Der Besuch der alten Dame
Der fliegende Holländer
Der Glöckner von Notre Dame
Der Glöckner von Notre Dame - Live-Aufnahme aus dem Stage Theater des Westens Berlin
Der Hauptmann von Köpenick
Der König der Löwen
Der Mann von La Mancha
Die Csárdásfürstin
Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie
Die Schöne und das Biest
Die Schweizermacher
Dirty Dancing - L'histoire originale sur scčne
Dirty Dancing [Das Original Live On Stage]
Do I Hear A Waltz?
Do re mi (Musical / Phil Silvers)
Doctor Who - Energy Of The Daleks
Doe Maar! (De Popmusical)
Don Camillo & Peppone [Original Cast Wien]
Don Juan
Doornroosje - De mooiste songs uit de voorstelling
Dothy et le magicien d'Oz
Double Best Of - Mozart L'Opéra Rock / Le Roil Soleil
Dracula - L'amour plus fort que la mort
Dreamboats And Petticoats - The Original Cast Recording From The Hit Musical
Dreamgirls [Original London Cast Recording]
Droomvlucht - Een betoverende reis
El rey léon
Elisabeth (Musical / Michael Kunze & Silvester Levay)
Elisabeth - Gesamtaufnahme Live Jubiläumsfassung
Elisabeth - Het ware verhaal van Sissi keizerin van Oostenrijk
Elisabeth - Konzertante Aufführung - Open Air
Elisabeth [2001] (Musical / Michael Kunze und Sylvester Levay)
Émilie Jolie
Émilie Jolie - Édition spéciale 30e anniversaire
Émilie Jolie - L'intégrale
Émilie Jolie - un conte musical de Philippe Chatel
Evita (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Evita (Highlights - New Broadway Cast Recording)
Ewigi Liebi
F@lco - A Cyber Show
Fack Ju Göhte - Das Musical
Fame - Das Tanzmusical - Für Ruhm geben sie alles!
Fiddler On The Roof
Finding Neverland
First Impressions
Follies (Original Broadway Cast)
Footloose [Nederlandse Cast!]
Franz Lehár: Die lustige Witwe
Franz Lehár: Paganini
Franz Lehár's Guiditta
Freudiana [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
Frozen: The Broadway Musical - Original Cast Recording
Gabi Mut - Vom Leben geschlagert
Gefährliche Liebschaften
Genee: Der Seekadett - Nanon - Rosita - Der Musikfeind
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Georgian Legend
Geronimo Stilton nel Regno della fantasia - tutte le canzoni del musical
Girl From The North Country
Gluck: Die Pilger von Mekka (Les pelerins de la Mecque)
Gräfin Mariza
Grease (Deutsche Originalaufführung)
Grease [Originele Nederlandse Cats Album] (Musical m.o.a. Jim Bakkum en Bettina Holwerda)
Grease [Österreichische Erstaufführung]
Groundhog Day
Guys And Dolls
Hair - 30 Jahre Haare
Hair - The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical [Original Amsterdam Cast]
Hair - The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical [The Original Broadway Cast Recording]
Hair - The American Tribal Rock Musical
Hair (Kanti Limmattal)
Hair [UK]
Hallo, Dolly! [Original German Cast Album]
Hamilton - Original Broadway Cast Recording
Hansel And Gretel
Happy Birthday
Hĺr [Norsk versjon]
Head Over Heels
Heathers The Musical - Original West End Cast Recording
Hello Dolly [1967]
Hello, Dolly!
Hello, Dolly! [2017]
HEMA - de musical
Highlights From Cats
Highlights From Les Misérables
Highlights From Les Misérables Manchester Company
Highlights From Miss Saigon [Original London Cast]
Highlights From The Phantom Of The Opera (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Hit Parade
Home Street Home
Hoogtepunten uit The Phantom Of The Opera [De Nederlandse Versie] (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
House Of Flowers (Original Broadway Cast)
I Am From Austria [Original Cast Album Wien]
Il était une fois... Joe Dassin
Irving Berlin's Call Me Madam
Jana & Janis - sag einfach jein!
Jekyll & Hyde [Die Höhepunkte - Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
Jekyll & Hyde [Highlights der Wiener Fassung]
Jersey Boys (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
Jesus Christ Superstar - A Rock Opera (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Jesus Christ Superstar - Live In Concert
Jesus Christ Superstar [92 Australian Cast]
Jesus Christ Superstar [Het Nederlandse Cast Album]
Jesus Christ Superstar [New Zealand Cast Recording]
Jesus Christ Superstar [Original Australian Cast Recording]
Jésus, de Nazareth ŕ Jérusalem
Jimmy-Flitz Chinder Wiehnacht - e Reis dür d Schwyz nach Bethlehem (Musical / Roland Zoss)
Joe - Een spectaculair liefdesverhaal
Johann Strauss Jr.: Der Zigeunerbaron
Johann Strauss Jr.: Eine Nacht in Venedig
Johann Strauss Jr.: Wiener Blut
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat [Het Nederlandse Castalbum] (Musical m.o.a. Freek Bartels)
József és a színes szélesvásznú álomkabát
Kalman: Der Teufelsreiter
Käpt'n Blaubär - Das Kinder-Musical
Képzelt riport egy amerikai popfesztiválról
Ketnet Musical - Kadanza (Cast van Kadanza)
Ketnet Musical - Kadanza Together (Cast van Kadanza)
Ketnet Musical - Team U.P. (Cast van Team U.P.)
Ketnet Musical - Unidamu (Cast van Unidamu)
Kiss Me, Kate
Knie - Das Circus Musical
KopfKino - das Film Musical
Kristina - At Carnegie Hall
Kristina frĺn Duvemĺla
Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen meneer?
Kuss der Spinnenfrau [Deutschsprachige Originalaufnahme]
La légende du Roi Arthur
Lazarus (Musical / David Bowie and Enda Walsh)
Le grand voyage d'Annabelle
Le loup qui voulait faire son spectacle
Le petit prince
Le petit prince + Émilie Jolie
Le Roi Lion
Le Roi Soleil
Le roi soleil - L'intégrale
Le roi soleil - Live
Le rouge et le noir - l'opéra rock
Le soldat rose
Le soldat rose / Le soldat rose 2
Le soldat rose 2
Le soldat rose ŕ la fabrique de jouets
Legally Blonde [Original London Cast Recording]
Lehar: Rose de Noel
Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story
Les 3 Mousquetaires
Les 3 Mousquetaires - Le spectacle
Les demoiselles de Rochefort
Les dix commandements
Les dix commandements - L'intégrale
Les dix commandements - L'integralité du spectacle en Live
Les enfants du soleil
Les mille et une vies d'Ali Baba
Les Misérables
Les Misérables - Highlights From The Complete Symphonic International Cast Recording
Les Misérables - In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall
Les Misérables - L'intégrale
Les Misérables (Original Broadway Cast Recording 1998)
Les Misérables (Version originale 1980)
Les Misérables [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
Les Misérables [Die Höhepunkte der Duisburger Aufführung]
Les Misérables [Nederlands Castalbum 2008/2009]
Les Misérables [Originele Nederlandse Versie 1991]
Les Misérables [The Original London Cast Recording]
Les Misérables [version originale live]
Les Misérables Live! - Dream The Dream - The 2010 Cast Album - New 25th Anniversary Production
Les Miz - Original Cast Highlights
Lionel Bart's - Oliver! (Original Cast Recording)
Little Women
Los Miserables - Más que un musical. una leyenda
Love Never Dies
Magic Hour
Mamma Mia! [Highlights aus dem deutschem Musical]
Mamma Mia! [L'album live du spectacle français]
Mamma Mia! [Nederlands Cast Album]
Mamma Mia! [Original Cast Recording]
Mamma Mia! [Original Version des deutschen Musicals]
Mamma Mia! [Pĺ Svenska]
Man Of La Mancha
Mary Poppins - das Broadway Musical [Vereinigte Bühnen Wien]
Mary Poppins - Het Nederlandse Castalbum
Más de 100 mentiras - Sabina el musical
Me And Juliet
Mein Name ist Eugen
Mentiras - Versiones originales
Michael Ende: Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer - Elena Kats-Chernin: Kinderoper - Susanne E. Wolf: Libretto
Miss Saigon - Het Nederlandse Cast Album 2011/2012
Miss Saigon - The Definitive Live Recording
Miss Saigon - The Definitive Live Recording [Original London 2014 Cast]
Miss Saigon [Die Höhepunkte der Stuttgarter Aufführung]
Miss Saigon [Original London Cast]
Miss Saigon [Originele Nederlandse versie]
Mistinguett - Reine des années folles
Moeder ik wil bij de revue [Het Nederlandse Castalbum]
Mother Nature Calls
Moulin Rouge Story
Moulin Rouge!
Mozart - L'Opéra Rock
Mozart - L'Opéra Rock / Le roi soleil - Best Of
Mozart! Das Musical - Gesamtaufnahme Live
Muerto (Musical / Sam Verhoeven & Tijl Dauwe)
Muriel's Wedding - The Musical
My Fair Lady (Nederlandse Versie)
My Fair Lady [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
My Fair Lady [Original Version]
Nangama Karaba
Natürlich blond - Gesamtaufnahme Live
New Girl In Town
Newsies (Original Broadway Cast)
Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris [Italian Version]
Notre Dame de Paris [Version anglaise]
Notre Dame de Paris [Version intégrale]
Oh What A Night!
Oklaoma! (Original 1980 London Cast)
Oliver Twist
Oliver! - The Fabulous New Oliver! [Cast Recording]
Oliver! [1994 Cast Recording]
Oliver! [VL]
On The Town
On The Town - Top Songs From The Musical
On The Town [1945]
On Your Feet! - Nederlandse Cast Album
On Your Feet! The Story Of Emilio & Gloria Estefan
Once - A New Musical
Opera d'Aran
Paint Your Wagon
Perfume de Gardenia
Petticoat (Musical m.o.a. Chantal Janzen en Freek Bartels)
Phantom Of The Opera (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Pretty Woman
Prinzessin Lillifee und die verwunschene Insel
Priscilla - Folle du désert
Priscilla - Queen Of The Desert
Profondo rosso (Musical / Claudio Simonetti)
Queen - Klassical
Rembrandt [Originele Cast]
Rent - Leven voor vandaag
Rent (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
Ridders van de ronde keukentafel (Musical / Mark Tijsmans)
Robin des bois
Robin des bois - Le spectacle [Live]
Robin Hood [BE]
Rocky - Fight From The Heart (Musical / Stephen Flaherty / Lynn Ahrens)
Rocky - The Eye Of The Tiger (Musical / Stephen Flaherty / Lynn Ahrens)
Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! [Broadway Cast Recording]
Rodgers: Allegro - Flower Drum Song - Cinderella
Romeo & Giulietta: Ama e cambia il mondo
Romeo & Julia - Van haat tot liefde
Romeo & Julia [Cast Album Wien]
Romeo & Julia [Deutschsprachige Gesamtaufnahme]
Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet - From Hatred To Love
Roméo & Juliette - de la haine ŕ l'amour
Roméo & Juliette - de la haine ŕ l'amour en live
Roméo & Juliette - Les enfants de Vérone
Roméo & Juliette - L'intégrale
Rose-Marie / Show Boat
Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling [Cast Album Wien]
Ruggles Of Red Gap
Sĺ som i himmelen
Salut Joe!
Saturday Night Fever
Saturday Night Fever [Original London Cast Recording]
Schikaneder [Original Cast Album Wien]
Schwestern im Geiste
Sexton favoriter ur Kristina frĺn duvemĺla
Show Boat
Simsala Grimm - Die Abeneuer von Yoyo und Doc Croc
Sister Act - Alle Songs der Wiener Fassung
Sister Act [Het Nederlandse Cast Album]
Sister Act [Original London Cast]
Sister Act [Originalversion des Hamburger Musicals]
Sneeuwwitje [2005]
Soldaat van Oranje
Song Of Norway
Songs From Wonder.Land
Sophies World
South Pacific
South Pacific [First Complete Recording]
Space Dream Saga 3 - Das Geheimnis von Nenyveh
SpongeBob Squarepants - The New Musical
Stany Crets' Assepoester, het tamelijk ware verhaal
Starlight Express
Starlight Express [deutsch]
Starmania (Version originale - 30čme anniversaire) / Starmania (Live au Théâtre de Paris 1988)
Starmania [20čme anniversaire]
Starmania 1978 - 30 ans
Starmania 1979: Le spectacle Palais des Congrčs - 30 ans
Starmania 2
Stella - Das blonde Gespenst vom Kurfürstendamm
Summer Song - A Story Of The New World
Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
Sunset Boulevard [Het Nederlandse Cast Album] (Musical, Simone Kleinsma, Pia Douwes e.a.)
Sweeney Todd - The 2012 London Cast Album
Tabaluga & Lilli - Die Songs aus der Aufführung im TheatrO CentrO Oberhausen
Tanz der Vampire
Tanz der Vampire - Die 3 Grafen feat. Diana Schnierer
Tanz der Vampire [Die Gesamtaufnahme]
Tarzan [Die deutsche Originalversion des Musicals in Hamburg]
Tarzan [Het Nederlandse Castalbum]
Texas, Li'l Darlin' (An Original Cast Recording)
The Book Of Mormon (Original Broadway Cast)
The Boy From OZ [Broadway Original Cast Album]
The Cher Show (Musical / Cher)
The Devil's Carnival - Alleluia
The Football Ramble
The Gondoliers
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Studio Cast Recording)
The Iron Man (Musical / Pete Townshend)
The King And I
The King And I (The 2015 Broadway Cast Recording)
The Lion King
The Lion King [Het Nederlandse Cast Album]
The Lion King [Nederlands Castalbum 2016]
The Little Mermaid - Het Nederlandse Castalbum
The Nervous Set (Original Broadway Cast)
The Pajama Game
The Phantom Of The Opera - Original Cast Recording (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
The Phantom Of The Opera (Highlights) + Cats (Highlights) (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
The Phantom Of The Opera [Svenska Originalinspelningen] (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
The Phantom Of The Opera At The Royal Albert Hall (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
The Pirates Of Penzance
The Roar Of The Greasepaint - The Smell Of The Crowd
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Show
The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4
The Sound Of Music
The Sound Of Music (Original Broadway Cast)
The Sound Of Music [VL]
The Wind In The Willows
The Wiz - A Brand New Day [Het Nederlandse Cast Album]
The Wizard Of Oz (Musical / Andrew Lloyd Webber)
The Yeomen Of The Guard
Tootsie [Original Broadway Cast Recording]
Top Hat - The Original London Cast Recording
Trois jeunes filles nues
Tsjechov - Live registratie
Uf immer und ewig
Un été 44
Unser Sandmännchen
Vampire [Gesamtaufnahme Neue Wiener Fassung]
Wahnsinn! (Musical / Wolfgang Petry)
Wake Up
We Will Rock You [Deutsche Originalaufnahme]
We Will Rock You [Original London Cast]
West Side Story
West Side Story - Original Broadway Cast
West Side Story (Nederlandse Cast Album)
West Side Story (The New Broadway Cast Recording)
West Side Story [1997 Studio Cast]
Wicked - Die Hexen von Oz [Originalversion des deutschen Musicals]
Wicked [Original Broadway Cast]
Windjammer (Original Sound Track Score)
Wish You Were Here
3 Musketiers (Musical / NL-Cast)
Adam & Eve - L'intégrale du spectacle
Assepoester (Musical met Sita & Ron Link)
Ciske de Rat
De Kleine Zeemeermin
Het Zandkasteel - De familiemusical
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Raincoat
Ketnet Musical - Kadanza Together (Cast van Kadanza)
Ketnet Musical - Team U.P. (Cast van Team U.P.)
Ketnet Musical - Unidamu (Cast van Unidamu)
Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen meneer?
La légende du Roi Arthur
Le roi soleil
Le soldat rose
Les Misérables In Concert - The 25th Anniversary
Mozart L'Opéra Rock
Mozart! Das Musical - Gesamtaufnahme Live
Robin des bois - Le spectacle [Live]
Robin Hood [BE]
Sneeuwwitje (2005)
Sneeuwwitje [BE]
Sneeuwwitje (Musical met o.a Maud & Geert Hoes)
Victor Victoria
Lazarus (Musical / David Bowie and Enda Walsh)
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