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RCA Victor CPL2-1101

Sister Ray SRLP2

LP RCA Victor CPL2-1101
CD RCA ND 90670
LP 1:
1. Metal Machine Music, Part I
2. Metal Machine Music, Part II
LP 2:
1. Metal Machine Music, Part III
2. Metal Machine Music, Part IV
CD Buddah 74465 99752 2
1. Metal Machine Music, Part I
2. Metal Machine Music, Part II
3. Metal Machine Music, Part III
4. Metal Machine Music, Part IV
LP Sister Ray SRLP2 / EAN 0616892067764

Lou ReedLou Reed: Discography / Become a fan
A Dream (Lou Reed & John Cale)
A Gift
A Sheltered Life
A Thousand Departed Friends
A Wild Being From Birth
All Through The Night
Andy's Chest
Animal Language
Annabel Lee / The Bells
Average Guy
Baby Face
Banging On My Drum
Baton rouge
Beginning Of A Great Adventure
Big Sky
Blind Rage
Bottoming Out
Brandenburg Gate (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Broadway Song (Lou Reed feat. Steve Buscemi)
Burning Embers
Busload Of Faith
Call On Me (Lou Reed feat. Laurie Anderson)
Caroline Says I
Caroline Says II
Charley's Girl
Cheat On Me (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Chooser And The Chosen One
City Lights
Claim To Fame
Coney Island Baby
Courtly Orangutans
Crazy Feeling
Dime Store Mystery
Dirty Blvd.
Disco Mystic
Doin' The Things That We Want To
Don't Hurt A Woman
Don't Talk To Me About Work
Down At The Arcade
Downtown Dirt
Dragon (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Edgar Allan Poe
Egg Cream
Endless Cycle
Endlessly Jealous
Every Frog Has His Day
Faces & Names (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Find Your Note
Finish Line
Fire Music
Fly Into The Sun
Follow The Leader
Forever Changed (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Frustration (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Future Farmers Of America
Gassed And Stoned
Gimmie Some Good Times
Going Down
Good Evening Mr. Waldheim
Good Taste
Goodby Mass
Goodnight Ladies
Growing Up In Public
Guardian Angel
Halloween Parade
Hang On To Your Emotions
Hangin' Round
Harry's Circumcision
Heavenly Arms
Hello It's Me (Lou Reed & John Cale)
High In The City
Hold On
Home Of The Brave
Hooky Wooky
Hop Frog (Lou Reed feat. David Bowie)
How Do You Speak To An Angel
How Do You Think It Feels
Hudson River Wind (Blend The Ambiance)
I Believe (Lou Reed & John Cale)
I Believe In Love
I Can't Stand It
I Love You
I Love You, Suzanne
I Remember You
I Wanna Be Black
I Wanna Know (The Pit And The Pendulum) (Lou Reed feat. The Blind Boys Of Alabama)
I Want To Boogie With You
Iced Honey (Lou Reed & Metallica)
I'm So Free
I'm Waiting For The Man
Images (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Imp Of The Perverse
It Wasn't Me (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Jealous Guy
Junior Dad (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Keep Away
Kill Your Sons
Ladies Pay
Lady Day
Last Great American Whale
Leave Me Alone
Legendary Hearts
Like A Possum
Lisa Says
Little Dog (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Look Down The Road
Looking For Love
Love Is Here To Stay
Love Makes You Feel
Magic And Loss
Make Up
Make Up Mind
Mama's Got A Lover
Martial Law
Men Of Good Fortune
Metal Machine Music, Part I
Metal Machine Music, Part II
Metal Machine Music, Part III
Metal Machine Music, Part IV
Mistress Dread (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Modern Dance
Move Your Heart
My Friend George
My House
My Love Is Chemical
My Old Man
My Red Joystick
Mystic Child
N.Y. Stars
Never Hurt A Woman
New Sensations
New York Telephone Conversation
No Change
No Money Down
Nobody But You (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Nobody's Business
Nowhere At All
Oh, Jim
Old Poe (Lou Reed feat. Steve Buscemi)
On The Run
Ooohhh Baby
Open House (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Pale Blue Eyes
Paranoia Key Of E
Peggy Sue
Perfect Day
Perfect Day (Lou Reed & Antony)
Perfect Day (Lou Reed & Mick Ronson)
Pow Wow
Power And Glory
Power And Glory II
Prologue (Ligiea)
Pumping Blood (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Real Good Time Together
Ride Into The Sun
Ride Sally Ride
Rock And Roll Heart
Rock Minuet
Romeo Had Juliette
Rooftop Garden
Sad Song
Sally Can't Dance
Satellite Of Love
Satellite Of Love '04
Science Of The Mind
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Senselessly Cruel
September Song
Set The Twilight Reeling
Sex With Your Parents
She's My Best Friend
She's My Best Friend II
Shooting Star
Sick Of You
Slip Away (A Warning) (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Smalltown (Lou Reed & John Cale)
So Alone
Solsbury Hill
Soul Man (Sam Moore & Lou Reed)
Spit It Out
Standing On Ceremony
Starlight (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Street Hassle
Stupid Man
Style It Takes (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Sunday Morning (Vanessa St. James and Lou Reed)
Sweet Jane (Lou Reed & Antony)
Sweet Jane (Live)
Sword Of Damocles
Tarbelly And Featherfoot
Teach The Gifted Children
Tell It To Your Heart
Temporary Thing
The Bed
The Bells
The Blue Mask
The Bronx (Booker T. Jones feat. Lou Reed)
The Cask (Lou Reed feat. Steve Buscemi)
The City In The Sea/Shadow
The Conqueror Worm
The Day John Kennedy Died
The Debt I Owe
The Fall Of The House Of Usher
The Gun
The Heroine
The Kids
The Last Shot
The Original Wrapper
The Power Of Positive Drinking
The Raven (Lou Reed feat. Willem Dafoe)
The Room
The Tell-Tale Heart Pt. 1
The Tell-Tale Heart Pt. 2
The Valley Of Unrest
The View (Lou Reed & Metallica)
The Wanderlust (Metric feat. Lou Reed)
There Is No Time
Think It Over
This Magic Moment
Trade In
Tranquilize (The Killers feat. Lou Reed)
Tripitena's Speech
Trouble With Classicists (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Turn Out The Light
Turn To Me
Turning Time Around
Underneath The Bottle
Vanishing Act
Vicious Circle
Video Violence
Wagon Wheel
Walk And Talk It
Walk On The Wild Side
Warrior King
Waves Of Fear
What Becomes A Legend Most
What's Good
White Light / White Heat
White Prism
Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song)
Why Can't I Be Good
Wild Child
Wind Coda
With You
Work (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Xmas In February
You Wear It So Well
You'll Never Know You Loved
All Time Best - Reclam Musik Edition
American Poet
Animal Serenade
Berlin: Live At St. Ann's Warehouse
Between Thought And Expression - The Lou Reed Anthology
Coney Island Baby
Coney Island Baby / Berlin
Different Times - Lou Reed In The 70s
Gold - Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits [2004]
Growing Up In Public
Hassled In April - Live In Chicago 1978
Hit Collection
Hudson River Wind Meditations
In Their Own Words - The Bottom Line Archive (Lou Reed & Kris Kristofferson with Vin Scelsa)
Le Bataclan '72 (Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico)
Legendary Hearts
Live - In Concert
Live At The Bataclan 1972 (Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico)
Live In Italy
Live In New York 1972
Live: Take No Prisoners
Lollapalooza Live [DVD]
Lou Reed
Lou Reed Live
Lulu (Lou Reed & Metallica)
Magic And Loss
Méér dan het beste van 1972-1986
Metal Machine Music
Metal Machine Music (Lou Reed & Zeitkratzer)
New Sensations
New York
Original Album Classics
Original Album Classics - Box Set
Original Album Series
Perfect Day: The Best Of
Perfect Night - Live In London
Playlist: The Very Best Of Lou Reed
Pop Classics
Rock And Roll Diary: 1967-1980
Rock And Roll Heart
Rock'n'Roll Animal
Sally Can't Dance
Set The Twilight Reeling
Songs For Drella (Lou Reed & John Cale)
Street Hassle
The Bells
The Best Of Lou Reed
The Blue Mask
The Collection
The Essential
The Raven
The RCA & Arista Album Collection
The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection Vol. 1
The Sacred Triangle (Bowie Iggy & Lou)
The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box
The Very Best Of
Thinking Of Another Place
Through The Years: New York 1983 - Spain 2004
Transforming Berlin 1973
US-Underground Legends (Iggy Pop & Lou Reed)
Waiting For The Man - Live
Walk On The Wild Side - The Best Of Lou Reed
Walk On The Wild Side: Recorded Live - New York 1972
Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away)
A Night With Lou Reed
Collector's Edition - Transformer / Live At Montreux 2000
Live At Montreux 2000
Metal Machine Music
Transformer & Live At Montreux 2000
Walk On The Wild Side
Average points: 2.57 (Reviews: 14)
Laute Geräusche und hohe Töne. Lou Reed nahm das Album aus Protest gegen irgendwas auf und fand es Scheisse. Von manchen Fans wird es aber fast kultartig verehrt. Andere sehen darin das schlechteste Album aller Zeiten. Im Prinzip nicht am Stück anhörbar. Avantgarde für Hartgesottene.
Brilliant - auf seine Weise..
Last edited: 08.10.2009 19:08
Der gewaltigste Arschtritt in der Geschichte der Rockmusik
Nicht das "schlechteste", sondern das "hässlichste". ;) Ein Geniestreich!
Last edited: 21.11.2007 02:03
Scheisse ist Scheisse - auch wenn sie von Lou Reed kommt - 'ne wirkliche Überraschung wär's gewesen, wenn die Platte von Chris de Burgh, Phil Collins oder anderen Softies gekommen wäre.
Über kein Album wurde 1975 wohl so kontrovers diskutiert wie über dieses. Auch die Bewertungen hier zeigen ganz deutlich, dass es dabei nur zwei Lager geben kann - totale Zustimmung oder vollkommene Ablehnung...

Ich gehöre der ersten Fraktion an, gebe aber dennoch keine 6 Sterne.

@Homer Simpson: Ein schöner Ausspruch von Dir...!
Well this is awful
Lou Reed, music's ultimate troll. This bodes well if I ever check out his work, because I've made it through what are surely his worst albums.
Reflecting upon this awful hour of my music-listening life, I would love to call upon a particular review online: "You know, if you can't understand the album there is no need to rate it. If this album is too deep for you, go back to your Nickelback or Linkin Park, scrubs."

Let's just sit back and acknowledge that. There is NOTHING to appreciate about this album, let alone enjoy. Lou Reed's intentions weren't to create the greatest album of all time in the most pretentious way possible, they were clearly to tell the record company where to go and while that's well and good, I cannot see how this is an influence or an incarnation of anything except for helicopters, lawn mowers and toddlers squealing at the experience of going down a waterslide repeatedly. Noise music? No, just NOISE. Loud, distorted, and awful. There's a reason why guitar feedback is called "feedback". It's not supposed to be in one's song for more than a few seconds at a time. I need a hook, a melody, just something. Anything.

Please, if you're reading this and you're yet to hear this abomination, DON'T. DON'T DO IT. YOU WILL REGRET IT.
Probably the worst album I've ever heard .It's hard to believe that this album sold more than 10,000 copies. If I had this album I would burn it.Literally! For sure it's a 1.
fantastisches werk von Lou Reed. mir fehlen echt die worte! ein solch einschneidendes klangerlebnis hatte ich nicht mehr, seit ich mir Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma" das erste mal reingezogen habe! ein wahrhaft grosses, brachiales werk, das sich aber sicherlich nur den wenigsten hörer in seiner ganzen pracht eröffnet. eine vorwegnahme der musik von bands wie Einstürzende Neubauten, Laibach, Year Of No Light, Godspeed You Black Emperor - vielleicht sogar Isis oder Leech...
Das ist einfach keine Musik. Das ist Lärm, mehr nicht.
Der Name passt aber:
Wenn man sich vorstellt, in so einer großen Fabrik voller Metallmaschinen, da klingt es wahrscheinlich genauso schön wie dieses Album...
Mein Tipp: Ersetzt eure Kopfhörer durch Ohrenschützer und hört dann dieses Etwas. Viel Spaß.
Geniale "Nicht-Musik".
WTF, Lou......

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