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Music/Lyrics:Claude Kelly
Jessica Cornish
John Larderi
Colin Norman
Producer:Claude Kelly
John "Johnny BLK" Lardieri
World wide:
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  Tip (Wa)
au  Peak: 12 / weeks: 6

Digital Promo
Lava / Republic 00602537511600

Promo - Digital Lava / Republic 00602537511600 (UMG) / EAN 0602537511600
1. It's My Party

3:39It's My Party [Promo]Lava / Republic
3:39AliveLava / Republic
3:39Alive [Deluxe]Lava / Republic
All About The UKG Mix3:44Alive [Deluxe]Lava / Republic
3:39Now That's What I Call Music! 86Now
3:39Black Winter Party - Best Of - 2014Warner
Jessie JJessie J: Discography / Become a fan
Ain't Been Done
Bang Bang (Jessie J / Ariana Grande / Nicki Minaj)
Big White Room
Burnin' Up (Jessie J feat. 2 Chainz)
Calling All Hearts (DJ Cassidy feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You x MAKE UP FOR EVER
Casualty Of Love
Conquer The World (Jessie J feat. Brandy)
Cruisin' (Smokey Robinson & Jessie J)
Do It Like A Dude
Do You Hear What I Hear? (Mary J Blige with Jessie J)
Easy On Me
Excuse My Rude (Jessie J feat. Becky G)
Four Letter Word
Get Away
Get Here
Grease (Is The Word)
Harder We Fall
I Believe In Love
I Got You (I Feel Good)
I Miss Her
I Need This
It's My Party
Jingle Bell Rock
Keep Us Together
LaserLight (Jessie J feat. David Guetta)
Let It Snow
Loud (Jessie J feat. Lindsey Stirling)
Mamma Knows Best
Man With The Bag
Medley: Price Tag / Written In The Stars / Dynamite (Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz)
My Shadow
Nobody's Perfect
Not My Ex
Oh Lord
One Night Lover
Part Of Your World
Price Tag
Price Tag (Jessie J feat. B.o.B)
Real Deal
Remember Me (Daley feat. Jessie J)
Repeat (David Guetta feat. Jessie J)
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Rose Challenge
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer / Jingle Bells
Said Too Much
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
Seal Me With A Kiss (Jessie J feat. De La Soul)
Sexy Lady
Sexy Silk
Silent Night
Silver Lining (Crazy 'Bout You)
Someone's Lady
Square One
Stand Up
Sweet Talker
The Christmas Song (Jessie J feat. Babyface)
Think About That
This Christmas Day
Up (James Morrison feat. Jessie J)
We Don't Play Around (Dizzee Rascal feat. Jessie J)
We Found Love
We Will Rock You (Queen and Jessie J)
White Christmas
Who You Are
Who's Laughing Now
Wild (Jessie J / Big Sean)
Wild (Jessie J feat. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal)
Winter Wonderland (Jessie J feat. Boyz II Men)
You Don't Really Know Me
You Loss I'm Found
You Should Be Dancing (The Bee Gees feat. Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz)
Sweet Talker
This Christmas Day
Who You Are
Average points: 3 (Reviews: 45)
Her vocals aren't up to scratch in this. Sounds similar to Domino and a conglomeration of other Jessie J (and even Katy Perry) songs.

I dislike this now.
Last edited: 27.10.2013 02:01
Tatsächlich klingt hier viel Katy Perry mit - gefallen tut mir dieser beliebige Popsong aber nicht wirklich, da finde ich "Wild" deutlich besser.
Bin da nicht unbedingt einig mit den Vorreviewern ^^

Ich fand "Wild" sehr sehr stark! Doch es war nicht die Jessie die ich wollte...und die habe ich nun mit "It's My Party" bekommen! Ein Super Pop-Song mit Feelgood Mood und super Lyrics!

Top! 5*
Last edited: 06.08.2013 14:09
Überzeugt mich momentan nicht so wie "Wild". Austauschbarer Pop. -4*
WILD war Shit - das hier klingt kompakter - aber auch austauschbar und hyper-aufgeregt ... einmal hören reicht auch hier.
Quite like it. Should be another hit
Es ist ok, aber etwas zu sehr austauschbar. Sowas hat man nun schon oft gehört... sehe ich aber als potenzieller Hit an da es halt auch wieder sehr radiofreundlich ist. Erinnert mich übrigens an ihr eigenes "Domino"...

Morceau ahurissant de crétinerie à la mélodie téléphonée et à la performance vocale horripilante. Trop c'est trop. Je crois que personne n'ira jamais à ta party, ma puce.
Last edited: 06.08.2013 23:30
I usually don't have a problem with Jessie J's vocals but gosh she's so irritating here. They aren't too bad in the first verse but after that it just turns into a disaster! It's a pretty generic song with uninteresting lyrics too so there's not much here for me. Very glad it missed the top 10 and didn't do anywhere near as well as expected.
Last edited: 29.11.2014 13:46
musste schon nach wenigen Sekunden die Lautstärke erhöhen - und im Refrain gleich nochmal - ein Kracher!

Last edited: 26.12.2013 16:43
New single..
Sie klingt hier unerträglich schrill und die Nummer ist langweilig. Noch eine 3 fürs nette Video.
Another reasonable piece of pop fluff, nothing more.
So pedestrian. She's starting to fade a little. She started off so promisingly, and things are just getting more and more generic with everything she releases.
der passende Partysound für Girlies – knapp aufgerundete 2.5…
Das ist so Musik für Bravo-lesende Mädels, die nur heftig abfeiern wollen auf ihre 13 Jahre Reife und voll hotte Boys klarmachen wollen, yeah. Sobald die erste Periode dann einsetzt, bluten die Mädels dann hoffentlich diesen Plastikschrott aus.
After Domino was surprisingly enjoyable and Wild was quite tolerable this is a major step back. Her vocals are quite annoying once more here and the song is very generic. I don't mind the latter part of the chorus though.
Really dislike when she hits those high notes, which in this one is most of the time. Besides that, the production is dull and run-of-the-mill. Certainly not an improvement. 2.25
Heard it all before, but on a positive note this is her best since her début. 2.7
I have a weird in-joke with myself where whenever I see mention of how the music of today is so outrageous/immoral/whatever compared to the good ol' days, I cast my thoughts back to Lesley Gore's now 50 year old #1 hit. I shouldn't need to name it. With that song, I like to imagine it an amusing in hindsight zeitgeist of the times for teen pop how out of place it would be in the current scene. Adding to that, the sentiment of the chorus is just so rebellious! It doesn't fit with the rest of the lyrics for that but who cares, it's outrageous! At least for some reason I find it hilarious. It's clearly not the most wild and crazy record of the time, but then I'm sure that "Egyptian Shumba" was in an even more obscure ghetto back then than it is now.

I kind of wanted to mention Ms. Gore as soon as I learnt the title of this song. Little did I know how much the actual song would lend to such a comparison: "I'll cry if I want to" ≈ "I do-do what I want", I'm just totally stunned that no-one has made the comparison here prior!

This record is a good mold for the current zeitgeist too. The same sort of 'not too dance for pop, not too pop for dance' production style with the same repeated drum pattern over and over again. I'm not a massive stickler for variety and imagination like I'm sure some are (who would be very quick to deride this completely, which I can understand), but it does get a bit boring.

Jessie J's here too! Still with those crazy vocal quirks that I suppose make her more 'interesting'. I would say that Lesley is a better vocalist, certainly on these respective records; Jessie gets a bit screechy, particularly in the chorus. There's also no need for those spoken word moments.

So this fits in with the now, but is it outrageous/immoral/rebellious? Not really. Just like much of her career, there's just no sense of believability to the sentiment, canned so to speak. This isn't necessarily a major problem but it doesn't help the song with regards to its salvaging factor: Is it interesting?

No, it really isn't. As I mentioned before, it's the same standard basic beat that's been done over and over again, and the same basic song structure (and the bridge sounds like the verses anyway, sigh) with all the ups and downs. I do like the way ''cause' is inserted at the back of the chorus so the sentences make sense together, but while also doing it in a way that doesn't interrupt the original melody. That's the one interesting thing I've found in this song.

I shouldn't be finding 1963 hits to be more dynamic and interesting on a musical level than those of 2013. Try harder next time. 2.7
Decent track.
Was average off first listen but has really grown on me. That first part of the chorus is easily the best part. Still unfortunately nothing off her new couple of offerings stand up with her Who You Are era. 4.5*
Actually incredibly irritating, I hate the lines that she talks right before the chorus, they're really cringeworthy. Also she sounds like she's screaming a lot of the time and her screaming is not very pleasant. Poor effort.
Last edited: 23.10.2013 01:21
▒ Een wat mager plaatje uit begin augustus 2013 van de Britse zangeres en songschrijfster: "Jessica Ellen Cornish", alias "Jessie J" !!! Vind eigenlijk 3 sterren persoonlijk méér dan voldoende !!! Dus hierbij ☺!!!
Een nieuwe hit voor Jessie J
Viel unangenehmer kann man nicht singen. Danke einem Vorredner für die Erinnerung an Lesley Gore.
Das ist ganz okay.
Persoonlijk loop ik niet écht warm van deze nieuwe single van "Jessie J", uit de nazomer van 2013!! Voor de rest ben ik het volledig eens met @ Snormobiel !!! Krap 3 sterren !!! ☺
Ze heeft al leukere nummers gehad
Alweer het zoveelste kattengejank liedje van Jessy J.
Schlechter gehts kaum noch
Das ist mit etwas Wohlwollen eine 3. Ihre bisher schwächste Solo-Single-Auskopplung.
anständige popnummer, mehr jedoch leider nicht. wie schon oft gesagt kann sie ihr talent für hochstehendere musik nicht wirklich ein-/umsetzen. ist gut möglich dass sie versucht die britische katy perry zu werden, die macht ja auch "nur" pop. ich persönlich finde es schade, da ich jessie j einfach irgendwie mag und mir wünschte dass sie rockiger oder zumindest origineller wäre!
Im Vergleich zu ihrer vorherigen Singles sicherlich um einiges schwächer, ihre Stimme kommt hier nicht so gut zur Geltung!
Quite poor, very bland.
Just, ugh.
A great party song from Jessie J that looked to be a hit once she performed it on 'The X-Factor' here in AUS but for some reason it just didn't do the same as her other successful hits :(
I really hate this song and this woman!
Einerseits für den Durchschnitt und andererseits für den arschgeilen Song!! *_*
...warum nur hat dieses sympathische 'Mädel' so eine schrille, hyperaktive Stimme - ansonsten wäre der Song eine 'fröhliche Party' -...3+
Dit doet me héél erg denken aan 'Raise Your Glass' van P!nk. Alleen is die een stuk leuker dan deze. Dit klinkt als standaard popmuziek en bovendien stellen de coupletten weinig voor.
Climbing the list of most annoying artists.
This woman is so unlikeable!
Fun Pop song, highlight of 'Alive' :)
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