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Jimmy PageJimmy Page: Discography / Become a fan
Absolution Blues (Coverdale - Page)
Big Band, Sax, And Violence
Blue Train (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Blues Anthem
Burn Up
Burning Up (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Carole's Theme
Celebration Day (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Choker (Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page)
City Don't Cry (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Come With Me (Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page)
Custard Pie (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Dixie Fried (Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Albert Lee, Nicky Hopkins, Big Jim Sullivan, Clem Cattini, Chris Hughes)
Don't Leave Me This Way (Coverdale - Page)
Down In The Boots (The All Stars feat. Jimmy Page)
Draggin' My Tail (Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page)
Easy Does It (Coverdale - Page)
Emerald Eyes
Feeling Hot (Coverdale - Page)
Four Sticks (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Freight Loader (Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page)
Friends (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Gallows Pole (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Heart In Your Hand (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Heartbreaker (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Hey Hey What Can I Do (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Highway 49 (Eric Clapton with Jimmy Page)
Hotel Rats And Photostats
House Of Love (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
In My Time Of Dying (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Jam Sandwich
Jill's Theme
Kashmir (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Keep Moving
L. A. Breakdown (The All Stars feat. Jimmy Page)
Liquid Mercury
Mellow Down Easy (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Miles Road (Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page)
Most High (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
No Quarter (Jimmy Page / Robert Plant)
Nobody's Fault But Mine (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Nobody's Fault But Mine (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Oh Well (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Out On The Tiles (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Over Now (Coverdale - Page)
Please Read The Letter (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Pounds And Stomps (Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page)
Pride And Joy (Coverdale - Page)
Prison Blues
Rock And Roll (Jerry Lee Lewis with Jimmy Page)
Rude World (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Scarlet (The Rolling Stones feat. Jimmy Page)
Shadow In the City
Shake My Tree (Coverdale - Page)
Shake Your Money Maker (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Shape Of Things To Come (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
She Just Satisfies
Shining In The Light (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Sick Again (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Since I've Been Loving You (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Sloppy Drunk (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Snake Drive (Eric Clapton with Jimmy Page)
Sons Of Freedom (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Take A Look At Yourself (Coverdale - Page)
Take Me For A Little While (Coverdale - Page)
Ten Years Gone (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Thank You (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
That's The Way (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
The Battle Of Evermore (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
The Lemon Song (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
The Only One
The Rain Song (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
The Release
The Window (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Think It Over
Tribute To Elmore (Eric Clapton with Jimmy Page)
Upon A Golden Horse (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Wah Wah (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Waiting On You (Coverdale - Page)
Walking Into Clarksdale (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Wang-dang-doodle (Eric Clapton with Jimmy Page)
Wanna Make Love
Wasting My Time
Wating On You (Coverdale - Page)
What Is And What Should Never Be (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
What Is And What Should Never Be (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
When I Was A Child (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
When The Levee Breaks (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
When The World Was Young (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Whisper A Prayer For The Dying (Coverdale - Page)
Whole Lotta Love (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Who's The Blame (Jimmy Page & Chris Farlowe)
Woke Up This Morning (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Wonderful One (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Writes Of Winter
Yallah (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
You Shook Me (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Your Time Is Gonna Come (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Box - Classic Radio Broadcast Recordings (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Burn Up
Coverdale - Page (Coverdale - Page)
Death Wish II
Guitar Boogie (Eric Clapton / Jeff Beck / Jimmy Page)
Live At The Greek (Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes)
Live On Air 1990 (Aerosmith feat. Jimmy Page)
No Quarter (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Playin' Up A Storm
The 80's Revisited
The A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert (Eric Clapton & Friends feat. Jimmy Page / Steve Winwood / Jeff Beck)
The Broadcast Collection (Jimmy Page & Friends)
Tribute To Alexis Korner - Live At The Club Palais Ballroom - Nottingham 1984 (Jimmy Page & Friends)
Tribute To Alexis Korner - Volume 2 (Jimmy Page & Friends)
Walking Into Clarksdale (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
Zat Woz Zen (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
No Quarter Unledded (Jimmy Page / Robert Plant)
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