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Mike & The MechanicsMike & The Mechanics: Discography / Become a fan
A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
A Call To Arms
A Day To Remember (Mike Rutherford)
A House Of Many Rooms
A Time And Place
Acting Very Strange (Mike Rutherford)
Ain't That Peculiar
All I Need Is A Miracle
All I Need Is A Miracle '96
All The Light I Need
Always Listen To Your Heart
Always The Last To Know (Mike + The Mechanics)
Another Cup Of Coffee
Are You Ready? (Mike + The Mechanics)
Asking (For The Last Time)
Background Noise (Mike + The Mechanics)
Beautiful Day (Mike + The Mechanics)
Before (The Next Heartache Falls)
Black & Blue (Mike + The Mechanics)
Blame (Mike + The Mechanics)
Boys At The Front (Mike + The Mechanics)
Calypso (Mike Rutherford)
Couldn't Get Arresred (Mike Rutherford)
Did You See Me Coming
Don't (Mike + The Mechanics)
Don't Know What Came Over Me (Mike + The Mechanics)
Every Road (Mike Rutherford)
Everybody Gets A Second Chance
Falling (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
Get Up
Going, Going... Home
Halfway There (Mike Rutherford)
Hanging By A Thread (Mike + The Mechanics)
Heaven Doesn't Care (Mike + The Mechanics)
Help Me (Mike + The Mechanics)
Hideaway (Mike Rutherford)
High Life (Mike + The Mechanics)
How Can I (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
Hunt You Down (Mike + The Mechanics)
I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
I Don't Do Love (Mike + The Mechanics)
I Don't Wanna Know (Mike Rutherford)
I Don't Want It All (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
I Get The Feeling
I Think I've Got The Message (Mike + The Mechanics)
If I Were You (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
If Only
I'll Be There For You (Mike + The Mechanics)
It Only Hurts For A While (Mike + The Mechanics)
Let Me Fly (Mike + The Mechanics)
Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen
Little Boy (Mike + The Mechanics)
Look Across At Dreamland
Love Left Over (Mike + The Mechanics)
Making A Big Mistake (Mike Rutherford)
Maxine (Mike Rutherford)
Mea culpa
Moonshine (Mike Rutherford)
My Crime Of Passion
My Little Island
Nobody Knows (Mike + The Mechanics)
Nobody Told Me (Mike + The Mechanics)
Nobody's Perfect (Mike + The Mechanics)
Not Out Of Love (Mike + The Mechanics)
Now That You've Gone
Oh No (Mike + The Mechanics)
One By One (Mike + The Mechanics)
One Left Standing (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
One Way (Mike + The Mechanics)
Open Up
Ordinary Girl
Out Of The Blue (Mike + The Mechanics)
Over My Shoulder
Overnight Job (Mike Rutherford)
Par Avion
Perfect Child (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
Plain & Simple
Poor Boy Down (Mike + The Mechanics)
Reach Out (Touch The Sun) (Mike + The Mechanics)
Revolution (Mike + The Mechanics)
Rewired (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
Romani (Mike Rutherford)
Save My Soul (Mike + The Mechanics)
Save The World (Mike + The Mechanics)
Seeing Is Believing (Mike + The Mechanics)
Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)
Smallcreep's Day: I. Between The Tick And The Tock (Mike Rutherford)
Smallcreep's Day: II. Working In Line (Mike Rutherford)
Smallcreep's Day: III. After Hours (Mike Rutherford)
Smallcreep's Day: IV. Cats And Rats (In The Neighbourhood) (Mike Rutherford)
Smallcreep's Day: V. Smallcreep Alone (Mike Rutherford)
Smallcreep's Day: VI. Out Into The Daylight (Mike Rutherford)
Smallcreep's Day: VII. At The End Of The Day (Mike Rutherford)
Someone Always Hates Someone
Something To Believe In
Somewhere Along The Line (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
Stop Baby
Take The Reins
Taken In
The Best Is Yet To Come (Mike + The Mechanics)
The Ghost Of Sex And You
The Letter (Mike + The Mechanics)
The Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics)
The Road (Mike + The Mechanics)
The Way You Look At Me
Time And Time Again (Mike Rutherford)
Too Far Gone
Too Many Friends (Mike + The Mechanics)
Try To Save Me (Mike + The Mechanics)
Underscore (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
Walking On Water (Mike + The Mechanics)
Web Of Lies
What Will You Do
What Would You Do (Mike + The Mechanics)
When I Get Over You
When My Feet Don't Touch The Ground (Mike + The Mechanics)
Whenever I Stop
Who's Fooling Who (Mike Rutherford)
Why Me? (Mike + The Mechanics)
Wonder (Mike + The Mechanics)
Word Of Mouth
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
You Are The One
You Can Be The Rock (Mike + The Mechanics)
You Don't Know What Love Is (Mike + The Mechanics)
You Never Change (Mike + The Mechanics)
You've Really Got A Hold On Me
Acting Very Strange (Mike Rutherford)
Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
Favourites - The Very Best Of
Let Me Fly (Mike + The Mechanics)
Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics)
Mike & The Mechanics (M6)
Mike + The Mechanics (Mike + The Mechanics)
Out Of The Blue (Mike + The Mechanics)
Rewired (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
Silent Running - The Masters Collection (Mike + The Mechanics)
Smallcreep's Day (Mike Rutherford)
The Road (Mike + The Mechanics)
The Singles 1985 - 2014 (Mike + The Mechanics)
Word Of Mouth
Live At Shepherds Bush London (Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack)
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